Dashing Good Looks
Think of all the aircraft influences seen on a number of rods recently. Seats, rivets, nose art, and gas fillers come immediately to mind, but one of the most striking airplane components, namely cockpit gauges, are always absent. That's not surprising when you consider they'd virtually all be of no use in a car, though we'd bet all you high-altitude rodders would like an altimeter!

Well, thanks to Steve Moal and Classic Instruments, you can now (almost) have aircraft gauges, with these Moal-designed bezels. Dubbed Cockpit Rings, they're precision machined to fit on any 2.125- and 3.75-inch Classic Instruments gauges. The large speedo ring features turn-signal and high-beam LED lights in the simulated adjuster knobs, and all come in a matte black powdercoat finish with machine screws in each corner. For more information, contact Classic Instruments at (800) 575-0461, or www.classicinstruments.com.

In The Running
If you've built a '40 Ford or '39 Deluxe, you'll know that up until now the only way to restore the running boards has been to remove the vulcanized rubber from the steel running board and glue rubber covers in place-a time-consuming and decidedly un-fun task. Despite selling the aforementioned rubber covers, Bob Drake Reproductions has stepped up and invested in the expensive tooling required to reproduce the original-style vulcanized rubber-over-steel running boards. Each running board's insert is placed in a huge mold where the rubber is injected and then cured, the finished product featuring the exact details of the Ford original. These new boards are supplied ready to mount with all underside braces and mounting holes pre-installed and drilled, and are available in left- and right-hand versions for '39 Deluxe and all 1940 Ford passenger cars. For more information, contact Bob Drake Reproductions at (800) 221-3673, or www.bobdrake.com.

Dialed In
Here's a gauge you probably haven't seen before, or had need of before. Innovate Motorsports manufactures universal digital tuning tools, with products such as wideband air/fuel ratio meters, sensors, data acquisition systems, and software. For racers and tuners seeking a cost-effective way to start monitoring air/fuel ratio, the 2 1/16-inch G2 series gauges open the world of digital data acquisition and software engine analysis.

Adding a multi-sensor interface enables five critical parameters to be logged on a PC, or a data-logger will allow hundreds of hours of 32-channel data logging on an SD card. The G2 gauges include LogWorks software for synchronous high-speed logging of wideband data, other sensors, and data from a growing list of piggyback fuel controllers and standalone or factory ECUs. The G2 features a high-speed stepper motor, backlighting, an illuminated pointer, and is supplied with an LC-1 wideband controller, oxygen sensor and bung, and LogWorks engine tuning software. And you thought R&C was only about traditional cars! For more information, contact Innovate Motorsports at (949) 388-4442, or www.tuneyourengine.com.

Fast Sparks
Are you running a high-performance motor utilizing FAST XFI fuel injection? Then check out the new FAST Dual-Sync distributors. With seven models available (SBC/BBC, SB Ford, Ford Windsor, Ford FE, SB Chrysler, BB Chrysler 383-400ci, and BB Chrysler 426-440ci), they provide fully sequential EFI operation and drop into the standard factory distributor openings without modification.

However, the best feature is how these distributors eliminate the guesswork of rotor phasing. To install, simply set the engine at TDC, drop-in the distributor, and turn the base until the LEDs light up. Then simply lock it down and your engine is properly timed. Supplied with a connector to plug directly into the XFI main harness, Dual-Sync distributors are a plug-and-play product, though you should check with your camshaft manufacturer to determine which distributor gear material is compatible with your specific camshaft core. For more information, contact FAST at (877) 334-8355, or www.fuelairspark.com.

Fend(Er) For Yourself
Steve's Auto Restorations is well known for its metalworking skills and the cars it has created, as well as its reproduction '33-34 roadsters, and undoubtedly will become known for its soon-to-be-released three-window coupe. With so many '33-34 products, it made sense to develop and manufacture fenders for '33-34 sedans, coupes, cabriolets, and roadsters. Both front and rear fenders are available, and are perfect reproductions, with patterns taken from an unmolested original three-window. Steve claims the new Tru-Fit fenders will fit a rod or restoration with minimal adjustments. For more information, contact Steve's Auto Restorations at (605) 665-2222, or www.stevesautorestorations.com.

Heidt Reduction
Most readers will immediately think of IFS systems when Heidt's is mentioned, but the company sells other products too. Suspension products for Falcons, Mustangs, Novas, and Camaros are all featured in the company portfolio, and now Heidt's Muscle Car Shop offers 2-inch dropped spindles for '58-64 fullsize Chevy cars. Made from 1045 heat-treated alloy steel, the lowered spindles don't affect suspension travel, steering geometry, or track width, and the stock steering arms can be used without modification.

