After acquiring Navarro Racing Equipment last year and making heads and manifolds that have not been made in 50 years, H&H Flatheads has reintroduced the most sought-after blower ever made for the Flatheads. The company's new S.Co.T. blower is an exact replica with the same great looks (including the original rear grease fittings), but with thicker castings, CNC-machined matching rotors, and sealed rear bearings. Now the complete bolt-on kit is available and includes the S.Co.T. blower and manifold, water pump pulleys, belt tensioners, upper and lower V-groove pulleys, and necessary hardware to bolt on the best-looking blower on the market. For more information, contact H&H Flatheads at (818) 248-2347;

GB Engineering's new auxiliary fuel pumps are machined from billet aluminum with a highly polished finish, all created by Lou Senter from his original Ansen design. The pump is complete with an exclusive type of check valve that releases with minimum effort, yet positively seals at a very low pressure. It is designed for side mounting and comes ready to install. A trophy mounting base and custom engraving are available. For more information, contact GB Engineering at (714) 632-1554.

When Unique Motorcars was developing its trunk lid option for the new fiberglass '36 Cabriolet, the crew couldn't find a hinge that would work the way they wanted it to, so they designed their own. This universal hinge-which can be used in nearly every hinge application you might have-incorporates a rod end to allow for more precise height adjustment, while a slotted hinge base adjusts the front-to-back movement. Available for $125 per pair, the hinges include a threaded baseplate to install in your trunk or hood. For more information, contact Unique Motorcars LLC at (256) 546-2395;

There are plenty of aftermarket rack-and-pinion steering setups designed for popular vehicles, but what if you need a truly custom rack for an uncommon application? Flaming River can help with its Straight Arrow billet aluminum rack-and-pinion. The Straight Arrow has a modular design with a stainless rack tube and billet outer end housings designed for multi-position mounting. Multiple rack lengths, pinion lengths, and inner tie-rod ends mean assemblies can be tailored to fit almost any application. They can be built in front- or rear-steer configurations, and for left- or right-hand steering applications. For more information, contact Flaming River at (866) 815-3673;

As popular as GM's 700-R4 automatic overdrive transmission is, it is still greatly misunderstood by many rodders. The most common cause of failure is an incorrectly installed or improperly adjusted TV cable-the part that sets internal line pressure and part-throttle shifting. Now, TCI Automotive offers a 700-R4 Constant Pressure Valve Body that avoids common transmission destruction by maintaining at least 200-psi line pressure at all times. The TV cable still needs to be connected for proper operation, but the TCI valve body provides more freedom in setting part-throttle shift points. Line pressure is fixed, so there is no chance of encountering a low line pressure condition. For more information, contact TCI Automotive at (888) 776-9824;