Keep Your Cool
Heat has always been the number one cause of premature automatic transmission failure. Adding a trans cooler is the most effective way to keep your transmission cool and extend its durability and performance. TCI Automotive has just what you need with its new Max-Cool Transmission Cooler. Available in four different sizes, the TCI trans coolers utilize a special "plate and fin" design generates internal turbulence for highly efficient heat transfer, which reduces transmission temperatures by 33 percent over tube-style transmission coolers.The Max-Cool trans coolers

Smart Speedo
We showed you how to calibrate speedometers in the January issue, but Classic Instruments just made the task easier than ever with its Ultimate Speedometer. A 3 3/8-inch-diameter version of the larger SpeedTachular combo gauge, the Ultimate Speedometer includes a tach and odometer and comes with its own plug-in harness.

Simply set it once on a realtime mile, and then fine-tune the calibration with the push of a button. The speedo is compatible with all known sender signals and available in six standard face designs with a five-year warranty, while the electronic 7,000-rpm tach works with any motor from a single cylinder up to 14 cylinders. For more information, contact Classic Instruments at (800) 575-0461 or

Flake Bomber
With the recent surge in popularity of metalflake, there's a whole new generation learning how to apply the stuff. Since most 'flake won't fit through a regular spray gun, Lil Daddy Roth Flake came up with the Flake Bomber, which sprays 'flake suspended in clearcoat, for faster application to achieve total coverage with fewer coats. The company also makes four 'flake sizes in 32 colors, and while you can use the Roth Bazooka to apply the 'flake dry onto wet clearcoat, the Flake Bomber picks up where the Roth Bazooka leaves off.

The Lil Daddy Roth Flake Bomber is a 2.5mm HVLP gravityfed spray gun that will lay out all your 'flake projects. It will handle Roth Monster Flake, which is bass boat-size, and makes the process of spraying metalflake easier. Just add intercoat clear, binder, or regular clear, and get it on! We'd recommend keeping your clear a little thicker than normal to help suspend your metalflake and avoid clogging. You could even use the Flake Bomber as a polyester/primer gun to lay out the product in large doses! For more information, contact AB Supply at (510) 706-3200 or

Ding Doctor
Oftentimes, minor dents and dings can be removed from bodywork so long as there is available access to the rear of the panel. In the majority of cases though, it's simply impossible to fit a body hammer in the space available, which is where a small finger dolly comes in handy.

Though not the first of its kind, Mac Tools' new Multi-Dolly slips over fingers, enabling the user to work in tight areas with precision. The Multi-Dolly is three tools in one-a hammer, awl, and curved dolly-and is available in two sizes. For more information, contact Mac Tools at (800) Mactools or visit your local Mac Tools distributor.

Spoken Word
We see new steering wheel designs on a fairly regular basis, but it's not often one is different enough to really catch our attention. Innovation Alley's new Double Cross 16, however, is one such unique wheel. With a 15 5/8-inch billet aluminum outer ring wrapped in black, tan, or gray leather, and a machined billet hub and horn button, it's the spokes that set this wheel apart. The 16 spokes are polished motorcycle-style stainless steel.

A number of options allow for wheel personalization, from anodizing or powdercoating the hubs and horn buttons to custom engraving in place of the V-8 logo. Each Double Cross 16 is handmade to order and is available direct from the manufacturer. For more information, contact Innovation Alley at (559) 285-9750 or

One-Touch Winders
It doesn't take long for the technology and conveniences of modern cars to trickle down to the aftermarket; a case in point being electric windows, or more specifically one-touch electric windows. Hotronics' new One Touch Window Down Control does just that, and can be used with existing single-operation rocker switches, with no special switches required. Compatible with all polarity reversing window motors and not affected by changing motor loads, it features a built-in relay for easy installation.

The window can be stopped at any time, just like an OEM window, by rocking the switch in the UP position, and according to Hotronics, the device will work even with windows that drag slightly in the channels, or with chopped tops or one-piece glass conversions where the channels are not perfectly aligned. For more information, contact Hotronics at (714) 971-8543 or

Crank 'Em Out
If you're planning a Ford or Mercury Flathead rebuild, hold on! Egge Machine Company just released a new series of rotating assemblies for those motors, providing a wider range of engine bore and stroke applications for the 59A, 8BA/8CM, and French blocks. The assemblies can be had in three stroke options: 3 3/4-, 4-, and 4 1/8-inch, with each one specifically designed for its application and balanced for optimum performance.