Accepting late-model GM disc brakes and rotors, or optional 11-inch rotors or complete Wilwood disc brake kits, the Heidt's spindles also offer improved camber. For more information, contact Heidt's at (800) 841-8188, or www.heidts.com.

It's A Steel
Remember when fiberglass bodies were a revolution? Who'd have ever thought that reproduction steel bodies would ever be made, yet you can now take your pick from numerous body styles. American Speed Company has its Speed 33 in full production and has been shipping bodies since September. The company now offers a complete body and chassis roller package, too, thanks to a partnership with the Roadster Shop.

The Speed 33 features a number of firsts, such as the first fully integrated convertible top in a '33, a full substructure design for maximum body rigidity, and integrated windshield stanchions and frame. The bodies also feature power side windows for full cabin weather sealing, while E-coating is available for corrosion protection. They also feature more interior room than stock Ford bodies. For more information, contact American Speed Company at (734) 451-1141, or www.americanspeedcompany.com.

Patriot Pipes
Exhaust headers are often one of the last components thought of when transplanting an engine or even a complete front chassis clip, yet they should really come at the head of the line, as they're nearly always a hassle. How many sets have you seen with hammered dings to clear spark plugs, steering boxes, or dipsticks?

Well, Patriot Exhaust Products may have just made some of your lives easier, as the company has introduced a larger primary tube Chevy big-block header that solves the exhaust problems created when grafting in GM A-, F-, and G-body front clip suspensions.

The new Clippster header (PN H8013) uses longer primaries than block-huggers that exit toward the rear of the engine compartment, clearing steering and suspension components. Slightly shorter than full-length designs, this header provides excellent ground clearance on heavily slammed applications and uses heavy-duty 16-gauge 1 7/8-inch primaries with 3-inch collectors for increased flow at higher rpm. Provided with collector reducers, mounting hardware, and installation instructions, the headers come in a raw finish or with Patriot's high-luster metallic ceramic coating for increased resistance to corrosion and thermal fatigue. For more information, contact Patriot Exhaust Products at (909) 599-5955, or www.pertronix.com.

Wax On, Wax Off
Anything with a hot rod or street rod on the box has to be worth checking out, right? Then check out these Softoss disposable detailing wipes from Clean Tools. With eight to a package, these non-woven microfiber cloths possess a porous quality that provides quick and easy removal of wax, yet protects the finish from even fine scratches. Easy to use in the most confined of spaces by virtue of its thin construction, the Softoss has the added benefit of eliminating laundry, too, assuming you wash your polishing cloths, that is. Available at all CSK retailers, Checkers, Schucks, and Kragen, for more information, contact Clean Tools at (800) 654-3933.

Whose line is it?
It seems to us that building cars just gets easier, with more and more all-in-one-box solutions to what used to take 10 or so trips to the parts store to complete. Russell Performance's new Fuel System Plumbing Kit is a perfect example. One part number, one box, and it's all there-everything to plumb your car between the gas tank and the motor. Fuel pump? Check. Filter? Check. It even includes cushion clips to secure the fuel lines, which are Russell's new Proclassic lines.

Black nylon outer braid covers a rubber core with a maximum pressure rating of 350 psi, and not only are all the traditional blue and red fittings and hose ends now available in black to match, but the new Proclassic hose is safe to use with fuel, oil, or antifreeze. For more information, contact Russell Performance at (310) 781-2222, or www.edelbrock.com.

Flyweight Flywheel
If you're running a Flathead in your car or next project, one number you ought to keep handy is the one for Speedway Motors. With more Flattie equipment seemingly added to the company's range every month, the latest is this lightweight aluminum flywheel, weighing in at just 12.9 lbs. Compared to a steel flywheel at almost 32 lbs, that's a whole heap of rotating mass you just got rid of! That means more horsepower and quicker response.

Aimed at high-performance, supercharged, or race-oriented Flatheads, you will also feel the benefit on a mild street-driven motor, and a steel insert friction surface ensures the lightweight flywheel will last for years. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122, or www.speedwaymotors.com.

It's A Cover-Up
Hot rodding has always been about speed, but appearance comes in at a close second-especially since hot rodding became street rodding. Ford's 8-inch and, particularly, 9-inch rearends have always been strong and capable of handling plenty of horsepower, but another reason they became so popular is their clean looks. With a differential that loads from the front, the rear of the casing is smooth and uncluttered by bolts or covers.

Of course this also means they're not easy to dress up with a chromed or finned aluminum differential cover in the same way as a GM 10-bolt, for instance. Except now they are, thanks to Mooneyes' new 9-inch finned aluminum rearend cover. Not only does the cover fit over the pumpkin, but it also extends out over the axle tubes. Y'know, if you hads a severely narrowed rearend, this thing could be full width between the four-link brackets! For more information, contact Mooneyes at (800) 547-5422, or www.mooneyesusa.com.