Need To Vent?
Does your rod suffer from a leaky cowl vent? You may want to replace the rubber seal or check the linkage if it's still manually operated, but you'll probably find the motor works on a continuous rotation principle if it's power-operated, which means it doesn't know at what point in the cycle the vent is completely shut and will start opening it again.

Juliano's has the solution with its new power cowl vent, which employs a reverse-polarity motor that only works in one direction at a time. It will either open or close the vent, and absolutely cannot allow it to re-open-even if you hold your finger on the power button too long. This takes all the guesswork out, pulling the vent down tightly every time.

The reverse-polarity motor is operated by the same kind of directional rocker switch power windows use, where you push one side for open and push the opposite side to close the vent. The kit will also eliminate the cowl-vent handle from under the dash, and includes the wiring harness and switch. For more information, contact Juliano's Hot Rod Parts & Interior Products at (800) 300-1932, or

More Doors
We recently showed you Bobby Walden of Walden Speed Shop fabricating and fitting doorskins to a '34 Ford coupe, but you should know these same skins can be purchased for your own project, be it a '32-34 Ford coupe, sedan, or pickup, or a '33-34 Ford roadster or cabriolet. Just released are skins for Model A and '37-40 Ford coupes and sedans, with '35-36 Ford coupes, sedans, and pickups coming very soon, if they're not already available by the time you read this.

An excellent original door was used in each case to make a fixture for every panel, ensuring all factory shapes, contours, and details are duplicated. All panels are made from 19-gauge steel and are available with or without beltline beads. As seen in our article, door handle embossing is available, too, on all '34 car doorskins and '32 three-window skins, but only on panels with the bead. For more information, contact Walden Speed Shop at (909) 623-3747, or

Putty In Your Hands
If you spend a lot of time on the road in your rod or custom, you've probably found a few additions to your toolkit that are indispensable in addition to the regular wrenches, screwdrivers, and the like. Well, add another to the list. NuMetal by KBS Coatings is an easy-to-use, two-part epoxy putty that mixes like clay but hardens like steel. It bonds to almost anything, including all types of metal, wood, fiberglass, ceramic, PVC pipe, and more.

It can be used to seal, repair, bond, or waterproof. It cures without shrinking or sagging (even vertically) and can be drilled, tapped, sanded, primed, and painted. NuMetal will not only stick to damp surfaces but cures under water, too. Available in black, white, or tan, you'll find many uses for it in emergency situations. For more information, contact KBS Coatings at (877) 548-9323, or

Pivotal Parts
Looks like its Chevy month in this column! Not only do we have Chevs of the 40's gravel shields, but The Filling Station has new reproductions of '40-48 Chevrolet trunk hinges available once more, after being out of production for more than a year. They'll fit '40-41 convertibles and '41-48 coupes, as well as replacements for the '40 coupe, though the design is different. They're even supplied with mounting gaskets.

The Filling Station can supply parts for '16-64 Chevy cars and '18-87 Chevy and GMC truck parts. For more information, contact The Filling Station at (800) 841-6622, or

It's True, They're Back
After an absence of nearly 20 years, Truespoke wire wheels are back in production, which will come as a relief to those trawling eBay, craigslist, or swap meets in search of a perfect set of wires. The new Truespokes retain the classic design but have been re-engineered for improved ride quality and load rating. They are built by hand and can be ordered in sizes from 13 to 17 inches, or even larger on special order, while custom widths and backspacings are also available.

Show-quality triple-chrome-plated over a nickel base, and polished front and back, options include stainless steel spokes and nipples for increased strength and less maintenance, as well as standard, reversed, or lip-laced styles. Standard and reversed wheels are tubeless construction. With 50 spokes per wheel, the bolt pattern is model-specific, not the previously used Uni-lug style. For more information, contact Motorspot Inc. at (760) 731-8303, or

Jack In A Box
If you have a low car, you'll know all about driving onto blocks of wood and the like just so you can slide a jack underneath, right? Well, get yourself a Flat Jack from Tri-C Engineering and worry no more. In its closed position, it's just 1 1/2 inches tall, yet extends to 6 3/4 inches, which, while not exceptionally high, is plenty to enable changing a flat tire or cleaning tires at a show.

Its aircraft-quality aluminum and steel construction means it weighs just 6 pounds yet is capable of lifting more than 1,000 pounds. Its compact size and light weight make it ideal for keeping in the trunk for emergencies. A 7/16 socket and ratchet is all that's required to raise or lower the Flat Jack. For more information, contact Tri-C Engineering at (661) 295-1550, or