Wheel Deal
Ford fans have long been well looked after when it comes to reproduction parts, but what's been great to see in recent times is the increasing number of companies tooling up to supply other brands. Thanks to The Filling Station, you can now exchange your cracked and decidedly old-looking '31-40 Chevy steering wheel for a precise reproduction molded in hard rubber. There are three styles available, the '31-37 Master car and truck (except '37 Master Deluxe), a '33-36 Standard car, and a '38-40 truck wheel. In addition, The Filling Station can supply horn rings, horn buttons, and repair parts. For more information, contact The Filling Station at (800) 841-6622, or www.fillingstation.com.

Crank 'em out
While Edelbrock has been supplying speed equipment for Flatheads for 70 years, there's another Southern California company that's been manufacturing pistons for far longer. Established in 1915, Egge Machine Company now specializes in internal engine components and nostalgic performance products for domestic vehicle applications from the early 1900s to 1980. While Egge offers numerous interesting products, it's the company's Ford and Merc Flathead Rotating Assemblies that we're interested in right now.

Designed to offer a wide range of engine bore and stroke applications, the rotating assemblies are available for 59A, 8BA/8CM, and French block applications. There are three different stroke options for standard bore and big-bore blocks, namely 3-3/4-, 4-, and 4-1/8-inch. All assemblies are balanced. For more information, contact Egge Machine Company at (562) 945-3419, or www.egge.com.

Double Header
If there's one company that should know a thing or two about Flathead performance parts, it's Edelbrock, as they've been around since the mighty Flathead was king. We'll bet Vic Edelbrock wouldn't have thought his company would be introducing new finned heads for the venerable valve-in-block motor 70 years after establishing his business, but that's exactly what they're doing, and with not just one but two versions.

The first, #1116, is designed with a raised-roof combustion chamber design for '49-53 8BA motors. The CNC-machined 74cc chamber volume is designed to reduce compression in supercharged applications. Improved flow and increased valve clearance add to the benefits, while the reduced compression will benefit those wanting to run low-octane fuel in naturally aspirated applications. Designed with nostalgia in mind, Edelbrock is also bringing back the "block letter" logo option on 24-stud '38-48 Flathead cylinder heads (#1126). Cast from prime A356 aluminum, the heads feature a combustion chamber sized at 64 cc to accommodate naturally aspirated performance applications. For more information, contact Edelbrock at (800) 416-8628, or www.edelbrock.com.

Here Comes the Sun
Sunpro tachometers have had their place in performance cars for more than 60 years, and now the company has introduced a 3-3/8-inch version of its popular Super Tach III. With a chrome finish to the casing and retro face graphics, the Super Tach III takes styling cues from the 1950s and 1960s yet features modern through-the-dial lighting and an illuminated pointer, as well as a blue shift light that can be positioned anywhere around the tach, plus an rpm set-point control on the dial.

Vibration-proof construction ensures the tach is accurate, while the adjustable swivel mount allows a choice of mounting angle. For more information, contact Sunpro at (800) 228-7667, or www.sunpro.com.

Dim and Dimmer
We've all experienced driving while being blinded by the glare of the headlamps on the vehicle behind us, usually moving our mirrors to reduce the effect, and while auto-dimming mirrors are available for high-end luxury cars, you can now have the same in whatever you drive, thanks to AlphaMirror's wireless, digital auto-dimming mirror. A liquid-crystal design, it instantly and automatically transitions to a dimmed state when triggered by built-in light sensors. When dimmed, the mirrors also deflect the high-energy "blue" wavelengths that are responsible for eye fatigue. For more information, contact AlphaMirror at (216) 453-0540, or www.alphamirror.com.

Weld Done
The MIG and TIG welders and the plasma cutter at our tech center-which you'll be seeing more of soon as we get into our '49 Chevy project-are Miller units, so we have a little experience with them. But, if you're new to welding and could do with some instruction, Miller Electric just might have what you need to get and hone your skills. Ron Covell's MIG Welding Made Easy DVD is designed to teach entry-level hobbyists MIG-welding skills and help others improve their skills and techniques. Ron is a regular columnist for some of our sister titles, and his DVD is now available through Miller Electric, covering the basic processes used for successful MIG welding-proper machine setup, joint preparation, wire selection, gun angles, travel speed, and what to check when things go wrong. There's also a section on correct plasma-cutting procedure. Using real-world examples, the DVD will help welding beginners get up and running with as few mistakes as possible. For more information, contact Miller Electric Mfg. Co. at (800) 4-A-MILLER, or www.millerwelds.com.

