Alan Grove Components continues its tradition of offering functional, reasonably priced engine accessory brackets with this versatile serpentine system. This bracket system is designed for small-block Chevys using Corvette reverse-rotation short water pumps and corresponding aftermarket aluminum pulleys. The brackets bolt on to '69-and-later-style heads with no drilling or tapping required. This serpentine system includes all necessary hardware, instructions, idler pulley, and GM spring-loaded tensioner. For more information, contact Alan Grove Components at (913) 837-4368;

Triple-D Induction, a Barry Grant company, is redefining carburetors with the BadMan inline four-barrel. Combined with an Aero-ram manifold, the BadMan provides even fuel distribution, and its interchangeable venturi sleeves allow for airflow ratings from 500 to more than 1,000 cfm. This allows high-lift cams to operate at low engine speeds and improves low-speed idle, part-throttle drivability, and fuel consumption. Leaks are minimized by not having any gaskets under the float level, while two idle-mixture screws and one idle-speed screw streamline tuning. The BadMan is offered in "as cast" or silver powdercoat finishes, and is currently available for small-block Chevys. For more information, contact Barry Grant at (706) 864-8544;

Functional, reliable windshield wipers are necessities when you actually drive your rod or custom-and you do drive yours, right? Fortunately, if your ride happens to be a '53-57 Chevy car or '47-59 Chevy pickup, Impala Bob's has an electric wiper conversion kit for it. The new wiper motors-which are compatible with both 6- or 12-volt electrical systems-are far superior to old vacuum-powered setups, and offer the convenience of multi-speed operation. Kits include wiper motors, mounting bracket and hardware, wiring and fuses, two-speed self-parking switches, and original-style knobs. For more information, contact Impala Bob's at (800) 467-2527;

Automotive detailing clay used to be a secret material reserved for professional detailers, but in recent years enthusiasts have been clued in to the effectiveness of this substance. With Meguiar's all-inclusive Smooth Surface Clay Kit, you get everything you need to remove bonded contaminants from your car's finish. Through the process of "claying"-which involves lightly massaging detailing clay over paint lubricated with liquid cleaner-you can quickly and easily restore your car's smooth, glossy finish and create a clean surface that will be ready for a fresh coat of wax. For more information, contact Meguiar's at (800) 347-5700;