So you're mulling over what taillights to use on your hot rod-'46-48 Ford? Nah, too common, as are '59 Caddy lights.1948 Chevy perhaps, but they've been done to death too. You fancy teardrops but again they're everywhere. The shape's cool, though, so how about '38-39 Lincoln versions? Perfect, but where to get a hold of a pair? Well, funny you should mention that, as Technostalgia just introduced a recreation of the rare Zephyr light, incorporating 21 LEDs, guaranteeing ultra-bright performance and maximum visibility. The LED also features Technostalgia's RapidFire brake lights (the brake lights are pulsed rapidly three times within the first half-second of pressing the brake pedal followed by constant on).

The mounting holes are spaced the same as a '39 Ford teardrop, should you wish to upgrade to the new Lincoln version. The lights are sold in pairs and include a 24-inch wiring pigtail, butt-splice connectors, stainless steel hardware, and detailed installation instructions. For more information, contact Technostalgia at (877) 682-4909 or www.cool-leds.com.

Thin End Of The Wedge
Most hot rods taper toward the front (think of the engine bay on a '32 for instance, which is wider at the cowl than at the radiator), and with the air cleaner the most prominent item on the motor, why not make that taper toward the front also? Billet City beat you to it with its new SuperWedge air cleaner. Made from 6061 billet aluminum, it is polished, with several engraving designs available. The filter is removable and can be cleaned, so it'll last longer than a paper element. For more information, contact Billet City at (909) 754-1659 or www.billetcity.com.

Buttoned Up
Everything comes full circle if you wait long enough. There was a time when you simply pressed a button to start your engine, with no key involved, and that method is again being employed by a number of OEM car makers. You can have it too, thanks to the Igniter, from Watson's StreetWorks. Just push and hold the button on the 3/4- inch-diameter switch while the starter turns over and release when the engine starts. The ignition stays on, then push again to stop the engine. The LED ring around the button is available in red, blue, or green. An all-in-one ignition/start/stop switch, no accessory position or keyed security is available, though several supplemental security choices are available. For more information, contact Watson's StreetWorks at (860) 859-0513 or www.watsons-streetworks.com.

Crimp Your Style
Sometimes it's possible to have a little too much bling in an engine bay, but if you're not a fan of braided hose and want to use rubber hoses, you're pretty much stuck with factory fittings on your A/C lines. Or you were anyway, until Gotta Show Products released its line of stainless steel A/C fittings designed for standard rubber barrier hose. They can be crimped with any barrier hose crimper, even handheld models. Just like the company's fittings for braided hose, the crimp design ensures a leak-free assembly. The fittings are available in electro-polish finish or handpolished, with sizes including -6, -8, and -10 in straight, 45-, 90-, and 135-degree angles. For more information, contact Gotta Show Products at (602) 237-4506 or www.gottashow.com.

Feel Like A Newman?
If the Corvette independent rearends in our February issue piqued your interest, here's something for a C4 that is no longer offered by GM. Newman Car Creations now offers this stronger-than-stock Dana 44 replacement differential, which features thickened housing and cover castings for added strength where it's needed most. The housing and cover can be purchased individually or a complete package is available that comes with all new Dana gears in a ratio of your choice. A direct bolt-in replacement, the Newman unit can be used wherever a C4 rear suspension is fitted. For more information, contact Newman Car Creations at (805) 226-9201 or www.newmancarcreations.com.

Quietly Does It
You wouldn't dream of driving your modern car with no sound deadener or insulation, so why put up with all that excess noise and heat in your hobby car? Juliano's OEM-level interior products now include the same sound deadener the Big Three use in their luxury cars. Juliano's OEM Sound Deadener is used as a base layer under heatblocking material (Juliano's offers its Insul-Tek for that step) and is a very dense material of 3/32-inch thickness with an adhesive backing that makes it clean to work with and very easy to use. Just lay it in place and apply pressure with a wallpaper roller and you're done. Applying the OEM Sound Deadener to firewalls, inner doors, rear quarter, and decklids creates a highly effective noise barrier. The material is sold in individual 29x32-inch sheets at $20 per sheet, so you can buy only what is required for your own application. For more information, contact Juliano's hot Rod Parts at (800) 300-1932 or www.julianos.com