Time to Change
The new COMP Cams GM Gen III 9-Keyway Double Roller Billet Timing Set will put horsepower-increasing cam-timing adjustments within reach of all Gen III/LS-based engine owners, who up until now have had limited options when it came to tuning cam timing. Designed to allow a range of cam-timing adjustment from 8 degrees advanced to 8 degrees retarded in 2-degree increments, this billet timing set allows cam-timing adjustment by simply installing the unique billet steel crankshaft gear at the desired setting and aligning the camshaft and crankshaft gear-timing marks. Each of the nine keyways on the gear is marked with an easy-to-read, laser-etched timing setting for quick identification. In addition, it features a pre-stretched, heat-treated roller chain with heavy-duty large pin design. For more information, contact COMP Cams at (800) 999-0853, or www.compcams.com.

Up a Creek? Here's a Paddle
Is a column shift not for you, yet you don't want a clumsy floor shifter smack dab in the middle of your front floor space? Or, maybe you're just going after a high-tech appearance and want something trick in the shifter department. Either way, this billet paddle shifter system from TCI Automotive could be just what your car's crying out for. Designed to work with any automatic four- or five-speed transmission controlled by TCI Automotive's Transmission Control Unit, this shifter fits all five- and six-bolt aftermarket steering wheels and comes complete with spacers of varying width, allowing you to set the steering wheel location to your personal preference. Additionally, this unit incorporates a modern digital read-out that never leaves drivers guessing as to what gear they're in.

The Paddle Shifter communicates to the Transmission Control Unit through a wireless CAN signal with no worries about signal interference, lag time, or disruption, as power is supplied from the horn button relay rather than from batteries that must be replaced frequently. For more information, contact TCI Automotive at (888) 776-9824, or www.tciauto.com

FAST Times
Thinking of switching from carburetion to fuel injection? While you may have the actual injection side of things figured out, you'll also have to give some thought to the fuel delivery system. That's where the new FAST Street/Strip Fuel System comes in. This cost-effective kit makes it a snap to switch from carburetion to electronic fuel injection and has the potential to increase the reliability and potential of any EFI system to as much as 600 naturally aspirated horsepower.

The kit comes with everything you need, including the correct fuel pump, adjustable regulator, filter, and Y-block for compatibility with just about any application you can think of from OE to custom high performance. The high-performance fuel pump utilizes OE-type filters for easy replacement. For more information, contact FAST at (877) 334-8355, or www.fuelairspark.com.

Missing Link
Four downdraft Webers look cool, no doubt about it, but there's more to this setup than just the carbs. Finding linkage parts for such a system and setting it up correctly has always been a challenge. No more, though, thanks to Inglese's new 4-Carb Weber Induction Linkage Kit, which includes all the pieces required. As well as the kits, Inglese offers hundreds of parts individually to provide correct linkage geometry to avoid potential binding conditions. Offered either in the standard anodized finish or an optional chrome finish, the throttle components are precision-designed for perfect operation.

The Inglese 4-Carb Weber Induction Linkage Kits are pre-engineered specifically for Weber carburetion, rather than generic applications, and can be purchased as complete systems, including Weber linkages, roller bearing bellcranks, hardware, and link bars. For more information, contact Inglese at (866) 450-8089, or www.inglese.com.

Shine On
If your recently detailed paintjob shows signs of dewdrops or fingerprint smudges, or even just dust, a light mist of Mothers California Gold Spray Wax and a gentle wipe with a detailing towel is a quick and easy way to restore the just-waxed look. It can even be used on wet surfaces as you dry. Used regularly, it'll provide a shine and depth to your paintwork between washed and traditional wax applications. It's also great as a touch-up in high-use areas and leaves no residue on trim. For more information, visit Mothers Inc. at www.mothers.com.