Remember those travel stickers you used to collect and plaster all over the station wagon or Airstream camping trailer when your family went on vacation back in the '50s and '60s? Artist John Bell is reviving the concept with a couple of hot rodding twists. First, he's depicting enthusiast-oriented destinations like Paso Robles and Bonneville. He's also adding pinup-style girls to the artwork to liven things up a little bit. Dubbed the Red Letter Girls series, the stickers have proven to be very popular and make cool additions to almost any hot rod or custom-car window. For more information, check out John's Web site at

The carburetor experts at Barry Grant are going retro with this nostalgia version of their Triple-D SixShooter induction system. Dubbed the Old School, the traditional-style triple two-barrel setup includes an advanced Triple-D intake manifold, three Demon carburetors finished in gold chromate, red fuel lines with a chrome fuel log, and three vintage-looking Rush air cleaners. The Old School system delivers stout performance to a wide range of engines, and is easy to tune with just three controls-two for idle mixture, and one for idle speed. There's even an electric choke. For more information, contact Demon Carburetion at (706) 864-8544.

Dakota Digital recently introduced a line of light emitting diode (LED) taillight replacements for several common Chevy classics, including '55-57s and Impalas. Far from "one size fits all," each LED system is specifically designed to take advantage of the optics of the vehicle's stock taillight lens. The high-quality LEDs offer a level of brightness and visibility that cannot be ignored, not to mention the instant response that LED technology provides. They are also designed to fit in stock locations, so you don't need to modify your taillight assembly or lenses. For more information, contact Dakota Digital at (800) 852-3228.

So you've just spent your hard-earned time and dough creating the coolest custom vehicle around. Why not immortalize it in 1/18 scale? Custom Diecast Replicas can create a smaller version of your pride and joy, provided there is a basic starter car available. Utilizing their body-shop background, the CDR craftsmen can do nearly anything with die-cast that you can do with a real car, from chopping tops and sectioning bodies, to creating custom hoods, wheels, or interiors. They even use quality DuPont paints and materials. For more information, contact Custom Diecast Replicas at (630) 424-1700.

Time was when you could score a set of Guide 682-C headlights-you know, the cool old accessory lights with the top-mounted turn signals-for a few bucks at the swap meet. Now everybody wants a set, making them scarce and expensive. So, Outside The Box Gear has gone and reproduced this classic light design. Available with primed or chrome-plated housings and parking-light shells, the lights accept common 7-inch lamps, feature glass reproduction signal lenses, and have mounting flanges that can be installed inside or outside the housings. For more information, contact OTB Gear at (909) 595-4995.