High-Carb DietWinning Flathead builders learned a long time ago that long intake runners were the key to speed, which is why you'll find exactly that on this new Flathead intake manifold from Speedway Motors, along with a raised plenum. It accepts common square-bore carburetors without requiring an adapter, and features a front-mounted breather. Where the stock fuel pump normally mounts is a PCV breather, so you'll also need an electric pump with this manifold, as well as sufficient hood clearance, as the intake stands 6 1/2 inches high without the carb.

The Speedway intake fits all Ford and Mercury Flathead V-8s (except V8-60) from 1932-53, which is a claim no other manifold can make, and is the latest in a line of Flathead parts available from Speedway Motors. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122.

That's Rad!Summer's here, and with it comes high temperatures and the ever-present possibility of overheating. Over time, a radiator's cooling efficiency becomes reduced with internal clogging, but Impala Bob's can make sure you have one less thing to worry about with its new radiators. They're available with normal-duty two-row cores, heavy-duty three-row cores, and extra-heavy-duty desert cooler models with a four-row core, and all come with a one-year warranty. Modern three- and four-row radiators offer greater cooling capacity, and all of Impala Bob's radiators are designed to match the original appearance and use the stock mounting brackets.

Radiators are available for most '49-76 models of cars and trucks with six-cylinder, small-block and big-block V-8s, with and without air conditioning. For more information, contact Impala Bob's at (800) 467-2527.