Smoother ChevyEven the youngest fullsize '55-70 Chevy is approaching 40 years old, and would most likely benefit from new bushings in the front suspension. If you're going to go to the trouble of replacing worn-out parts, why not fit components that will increase performance and handling? Makes sense to us, and to Classic Performance Products, who now offers Performance Plus Front End Rebuild Kits.

Each kit contains heat-treated CNC-wound coil springs, Polyplus graphite bushings, and bumpstops that offer improved performance over rubber while preventing squeaks, upper and lower ball joints, inner and outer tie-rod ends, adjuster sleeves, idler arm, strut rod bushings where applicable, as well as three-way adjustable shocks that allow the compression/rebound to be set to 70/30, 50/50, or 40/60 to allow for any road condition. For more information, contact Classic Performance Products at (800) 830-6896.

Tri-PowerBeen thinking about switching your Tri-Five Chevy from manual to power steering? Then the news from Borgeson about several new parts for just such a conversion should make you smile. How about a steering box based on a Delphi 600 gear, which is a direct fit into Tri-Fives? All Borgeson conversion kits include a new power 'box, pump, mounting bracketry, a double-belt pump pulley, hoses, rag joint, and floor mount. New column shafts are offered as well for those who wish to retain their stock column (ididit columns also available). If you don't need the whole kit, all components are available individually. For more information, contact Borgeson at (860) 482-8283.

Got It CoveredGot a '55 to early '59 small-block Chevy-the one with the staggered perimeter mount style cylinder heads-and need a set of cool valve covers? PML has just released these sand-cast thick wall aluminum covers with Chevrolet script and fins (reminiscent of the original Corvette seven-fin covers). They use stock gaskets, and as with the original covers, offer no provisions for PCV, breather, or oil filler; but unlike the originals, they'll clear roller rockers thanks to their mid-height design. PML valve covers are available as-cast or polished, or in black or Chevrolet orange powdercoated finishes. Corvette script is also available. For more information, contact PML Inc. at (310) 671-4345.

Sounds ExhaustingIf you're looking for the sound, torque, and horsepower improvements of an aftermarket muffler but want it in a compact package, Flowmaster has exactly what you need in its new Super 44 mufflers. Wrapped in a 4.00x9.75x13-inch case, the Super 44 is the most aggressive, deepest-sounding, highest-performing 4-inch case street muffler Flowmaster has ever built. The compact size of the new muffler means it will fit in the tightest of locations, and it will fit most any application with inlet and outlet diameters of 2 1/4, 2 1/2, and 3 inches, plus dual inlet (3-inch) and outlet (2 1/2-inch). For more information, contact Flowmaster at (800) 544-4761.

Rain DrainLong known for its weatherstripping and rubber detail products, SoffSeal is committed to its customers and making their lives easier, at least when their cars are concerned. Check out the company's new product, a universal trunk drain bumper (PN SRD01). The bumper provides a professional seal and finished look for any trunk and fits easily at the bottom of the rain channel-providing superior drainage and preventing leaks into the surrounding area, which could cause damage to upholstery or carpet. For more information, contact SoffSeal at (800) 426-0902.

Strong Arm TacticsFatman Fabrications has been manufacturing tubular control arms for GM suspensions for 18 years. In a constant quest for improvement, the latest arms are available with a vacuum metallized coating, as part of the G-Tech line of Restomod suspension components. This is similar to chrome, but will not peel or tarnish. The TIG-welded .188 wall steel tube arms feature relocated upper ball joints to meet modern alignment specs, while airbag or coilover applications can be accommodated with the unique removable molded urethane lower spring seat.

The arms are available in stock or narrowed length for tire clearance, and in plain steel or powdercoated, as well as the metallized finish. The tubular arms, and dropped spindles to match, can be had for First- and Second-Gen Camaro and Nova subframes, and '55-64 Chevys. For more information, contact Fatman Fabrications at (704) 545-0369.

High-Carb DietWinning Flathead builders learned a long time ago that long intake runners were the key to speed, which is why you'll find exactly that on this new Flathead intake manifold from Speedway Motors, along with a raised plenum. It accepts common square-bore carburetors without requiring an adapter, and features a front-mounted breather. Where the stock fuel pump normally mounts is a PCV breather, so you'll also need an electric pump with this manifold, as well as sufficient hood clearance, as the intake stands 6 1/2 inches high without the carb.

The Speedway intake fits all Ford and Mercury Flathead V-8s (except V8-60) from 1932-53, which is a claim no other manifold can make, and is the latest in a line of Flathead parts available from Speedway Motors. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122.

That's Rad!Summer's here, and with it comes high temperatures and the ever-present possibility of overheating. Over time, a radiator's cooling efficiency becomes reduced with internal clogging, but Impala Bob's can make sure you have one less thing to worry about with its new radiators. They're available with normal-duty two-row cores, heavy-duty three-row cores, and extra-heavy-duty desert cooler models with a four-row core, and all come with a one-year warranty. Modern three- and four-row radiators offer greater cooling capacity, and all of Impala Bob's radiators are designed to match the original appearance and use the stock mounting brackets.

Radiators are available for most '49-76 models of cars and trucks with six-cylinder, small-block and big-block V-8s, with and without air conditioning. For more information, contact Impala Bob's at (800) 467-2527.

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