EMS has looked after owners of '57-58 and pre-'55 Fords up to now, and now it's the '55-56 Ford's turn, with these new rear die-stamped floorpans (PN 246), to be followed by more '55-56 parts in the coming months. Manufactured in the USA from 18-gauge steel and formed with all the OEM shapes and curves, they'll fit all '55-56 Ford body styles and '55-56 Mercury cars. Each pan extends from the end of the front floor section to just under the rear seat, and a pair will extend completely from rocker to rocker, with a join at the crown of the driveshaft tunnel. Just be sure to specify whether you need the left, right, or both! For more information, contact EMS at (216) 541-4585 or www.emsautomotive.com.

Better Breathing
Strolling the aisles at the 2007 SEMA show, it was easy to stare vacantly at 30-inch wheels or tents that fold out from the roof of a Jeep, but when we spotted something cool, it got our attention real quick. And Edelbrock's new Performer RPM Dual-Quad intake for '58-65 W engines, including 348, 409, and 427 displacements, certainly made us take notice. Combined with the new aluminum valve covers also available, the nostalgic looks and modern performance is a win-win situation. There are actually two new manifolds-#5408 for standard port applications, and #5409 for large-port 409/427 high-performance heads (factory 583 or 690 castings) or the new Edelbrock RPM heads. Both intakes deliver peak performance in the 1,500-6,500-rpm range, and they're machined to accept a front oil fill tube and provision for PCV. For more information, contact Edelbrock at (310) 781-2222 or www.edelbrock.com.

Let There Be Light
Ever needed to pop your hood or trunk at night and wished you had a light, or do you carry a flashlight for just such emergencies? Ron Francis has been thinking along the same lines, and now offers this automatic lighting kit that doesn't even require any holes be drilled to mount a contact switch. The lights are activated by a gravity-operated switch that turns them on as soon as you raise the hood or trunk. A relay is also included should you want to turn on something else of higher amperage at the same time. The kit isn't restricted to hoods and trunks either, but can be used anywhere a lid-activated switch can be used, such as glove compartments or consoles. The hooded light can be mounted anywhere inside the compartment to be lit,the switch being the only part mounted on the lid. For more information, contact Ron Francis Wire Works at (800) 292-1940 or www.ronfrancis.com.

Surefooted Impala
Today more than ever, people expect their old cars to handle as well as their daily drivers. Long gone are the days of putting up with wallowing suspension or sloppy steering. If you're the owner of a '59-64 Impala, you can join this club thanks to Impala Bob's. The company now offers the G-Plus line of front and rear high-performance suspension kits for these fullsize Chevys. These bolt-in components are lighter and stronger than the originals, with improved geometry for enhanced handling, control, and stability. The front suspension features tubular steel upper and lower control arms with Moog ball joints, Compatible with drum or disc brakes, as well as manual or power steering. Linear rate coil springs are standard, though OEM-style coils or coilover shocks can be ordered, too. Rear suspension kits include control arms with spherical bearings, allowing the suspension to move without placing twisting loads on the frame bracketry, resulting in improved stability and a smoother ride. An adjustable Panhard rod and linear springs are supplied in the kit, while many options are available, such as adjustable rear antisquat bracket and rear frame supports. Impala Bob's offers free catalogs containing restoration parts and accessories for Chevys from '49-72, so give 'em a call. For more information, contact Impala Bob's at (800) 467-2527 or www.impalas.com.

Mount up!
Think "Total Performance" and T-buckets will most likely immediately come to mind, though the company has long offered kits for Fords spanning the '23-34 period. Now Total Performance offers universal Chevy and Ford engine and transmission mounts, whatever the year or make of your early rod. The engine mounts are adjustable from 21 1/2 to 32 1/2 inches in width, while the trans mounts will work in any width from 25 to 30 inches. Total Performance also offers side-style motor mounts, plus the company can supply rubber and polyurethane engine and transmission pads, as well as stainless steel covers. For more information, contact Total Performance at (800) 243-6740 or www.tperformance.com.