Lokar's Anchor-Tight Locking Flexible Dipstick not only looks sharp, it's also designed to survive high-stress environments. A clever locking mechanism prevents the expulsion of the dipstick handle under high transmission pressure, while the bolt-in pan fitting protects against leaks at the base. The dipstick features a Teflon-lined stainless braided housing, flexible inner dipstick measuring cable, and large filler tube to accept standard transmission funnels. The Anchor-Tight dipstick is available for most GM, Ford, and Chrysler transmissions with your choice of clear, black, red, or blue anodizing. For more information, contact Lokar at (877) 469-7440.

Wheel-and-tire selection goes a long way toward defining your rod's or custom's style, and Rally America has many offerings to help you capture a period-correct look. One of the company's latest products is a small accessory trim ring, just like those that were available in the late '50s and early '60s. This trim ring connects where a small hubcap usually would, but leaves the lugholes and hub exposed. It's a perfect complement for a spider-style center cap. For more information, contact Rally America at (559) 322-2128.

The guys at Grandpa's Hot Rod Company have a pretty simple mission: to build cool new parts that look like cool old parts. Thus, all of their aluminum offerings are cast, not billet, and are available with retro-style fins. These finned brake air scoops are great examples. Designed to fit '39-48 Ford backing plates, the scoops not only look neat, but can help cool down your brakes when installed as instructed. In addition to these, Grandpa's offers finned dash inserts and column drops, not to mention other neat aluminum goodies. For more information, contact Grandpa's Hot Rod Company at (626) 485-7500; e-mail grandpahrc@aol.com.