Get Into It
Some of us change our oil and do tune-ups, while some of us are a bit more involved and do mechanical work and repairs. And then there are those of us who are really "Into It," as demonstrated in this latest painting from the brush of automotive artist George Trosley. Reproduced in brilliant full color on double-weight, acid-free paper, each 11x17-inch limited-edition print is signed and numbered by the artist and personalized if you wish, then shipped next-day in super-sturdy mailing tubes. Set the attitude level in your garage to "Into It"!For more information, contact George Trosley, P.O. Box 37, Woodlyn, PA 19094.

Freshly Stamped
Steve's Auto Restorations, manufacturer of brand-new reproduction 1933-34 Ford roadster bodies, provides the restoration and street rod market with many of the rare and needed sheetmetal pieces to complete an original project. One of the most important parts in restoring any Model 40 is the subrails. These pieces are the foundation of the bottom of the passenger car body and lie on the outer edges of the floor and reach down over the top outside edges of the framerails. Stamped of heavy 16-gauge steel with right-angle cross-section, they come in three pieces each side, full length (UPS-able). For more information, contact Steve's Auto Restorations, (503) 665-2222,

Better Bellhousing
Keisler Engineering, manufacturer of high-quality transmission conversion kits, is pleased to introduce an all-new GM621 transmission bellhousing. The new Keisler bellhousing is manufactured with a titanium and aluminum alloy for added strength and engineered to precise tolerances for a perfect fit. The GM621 is an 11-inch bellhousing that allows you to mount Muncie, T10, Saginaw, Richmond, and Tremec TKO transmissions to any of Chevrolet's V-8s, including a special model for LS engines. In addition to the new bellhousing, Keisler also offers hydraulic clutch kits, flywheels, clutch kits, pedal assemblies, shifter handles, and floor humps. For more information, contact Keisler Engineering, (865) 609-8187,

Classy Cab
Valley Hot Rod Shoppe is pleased to announce the release of their 1928-29 Ford Model A closed-cab fiberglass pickup body. Designed to bolt to either original or aftermarket chassis, each body features double gelcoat layers and 5oz hand-laid Taishan mat, with stronger layup at stress points, such as door hinge and latch points on the A- and B-pillars. Each cab is supplied with a visor. The roof panel is supplied bolted to the cab with stainless steel fasteners, which allows easy access during the build stage for such items as upholstery or a roll bar. The recessed firewall allows for a V-8 to be used with the body on a stock-length chassis, while the cowl features a factory style fuel filler neck, and the rear of the cab has authentic reveals and moldings. Valley Hot Rod Shoppe offers the body in three stages of build, first as a bare fiberglass shell package, supplied with steel hinge and latch plates (not installed), next with a steel internal framework fitted, and finally with a steel framework fitted and the doors hung and latched. Doors are also available separately. For more information, contact Valley Hot Rod Shoppe, (760) 586-5458,

Real Wheels Rolling!
Real Rodders Wheels (formerly Eric Vaughn's Real Wheels) has been the choice for discriminating rod shops and rod owners searching for the perfect traditional wheel for 23 years. New ownership will maintain the company's reputation for unrelenting quality control and is dedicated to keeping their sizes and designs aimed at the street rodder who wants no compromises. Real Wheels' original one-piece cast aluminum wheels series are produced in the USA from the finest materials and offered in these old and new sizes: 14x6, 15x5.5, 15x7, 15x8, 15x8 (trick), 15x10, 16x8, 16x8 (trick), and 16x10. The "trick" refers to a unique profile that provides the deep dish of a classic 10-inch wheel on an 8-inch rim width, previously only available with expensive custom machine work. All wheels come complete with push-through caps, lug nuts, and valve stems, and are fully polished on both sides and very carefully packaged for shipping. Custom widths are available up to 15 inches! For more information, contact Real Rodders Wheels, (888) 298-4212,