With all the components available together, Egge can supply all your engine needs with one phone call, and that doesn't just include Flatheads, but also Y-blocks, Nailheads, or early Hemis. For a free catalog or more information, contact Egge Machine Company at (866) 993-EGGE or

Harness The Power
With engine swaps from later-model donor cars becoming more commonplace, the problem of electronics compatibility rears its ugly head. Not so if you're transplanting an LS2, LS3, or LS7, as GM Performance Parts now offers a "plug and play" engine controller kit. Each system enables the user to simply plug in the factory-validated harness connections into the new controller and start the engine, with no recalibration or tuning required.

Based on GM's OE unit, its custom calibration oversees the operation of GM's latest electronic throttle control, EFI, and ignition systems for each engine family. In addition to the controller, an accelerator pedal compatible with the electronic throttle, a complete engine harness, oxygen sensors, and a mass airflow sensor are included. For more information, contact GM Performance Parts at

Steel Hoops
Your choice of wheels says a lotb about the look or era you want your rod or custom to take on. Probably the most timeless yet traditional wheel is a solid steel with caps 'n' rings. The Wheelsmith thinks so too, which is why the company has released a new Gennie Wheel, a replica of the early Ford steel wheel.

The Gennie Wheel is available in bare steel, powdercoated, chrome rim with powdercoated centers, or all chrome. Sizes range from 15x4 1/2 inches up to 15x14 inches, and in 5-on-4 1/2, 5-on-4 3/4, or 5-on-5 1/2 bolt patterns. For more information, contact The Wheelsmith at (714) 556-3861 or

There's a strong possibility that you will probably need to shorten the driveshaft if you're building a traditional-style hot rod with an early Ford three-speed transmission. There are two ways to do this. One way would be to cut the original, ensure everything is true and in line, then sleeve it, meaning you'll most likely not be able to use your center bearing in the torque tube any longer. Another way would be to pick up the phone, call Speedway Motors, and order a Cut-To-Fit Early Ford Closed Driveshaft Kit.

This driveshaft is designed to be used with six-spline transmissions and rear axles. The 60-inch-long steel driveshaft tube comes with the transmission spline already installed; you simply cut the tube to the length you need and then weld the rear axle spline coupler in place. All welding should be done by a qualified welder. For more information, call Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or

Mount Up
There was a time not so long ago when you had to fabricate your own mounts if you wanted to swap a motor, and while we're sure you might still have to for some noddball engine swaps, you can pretty much buy mounts for most common swaps. Opie's Hot Rod Parts now offers bolt-in mounts to fit a smallblock Chevy in a '49-53 Ford or Mercury, or a small-block Ford in a '49-59 Ford or '52-59 Merc, while weld-in mounts are available to secure an SBC in a '54-59 Ford or Merc, or an SBF in a '49-51 Merc.

All kits include block mounts, frame mounts, throughbolt rubber insulators, hardware, and instructions. Fitting the bolt-in kits is simply a matter of drilling the holes, while the weld-in kits are all pre-fitted, ready to weld. Boltin transmission mounts are also available for the kits, and Opie's also manufactures motor and trans mount kits for '28-54 Chevy, '28-52 Mopar, and '28-48 Buick/Olds/ Pontiac/Cadillac. For more information, contact Opie's Hot Rod Parts at (937) 704-0956.

Drum It Up
As the interest in traditional-style rods continues, and as the years pass, the dwindling supplies of useable early parts reduces, with the inevitable conclusion that eventually the supply will dry up. Which is where, thankfully, the aftermarket steps in. Sacramento Vintage Ford introduces its second-generation 1940-48 Ford brake drum for passenger cars and pickups, which is a direct replacement for the original, forever ending concerns about out-of-round or cracked, used parts!

The SVF drums fit front or rear on vehicles using inside mount hubs with 3 1/4-inch centers, as well as Model As and early Ford hydraulic brake conversions. They've been redesigned using modern hydraulic pressure molds and with "no swedge" studs, meaning the drum and hub assembly do not have to be swedged together like the originals, but rather the drum slides on or off the hub like most late models. For more information, contact Sacramento Vintage Ford at (916) 853-2244 or at