Tighten Your BeltB&B Street Rod says its Serpentine Belt System for the big-block Chevy takes longer to unpack than it does to install, and while that may not strictly be true, it's pretty close! The system is shipped completely assembled and is simple to install, mounting to the block and not the heads. The compact design means it is no wider than the block or higher than the valve covers, making for short, rigid mounting bracketry, with all pulleys as close as possible to the crankshaft pulley. CNC machined, close tolerance keyways align the A/C compressor and alternator perfectly. For more information, contact B&B Street Rod at (928) 854-8680.

Staggering!A common problem on early Fords running a Flathead is that the lower radiator hose simply won't turn sharply enough to fit between the water pump and the lower radiator outlet. The closer the motor is to the radiator, the more the problem is compounded.

Flathead Jack's knows this only too well, and has come up with these cast 6061 aluminum staggered radiator connectors to solve the conundrum. They even have a boss built in that can be drilled and tapped for drain petcocks. A set consists of two polished connectors, four hoses, and eight polished stainless clamps. For more information, contact Flathead Jack at (925) 932-2233.

Glidin' GlassJuliano's returns to the power window market with its new Posi Glide II Power Windows System. Featuring a motor that's just 2 inches wide, it'll fit inside virtually any door. The whole system is very compact, utilizing a screw drive, and the kits are shipped complete, with OEM style switches, plugs, labeled wires, hardware, glass setting tape, and comprehensive instructions, making installation a breeze.

With wide track nylon guides and heavy gauge channels, the design eliminates misalignment of the window and provides smooth and quiet operation with no chatter. Juliano's offers a five-year warranty on the regulators and motors, and the drive unit is "lubed for life." For more information, contact Juliano's at (800) 300-1932.

Snap HappyNo car guy ever has enough storage space for tools, but Snap-On Tools may be able to help solve the problem, as it just introduced the new 73-inch-wide Classic 96 Wide Guy roll cab, featuring 50-inch-wide drawers, making for easy organization of long extensions, pry bars, or simply whole families of tools in the same drawer.

The five deep drawers are reinforced to accept 250 lbs of tools each, and in common with the rest of the Classic storage line, the Wide Guy has corner gussets to keep the unit square and a heavy-duty 14-gauge bottom panel with caster stiffener, as well as double-wall construction for strength, lock and drawer retention.

Optional accessories include a top chest, maple or stainless steel top, 21-inch-deep riser, and 21-inch-deep overhead storage units, as well as roll cab/top chest cover. The Wide Guy (KRA2432) is available in seven scratch-resistant colors. For more information, contact Snap-On Tools at (877) SNAPON-2 (877-762-7662) or contact your local Snap-On representative.

ClampdownMounting a steering column where it passes through the floorboard can sometimes be tricky, especially when the column isn't perpendicular to the sheetmetal or fiberglass. Now you have a choice, as RB's offers two types of floor mounts from their Serious Hardware line of parts. The Standard model is designed for most cars and trucks from the '40s and '50s, and can be bent to conform to any surface, while the Swivel model is hinged to take into account any mounting angle.

Both versions can be bolted or welded in place, are supplied with a stainless steel clamp for a secure installation, and are available to fit 1 3/4-, 2- and 2 1/4-inch columns. For more information, contact RB's at (800) 426-6607.