Armed & Not Dangerous
As much as many of us like the look of '50s cars, their handling quality leaves more than a little to be desired by modern standards, which probably goes a long way in explaining the burgeoning aftermarket these cars currently enjoy. Classic Performance Products' 1958-64 Chevy Tubular Control Arm set provides the 5 degrees of caster required when running a modern power steering box; they can also run with as little as 11/2 degrees for manual steering. The arms come fully assembled with new billet cross-shafts and new OEM-type ball joints. CPP's unique pivot assemblies will never squeak, never need grease, and will last longer than any other bushing. They also have the added safety of interlocking pivot sleeves, unlike the originals, so these bolts will never come loose. The cold-formed spring pockets feature a helical stamped shape that securely locates the coil spring.

The arms are designed to work with all stock or dropped coil springs, and can even be used with coil or 'bag-over shocks. They're a simple bolt-in installation with no cutting, bending, tweaking, or grinding required. For more information, contact Classic Performance Products at (714) 522-2000, or

Peak Performance
We've just mentioned how fins and holes are synonymous with hot rods, but what about louvers? Heck, they're even used as standard equipment on Ford hoods! Steve Frisbie of Steve's Auto Restorations is such a fan of louvers that he keeps coming up with new looks for 'em.

His latest is this new Deco Louver, a 3-inch peaked-style reminiscent of the art deco period. This new louver can be ordered as an option on any '32-34 decklid from Steve's Auto Restorations, as can Rootlieb Dry Lakes round-top or Hot Rod flat-top louvers. For more information, contact Steve's Auto Restorations at (503) 665-2222, or

Blanket Bombin'
With their unique sound and straight-through design, Cherry Bomb mufflers have always been distinctive, but it's a name that seemed to drop from favor over recent years, even though the company didn't fold or disappear. Far from it, in fact, this year sees something of a renaissance for the company, with many new products released, still painted red, and still carrying that well-known name. Previously available in either 31/2- or 4-inch bodies, Cherry Bomb has introduced the glasspack in a 5-inch body and a new header muffler design in four sizes, for a total of 11 new designs.

With an even more aggressive sound than previous Cherry Bombs, all the header mufflers bolt directly to the header and are available in lengths of 20 and 26 inches with 3-inch-diameter flanges; 271/2 inches with a 33/8-inch flange; and a side-pipe design 36 inches long with a 3-inch flange. There are also seven new short-case designs, four with 31/2-inch bodies (12 inches long with a choice of 2-inch inlet and outlet, 21/4-inch inlet and outlet, or 21/2-inch inlet and outlet); two 4-inch-diameter bodies (12 inches long with 3-inch inlet and outlet, or 16 inches long with 3-inch inlet and outlet); as well as two super high-flow 5-inch bodies (12 inches long with either 31/2- or 4-inch inlets and outlets). For more information, contact Cherry Bomb at (866) 869-9704, or

Billet Shocker
Shock absorbers are often a last-minute addition when building a car, or once fitted are never considered (or even replaced) again, yet they play an important part in any car's handling. Adjustable shocks are even neater, as they enable you to fine-tune your ride quality, and that's just what Edelbrock has released, with a range of front and rear shocks that feature fully adjustable rebound and damping. Employing billet aluminum mono-tube construction, and with 5/8-inch internal diameter mounts, they are available in coilover and regular telescopic versions, and all are polished. The interior of the shock tubes are hard-anodized and Teflon-coated for durability, while coilover applications are available with numerous spring rates to accommodate a variety of chassis weights.

The shocks are available in 36 mm for front applications, either with or without dust boots, as well as a separate version for Mustang II suspensions, while 46mm rear versions can be obtained in long- or short-threaded bodies for coilover applications, or a smooth body for parallel leaf suspensions. For more information, contact Edelbrock Corp. at (310) 781-2222, or

With the introduction of Flaming River's new Classic Series tilt columns with GM ignition in the familiar key-at-three position, it seems aftermarket steering columns have come full circle, from smooth, uncluttered designs to almost stock-looking in appearance. However, the Classic Series will appeal to owners of mid-'50s to early '70s cars and trucks. The ignition key housing is not an add-on and uses a new standard GM switch and key, which does not require a relay, accepting the OE plug on the wiring harness.

The Classic Series columns are available in floor- and column-shift configurations and in 28-, 30-, 32-, 33-, and 35-inch lengths (with the exception of a 32-inch column shift), and can be ordered with a 1-inch, 48-spline output shaft for replacement applications. For more information, contact Flaming River at (800) 648-8022, or