Pipe Dream

If you've ever tried to figure out how to cut tubing to fit perfectly against another piece of tubing, such as when fabricating a rollcage, you know just how hard it can be. Even cutting tubing to fit against a flat section at an angle can be awkward. No longer, though, thanks to Pipemaster's tool for perfect contour fits. Made using spring-tempered stainless pins and an aluminum outer shell, it allows you to transfer the shape of the cut perfectly, at any angle.

Made slightly larger than the tubing it represents, in sizes from 1/2-inch up to 41/4 1/4 inches, the Pipemaster is slipped over the tube to be cut, at the required angle, then pushed down onto the second tube, and the required joint shape can be transferred onto the first tube for a precise fit. For more information, contact Pipemaster at (360) 668-3291, or www.pipemastertools.com.

The Same But Different
You can't reinvent the wheel, but there's always room for improvement, which is the thinking behind SO-CAL Speed Shop's new '32 front crossmember. Featuring the same radiator clearance as a stock crossmember, it is 1 inch lower than stock, the same as a Model A crossmember, and has 7 1/2 1/2degrees of caster built in, with enough clearance for a 13/4-3/4-inch leaf spring to be adjusted for diagonal frontend alignment.

Its real selling point is that it has stock-width '32 flanges with three rivet holes per side in the stock location, enabling it to be riveted into stock 'rails, plus the front and rear "legs" are long enough for it to be fitted into a '32 frame without spacers. These legs can, of course, be trimmed to fit the crossmember into a Model A frame. It's also wide enough to fit other early chassis, including the '34 Ford. For more information, contact SO-CAL Speed Shop at (909) 469-6171, or www.so-calspeedshop.com.

Steering You Right (Or Left)
Borgeson/Mullins has updated its power steering conversion for '58-64 fullsize Chevrolets, from the old 605 gearbox, to a modern, genuine Delphi 600 power steering gearbox. The Delphi 600 has been modified to accept the stock pitman arm and offers a true bolt-in design, which allows adequate clearance for cars with the 409 large radiator and cars equipped with large aftermarket sway-bar kits. Conversion gearboxes are available separately or as kits that include everything needed to complete the installation. All Borgeson/Mullins gearboxes are made in the USA and carry a three-year, unlimited-mileage warranty. For more information, contact Borgeson/Mullins at (860) 482-8283, or www.borgeson.com.

Nose Job

A popular trick to achieve a smoother look on many '30s cars is to pie-cut the hood and lower the top section of the grille shell, as the majority of these cars seem a little too "upright" at the front, but it's an expensive and time-consuming process. However, owners of '37-38 Chevy cars can now easily achieve the look, thanks to Superior Glass Works' new sloped-nose fiberglass front end. The one-piece hood is pie-cut 1 1/21/2 inches, with the upper grille trim integrated into the nose of the hood. The hood sides and body lines remain stock. The package includes the nose, shortened grille shell, and polished grille, while a plain grille is also available. A stock '37 hood is also available with the same integrated upper grille trim. All fiberglass parts are hand-laid and finished in a smooth, sandable gloss-black gelcoat, requiring minimal prep for paint. For more information, contact Superior Glass Works at (800) 731-9373, or www.superiorglassworks.com.

Camming On Strong
If you're after improved throttle response and acceleration while maintaining good vacuum on a budget, check out Lunati's new BareBones line of cam and lifter kits. Delivering more usable horsepower for Chevy or Ford engines than any other engine upgrade, these new aggressive hydraulic flat-tappet cams feature asymmetrical lobe designs for gentler and quieter valve closing.

Matching the camshaft with high-quality lifters ensures optimum performance and extends durability, making these kits ideal for street-friendly applications. For more information, contact Lunati at (662) 890-6309, or www.lunatipower.com.

Ford-Into-Ford Will Go

You know all about oil pan-clearance problems if you've tried to fit a Ford engine in a car equipped with an aftermarket Mustang II-based IFS. That oil pan wants to occupy the same space as the steering rack, which usually is mounted farther forward than stock owing to the lower control arms being mounted forward of the crossmember.

Full Tilt Street Rods' new Ford-into-Ford lower control arms eliminate this problem by locating the forward arm inside the crossmember. The innovative design retains the strength and stability of the strutless design and eliminates spacing the steering rack forward. They are currently available for use with coilover shocks and ShockWaves, with coil-spring and airbag applications to follow. They are supplied as a pair, with all necessary spacer blocks, gussets, new ball joints, and bolts and bushings. For more information, contact Full Tilt Street Rods at (970) 255-8890, or www.fulltiltstreetrods.com.

