Inline is FineTriple-D Induction, a Barry Grant company, is redefining carburetors with the BadMan inline four-barrel. Combined with an Aero-ram manifold, the BadMan provides even fuel distribution, and its interchangeable venturi sleeves allow for airflow ratings from 500 to more than 1,000 cfm. This allows high-lift cams to operate at low engine speeds and improves low-speed idle, part-throttle drivability, and fuel consumption. Leaks are minimized by not having any gaskets under the float level, while two idle-mixture screws and one idle-speed screw streamline tuning. The BadMan is offered in "as cast" or silver powdercoat finishes, and is currently available for small-block Chevys. For more information, contact Barry Grant at (706) 864-8544;

Serpentine, SimplyAlan Grove Components continues its tradition of offering functional, reasonably priced engine accessory brackets with this versatile serpentine system. This bracket system is designed for small-block Chevys using Corvette reverse-rotation short water pumps and corresponding aftermarket aluminum pulleys. The brackets bolt on to '69-and-later-style heads with no drilling or tapping required. This serpentine system includes all necessary hardware, instructions, idler pulley, and GM spring-loaded tensioner. For more information, contact Alan Grove Components at (913) 837-4368;

Get AmpedMany rods and customs are getting high-amp alternators to help power stereos and other electronic accessories. Those powerful alternators need adequate wiring, so American Autowire offers a High Amp Alternator Installation Kit. The kit provides 10 feet of large 8-gauge power wire with a fusible link for circuit protection and a pre-installed ring terminal. It also includes the necessary connector and wires for GM SI-series three-wire alternators (the kit can also be used on one-wire alternators), as well as an alternator terminal boot and other terminals and connectors. For more information, contact American Autowire at (800) 482-WIRE;

Clean WipeFunctional, reliable windshield wipers are necessities when you actually drive your rod or custom-and you do drive yours, right? Fortunately, if your ride happens to be a '53-57 Chevy car or '47-59 Chevy pickup, Impala Bob's has an electric wiper conversion kit for it. The new wiper motors-which are compatible with both 6- or 12-volt electrical systems-are far superior to old vacuum-powered setups, and offer the convenience of multi-speed operation. Kits include wiper motors, mounting bracket and hardware, wiring and fuses, two-speed self-parking switches, and original-style knobs. For more information, contact Impala Bob's at (800) 467-2527;

Clay AwayAutomotive detailing clay used to be a secret material reserved for professional detailers, but in recent years enthusiasts have been clued in to the effectiveness of this substance. With Meguiar's all-inclusive Smooth Surface Clay Kit, you get everything you need to remove bonded contaminants from your car's finish. Through the process of "claying"-which involves lightly massaging detailing clay over paint lubricated with liquid cleaner-you can quickly and easily restore your car's smooth, glossy finish and create a clean surface that will be ready for a fresh coat of wax. For more information, contact Meguiar's at (800) 347-5700;

Bright, AerobriteJuliano's calls its new Aerobrite kit "the brightest headlight package ever offered for early Ford cars." It goes beyond standard halogen bulbs and uses ultra-bright HellaVision 7-inch high/low European lights. The '40 Ford kit includes steel mounting buckets, fender gaskets, wire looms, plus chrome or bare headlight bezels with glass parking lights. The '37-39 Ford kits include headlights, mounting brackets for use in the stock buckets, and optically clear polycarbonate outer lenses. The '37-39 kits can also be ordered pre-mounted in quality reproduction buckets and with internal turn signals. For more information, contact Juliano's at (800) 300-1932;

Shine TimeAeromotive has long been known for its high-end performance fuel systems and components. Now, in addition to the familiar red anodized finish, those parts are available in a show-quality polished finish. The new Platinum Series line includes fuel pumps, filters, regulators, and other accessories, all prepared for the discriminating street rod and custom car builder. The 25 Platinum Series part numbers are all built to the same exacting standards as other Aeromotive products; they just pack more shine. For more information, contact Aeromotive, Inc. at (913) 647-7300;

Shootin' SparksThe latest FlameThrower coil from PerTronix is a high-voltage E-Core design that yields an incredible 60,000 volts. The special heat sink design, made from aircraft 6063 T5 aluminum, efficiently transfers heat-optimizing energy output, allowing the coil to operate with no heat degradation. The housings are black anodized for increased corrosion resistance, the coils are vacuum potted for longevity, and have brass primary terminals and a precision-machined, high-tension male terminal for a snug coil wire fit. Available in three primary resistances-3.0, 1.5, and 0.45 ohm-HV coils are compatible with most points-type and electronic ignitions. For more information, see your PerTronix dealer;