Almost Blue
Do you use a general-purpose metal polish on your chrome? Tut, tut. You could be causing irreversible damage, as they contain abrasives that cut into brass and aluminum to remove contaminants. Deep Chrome is specifically designed for the delicate requirements of chrome surfaces, and can be used very aggressively yet never cause a scratch. It will, however, remove harsh chemical stains or clouding caused by wax-based polishes.

Producing a deep shine, clarity, and the desired "blue chrome" look, even new chrome can benefit from treatment with Deep Chrome.

For more information, contact Deep Products Company at (860) 657-4333 or

Classic Combo
Dropping a Model A body onto a '32 chassis has always been a classic hot rod combination, but traditionally it required surgery to both body and frame to mate the two. Well, Speedway Motors just made the process a whole lot easier, with its new Model A Plus frame. The boxed, stamped '32-style frames feature the distinctive '32 reveal, but are contoured to fit a Model A body as well as being flat on the top to match the underside of the Model A sheetmetal. In addition, the rear is stepped in at the wheelwells, with body mounts positioned in stock Model A locations.

Speedway has even gone to the trouble of manufacturing two frame designs to correctly match either the '28-29 body or the '30-31. Standard features include a tubular center X-member incorporating a TH350 trans mount, plus small-block Chevy motor mounts, master cylinder mount and brake pedal arm, Vega steering box mount, and all suspension and shock mounts. The chassis is designed to accept Speedway hairpin radius rods and a unique triangulated four-link rear suspension. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or

Ida Efi
Always fancied the looks of four 48IDA Webers nestling between your rocker covers, but couldn't face the tuning issues? Then you need Dynatek Racing's new fuel-injection system, with all the looks of a quartet of downdrafts, but with performance gains and great drivability. With self-tuning software that automatically defines fuel tables, and no programming or dyno-tuning required, this new system provides a vast improvement over older antiquated systems as well as conventional carbureted systems, with precise fuel and spark delivery ensuring a clean start every time.

Compatible with all ignitions from points to magnetos, and with significant fuel economy improvements over many carbureted engines, Dynatek offers drivability and reliability. For more information, contact Dynatek Racing at (866) 839-0177 or

Light 'Em Up!
Dim headlights. We've probably all been there at one time, struggling to see our way home at night. And if it's raining too? Forget it. Then along came halogen lights and the world was a brighter place. Now Juliano's Hot Rod Parts offers the next technological advancement, what the company calls Xe7R lights, three times brighter than halogens, with high-intensity discharge on both high- and low-beams, emitting a very bright white light with no hint of blue.

With an appearance reminiscent of Lucas lights, the Xe7R is the world's most powerful headlight, yet operates at just 35 watts on either beam compared to a halogen's 55- and 60-watt on high- and low-beam, respectively. They also draw 50 percent fewer amps than halogens and emit half the heat, and are totally legal, meeting DOT requirements. For more information, contact Juliano's at (800) 300-1932 or

Under Pressure
Automatic transmissions are a black art for even some accomplished engine builders, with the biggest single cause of failure in GM's 700-R4 trans being incorrectly installed-or even disconnected-TV cables, an item responsible for setting internal line pressure and part-throttle shifting. The new TCI Automotive 700-R4 Constant Pressure Valve eliminates problems associated with TV cables, and even transmission destruction, by maintaining at least 200-psi line pressure at all times.

While the TV cable still needs to be connected for proper transmission operation, the TCI Constant Pressure Valve provides more freedom when setting part-throttle shift points. Line pressure is fixed with no chance of encountering a low line pressure condition. For more information, contact TCI Automotive at (888) 776-9824 or

Air Removal
If you have an air compressor in your shop, you know that air tools can save a whole lot of time and skinned knuckles by making tough jobs quicker, easier, and safer. While this is important in a professional shop, it is just as useful in the home shop, and Snap-On's new 1/4-inch Air Ratchet (PN FAR2500) makes a valuable addition to your air tool arsenal.

Featuring a large selector knob that's simple to use with even the greasiest hands, and 35 lb-ft of maximum torque, its improved rotor vane provides more power and speed than previous models, making it a great performer in low-pressure environments. It's ideal, as let's face it, most home shops could do with more powerful compressors! It's also quieter than its competition, another plus in residential environments. Did we mention it weighs just 1.4 pounds, while the soft-grip handle offers unmatched comfort, reducing vibration and insulating against cold?

For more information, contact your local Snap-On representative or Snap-On at (877) 762-7662.

Brake Lite
The guys at Watson's StreetWorks are obviously on the same wavelength as us when it comes to dietary matters, as the press release for the company's new Hot Slot third brake light states, "Experience skinny the safe way without having to change what you chow down." With a clear lens just a quarter-inch wide, but a half-inch deep so it can be flush-mounted into a curved location, 30 bright red LEDs are mounted in an aluminum housing 7 1/2 inches long, giving you the peace of mind of having that third light watching your back.

The Hot Slot comes complete with wiring, mounting hardware, and installation instructions. For more information, contact Watson's StreetWorks at (860) 859-0513 or

Deuce Lifter
Anyone who has had to jack up a lowered Deuce knows that getting a jack under the axle can sometimes be a study in frustration. You either have to jack it up one side at a time or roll it up on some boards. That no longer has to be the case with the Deuce Lifter, which replaces the hollow spreader bar with a solid piece that can more than take the weight. The new spreader bar also comes with a cradle that will help spread the load across the entire bar. For more information, contact Roy Brizio Street Rods at (650) 952-7637 or

Throwin' Sparks
PerTronix claims its new plug 'n' play billet distributor for the Ford FE 352-428 engine family will provide maximum ignition performance and easy installation at a reasonable price. Featuring the patented Ignitor II electronic ignition module in a polished CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet housing, this distributor is compatible with any inductive ignition coil, but high-rpm performance is improved when used with a PerTronix Flame-Thrower II coil.

This distributor is also compatible with a multi-spark CD ignition box or a PerTronix Second Strike box, and comes with a factory set performance curve, a mechanical advance limiting adjustment, and high-dielectric-strength cap and rotor, as well as in non-vacuum configuration with a black or red cap. For more information, contact PerTronix at (909) 599-5955 or