Bright Sparks
Performance Distributors is now offering the Davis Unified Ignition (DUI) for '49-62 216-235-261ci Chevy inline-six-cylinder engines. The DUI is a fully electronic one-piece, one-wire distributor that eliminates the hassles of changing points and makes for a much cleaner installation than other aftermarket systems with a maze of messy wiring. The 50,000-volt DUI coil, which is inside the cap, allows you to open up your plug gaps to 0.055-inch, allowing fuel to burn more completely. The Dyna-Module, which is located inside the distributor, has more electronic dwell time built into it.

The extra dwell time allows the coil to saturate longer, sending a massive spark to your plugs. A heavy-duty cap and rotor with brass terminals ensure maximum conductivity. For more information, contact Performance Distributors at (901) 396-5782, or www.performancedistributors.com.

Backless Top

Well known for its fold-away Bop Top for '32 Ford roadsters, the Sid Chavers Company now offers another variation. Like the original, the new version can be broken down and stored in the vehicle in a few minutes. The difference, however, is a completely removable rear window. If you already have a Chavers top, this version will fit your existing frame.

All Sid Chavers tops are offered in 23 Haartz cloth colors with glass rear windows and powdercoated frames and are available in a variety of heights for different windshield styles. Optional side curtains are also offered, and all tops come with a soft-sided storage bag. For more information, contact the Sid Chavers Company at (408) 980-9081, or www.sidchaverscompany.com.

It All Hinges On This

Old Speed Hot Rods' machined aluminum hinges are handmade from 6061 aluminum and reflect the same attention to detail seen on the company's roadster pickup displayed at this year's Grand National Roadster Show. In fact, the tailgate hinges drew so much attention at the show that the company decided to produce 'em.

They fit all Model-A-and-later pickups and are also available in three-hinge sets for '32 pickups. All hardware is included in polished stainless. You can also order hinges with this look for special applications. Just send your stock hinges for patterns. For more information, contact Old Speed Hot Rods at (562) 432-3800, or www.oldspeedhotrods.com.

More Power To Ya

Dake has 120 years of experience in power tools and metal-forming equipment, and J&L Fabricating specializes in vintage car restorations and track-side support for racers. Combine these two factors and you get a solution when it comes to fabricating one-off sheetmetal parts. The new Dake Power Hammer is the result, and will shrink, stretch, plannish, dome, jog, bead, and shape sheetmetal using standard dies.

The Dake Power Hammer can handle 16-gauge steel and 11-gauge annealed aluminum, with a hammer speed of 900 strokes per minute. With a throat of 18 inches and a maximum vertical opening of 7 inches, the Power Hammer is single-phase and mounted on a portable base. For more information, contact J&L Fabricating at (253) 845-0617, or www.jandlfabricating.com.

Roar Like A Tiger

An unusual '69-70 Pontiac GTO option was the vacuum-operated exhaust, which allowed the driver to switch from "quiet" mode to "tiger" (open) mode. A version of exhaust cutouts, the switching took place inside the muffler. Waldron's Antique Exhaust has a direct replacement for the Tempest/LeMans/GTO, but of interest to R&C readers is that Waldron's also has versions available in 14-, 18-, 19-, and 21-inch case lengths with offset inlets and offset or center outlets in 2-, 2-1/4-, and 21/2-1/2-inch diameters.

Known as Universal DCE (driver-controlled exhaust) mufflers, the advantage over most aftermarket exhaust cutouts is that there's no wiring, no electrical components to get hot and possibly fail, and the cutout is inside the muffler, rather than an extra component to be fitted in the system. For more information, contact Waldron's Antique Exhaust at (800) 503-9428, or www.waldronexhaust.com.

Do you want that period look only genuine early Ford wire wheels can lend to a car, but you're running later-model axles? Do you want to fit bent-spoke Kelseys to later brake drums? Then Rally America has just saved you a bunch of machining with its adapters that enable '28-35 Ford wires and bent-spoke Kelseys to fit anything with 5-on-4-1/21/2, 5-on-4-3/4 3/4, 5-on-5, or 5-on-5-1/21/2 bolt patterns. Not only that, but the adapters take up the space in the wheel that usually prevents them from being fitted to anything other than '28-48 Ford brake drums. They also feature a two-plane bolt-pattern pad, eliminating the need for any other wire wheel spacer. For more information, contact Rally America at (559) 347-9665, or www.rallyamerica.com.