Shift Yerself
If your project car is anything like ours, it'll utilize products from many manufacturers. The folks at Gennie Shifter know this, which is why they've come up with the Lo-Dapt Shifter Knob Adapter. As its name almost implies, it allows you to fit a Gennie Shift knob-or pretty much any aftermarket shift knob-on a push-button Lokar-type shifter.

Using the common 3/8-16 threads found in most knobs, the stainless steel adaptor has hidden jam nuts and an internal brass-tipped black oxide (not plastic) set screw. The three external rings can be used with or without O-rings depending on your preference. For more information, contact Gennie Shifter at (877) 743-6643.

Been There, Done That
Are you building a traditional style rod but want something other than split 'bones or hairpin radius rods to locate the front axle? Speedway Motors has what you're looking for in the form of these Curtis-style radius rods. Similar to the hairpin design, they feature parallel upper and lower bars, and at 36 inches long, are ideal for fender-less rods.

For that perfect nostalgic look, the chassis end employs an 11/16-inch right-hand thread to accept a Ford tie rod end, with the forward ends tapped with a 5/8-inch NF right-hand thread. You even get a choice of stainless steel, plain steel, or chrome. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122.

Follow The Link
Multi-carb intakes always look cool, but without the correct linkage they'll never work to their full potential, often making the car less than a pleasure to drive. Eelco has linkage kits for just about any application, with many parts made using the original tooling from when such intake systems were state of the art. All the kits can be upgraded to use ball bearing rod ends for the smoothest operation possible. For more information, contact Eelco at (503) 651-3352.

Nine To Go
It seems like every day it gets easier to modify old cars, with the aftermarket providing what once had to be fabricated. There's no longer any need to source a correct-width Ford 9-inch axle from a junkyard to fit your '55-57 Chevy, as you can now simply call the 9-inch factory and order a ready-built direct bolt-in version.

What's even better is they come with the Tru-Trac ratio of your choice, 11x2 1/4-inch drum brakes, 31-spline high performance axles, a nodular case, 2-inch axle perches, and installed snubber brackets and brake lines. Then there are options: a plain, polished, or coated aluminum third member; stainless brake lines; various brake choices; and powdercoating in the color of your choice. For more information, contact John's Industries at (800) 332-3450.

Lighten' Fires
This new PerTronix Flame Thrower plug-and-play billet distributor for Ford 221-302 motors allows you to upgrade from a points or stock electronic distributor, providing maximum ignition performance. It features the patented Ignitor II electronic ignition module and is compatible with any inductive ignition system coil, though improved high rpm performance will be seen when used with a low resistance Flame-Thrower II coil.

Available in vacuum or non-vacuum versions, and with either a male or female cap in black or red, the Flame Thrower has a factory set performance curve and mechanical advance limiting adjustment, and is legal in all 50 states and Canada. For more information, contact PerTronix at (909) 599-5955.