Keisler's newly engineered Generation III hydraulic clutch actuator is now available for all of Keisler's Tremec overdrive conversion kits, five- and six-speed. This high-quality, durable hydraulic system replaces the need for mechanical linkage and provides a dramatic, noticeable improvement in pedal motion. Keisler's hydraulic actuator works with linear motion along the axis of travel, utilizing concentric slave-cylinder technology, in turn reducing the mechanical losses associated with traditional fork and bearing setups. A new Keisler-designed line with integrated bleeding makes installation a snap. For more information, contact Keisler Engineering at (865) 609-8187;

Heidt's is now offering its new Superide adjustable billet coilover shocks. Now, in addition to being able to tune spring rates using threaded lower spring seats, you can also adjust the shock's rebound via a 10-position knob. Made in the USA, the coilovers are available in clear anodized or polished finishes, and include polished top cones, black urethane, or spherical bushings set up for either 1/2- or 5/8-inch bolts, and 5/8-inch hard chrome shafts. Front and rear applications are available, and include chrome-plated springs in 160- to 700lb rates. For more information, contact Heidt's Hot Rod Shop at (800) 841-8188;

Hotronics has developed a way to help cool down your hot rod. It's After-Run Cool-Down Delay Timer keeps the electric fan engaged after the key is turned off for an adjustable run time of 2 to 4 1/2 minutes (delay run time adjusts with small screwdriver through a hole in the end of the box). Keeping the fan moving air will help remove heat soak from the engine and radiator while stopped. For more information, contact Hotronics at (714) 971-8543;

Fatman Fabrications has just taken its dropped uprights for '49-54 Chevy factory front suspensions to the next level. The tremendous popularity of these parts has allowed Fatman to produce these in forged steel for even greater safety and ease of fit. They still provide a 2 1/2-inch drop, and will accept either stock drum or aftermarket disc brake conversions. The matching dropped steering arms provide the essential outer tie-rod end location needed to avoid bumpsteer. For more information, contact Fatman Fabrications at (704) 545-0369;

Gordon Supply Top has introduced its new Pop Top convertible hardtop for '28-32 roadsters, available in five different models to fit a variety of windshield posts and price ranges. They offer the top in fiberglass that can be upholstered, black carbon 2x2 twill that is ultra-light and can be lifted by one person, and also in a hybrid ('glass/carbon/Kevlar) that gives the top a tweed appearance. Our top has an "old-school" attitude and looks like cloth. For more information, contact Gordon Supply Top at (760) 947-0054; e-mail

TPI-Tech has released new quad gauge sets with easy-to-program electronic speedometers that are easily calibrated with a small, remotely mounted button that can be mounted (or hidden) anywhere convenient. Just hit the remote button and follow the prompts in the odometer display to set the: speedometer for any gear/tire size, trip odometer, hours traveled, speed-warning indicator (a remotely mounted LED will flash if you exceed it), and oil change reminder (SERVICE will appear in the window when it's time). These new quad gauge sets are available in 3 3/8- or 5-inch diameters with white and black faces with stainless steel bezels or tan with a gold bezel. Electronic or mechanical speedometers are available (mechanical speedometer has a trip odometer but is not programmable.) For more information, contact TPI-Tech at (866) 462-7628;

If you've been looking for an adjustable stainless steel muffler that offers the look and sound your street rod deserves, we may have found it. Vara Ram Industries' new VR-Billet Bullets feature removable billet end caps and inner baffles with two inserts per muffler to allow you to dial them in for sound and back pressure. They come with a fully polished megaphone housing and are available in 11- and 15-inch lengths. For more information, contact Vara Ram Industries at (713) 477-8100;

Weld Racing introduced a new line of wheels at the NSRA Nationals this past summer that was directed right at our readers. The new Rod and Custom line of forged aluminum wheels are available in sizes from 15x4.5 to 20x16 and feature retro looks, but with modern manufacturing and alloys that provide better strength and shine. The Kruiser wheel shown here would look perfect on just about any hot rod. For more information, contact Weld Racing at (800) 488-9353;

If you're tired of looking through the junkyards and want a seat with a lot of style and comfort for your '49-53 Ford coupe, then Glide Engineering has the answer. Glide's new split back seat has a bench bottom and comes with all the great features as the rest of Glide's seats, including black powdercoating to prevent rusting, no-sag springs, sliders, and a mounting base that bolts into factory holes. A contoured foam kit is available as an option. For more information, contact Glide Engineering at (800) 301-3334;

Bob Drake Reproductions Inc. has released a versatile tank for anyone restoring or street rodding '38-40 Ford cars and '38-41 pickups. The Forever Tank has an expanded capacity of 15-plus gallons and closely resembles the original Ford tank down to its interior baffles. It's manufactured from stamped 304 stainless steel so it'll resist corrosion, will not rust, and is guaranteed to be leak-free. The Forever Tank comes ready for either fuel injection or carburetor systems, and is equipped with Bob Drake's universal fuel sender flange that allows installation of original gauges, or many aftermarket sets like VDO and Stewart Warner. For more information, and to get a free 144-page sale catalog of early Ford restoration and hot rod parts, contact Bob Drake Reproductions Inc. at (800) 221-FORD (3673);

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