Phoenix Raising
Phoenix Transmission announces a new series of high-performance 4L60E transmissions for the LS1- and LS2-series Chevrolet engines and is rated for use with engines from 350 to more than 600 hp. These transmissions feature high-energy friction bands, increased clutch capacity, modified pump, all new upgraded electronics, modified valve body, and specially prepared gear train components. Like all Phoenix Transmission Products' specialty transmissions, the transmission case is cleaned using a five-step process that leaves the case with a smooth semi-polished finished, which not only looks great but resists cracking. All external hardware is cadmium plated. These transmissions come with custom-stalled torque converters matched to each application and also built by Phoenix. These transmissions are compatible with all factory computer systems and are available with a standalone computer system as well. All transmissions are thoroughly dyno tested prior to shipping and are backed by a two-year, 24,000-mile warranty. For more information, contact Phoenix Transmission Products, (866) SHIFT UP,

The Heritage Deuce Model
The new machined aluminum Heritage Deuce steering wheel from Grant Products features a large diameter and comes polished to a mirror finish. The two-spoke wheel has a machined trim piece that simulates the look of an old-style horn ring. The wheel rims are genuine leather with finger grips on the back of the rim for additional comfort and style. The center of each wheel has a polished aluminum center cap with a machined bevel edge and the new Grant oval horn button. The wheels are 14 3/4-inch diameter with a 2 1/2-inch dish. There are 12 new models in the Heritage Collection with two-, three-, and four-spoke designs. For more information, contact Grant Products International, (818) 247-2910,

Light the Bomb!
The legendary Cherry Bomb glasspack made its fame on '60s and '70s musclecars, and is now reclaiming its throne with the Cherry Bomb Vortex. The Vortex is the company's highest-flowing and quietest glasspack yet, with a remarkable internal flow rate equivalent to a 4-inch straight-through pipe. Its ingenious patented flow divider design works in tandem with a perforated wall layered with high temperature-absorbing fiberglass filler to maximize flow and adjust frequencies to deliver both performance and a unique Cherry Bomb sound. Made of 100-percent welded, aluminized steel, and finished with a high temperature-resistant black finish, the Cherry Bomb Vortex is made to last and is available in standard body sizes with reversible ends for easy installation in any rod or custom. For more information, contact Cherry Bomb, (866) 869-9704,

Totally Shiny Header Bolts
Totally Stainless has combined the benefits of vibration-proof, heat-resistant stainless wedge lock washers with the high-strength stainless steel ARP bolts to produce their latest product, Total-Locs. The special two-piece, 316 stainless wedge lock washers are installed on the high-strength bolts prior to thread rolling so they won't fall off! Total-Locs are made from high-quality stainless steel, are just as easy to install as standard header bolts, and are priced significantly lower than other locking header bolts. For more information, contact Totally Stainless, (800) 767-4781,

Cool Off with a LoBoy
Flex-a-lite has developed a new 16-inch high-performance, low-profile electric cooling fan that is as low as 1.25-inch deep. Installing a LoBoy puller fan can improve gas mileage, horsepower, and torque by replacing a stock belt-driven fan. Assist the existing cooling system with an auxiliary fan (pusher) in front of the radiator to provide additional cooling in engines prone to overheating.The LoBoy fan moves 2,500 cubic feet per minute, and draws only 18.5 amps. Adjustable thermostat control or manual override switch may be added for additional fan control. For more information, contact Flex-a-lite, (800) 851-1510,