Hangin' In There
If your project is as detailed underneath as it is on top, those clumsy exhaust hangers might be letting down an otherwise trick undercarriage. If that's the case, take a look at these billet hangers from Deeds Engineering. Available polished or unpolished to accept 21/41/4-, 21/21/2-, and 3-inch-diameter exhaust tubing, they feature a soft high-temperature bushing to dampen exhaust vibration transfer to the chassis. Stainless steel hardware clamps the two halves of the hanger together. For more information, contact
Deeds Engineering at (818) 842-2500, or www.deedsengineering.com.

Flares And Slip-ons
When you think of late-'50s and '60s customs, those with larger body styles often featured a set of scavenger pipes, usually below the rear axle, but always with flared ends. Kool Rides has brought back the scavenger pipe-471/21/2 inches of chrome-plated pipe, flare-tipped on one end and baloney cut at the other. Mount 'em whichever way 'round suits you.

With an internal diameter of 21/8 inches, they will slip over 2-inch pipes and can be clamped or welded in place. Why not use four, or even eight for an over-the-top look? For more information, contact
Kool Rides at (620) 442-8500, or www.koolrides.biz.

Getting Straight
If you've ever plumbed a project with coiled tubing, you've already looked at this tube-straightener tool and exclaimed, "That's exactly what I needed!" Most fabricators prefer to start with straight lengths of tubing, and this tool from Classic Tube accomplishes that in minutes, capable of handling light wall tubing from 3/16- to 1/21/2-inch OD. It's simple to use, too; just clamp it in a vise using the built-in bracket, feed tubing into one end, and straight tube will come out the other end!

Classic Tube can supply 20-foot coils of stainless or OE steel and 25-foot coils in aluminum, as well as tube benders, flaring tools, fittings, tube wrenches, and spring wrap. For more information, contact
Classic Tube at (800) 882-3711, or www.classictube.com.

CCM Rod Shop originally designed this V-8 emblem to be mounted in upholstery, such as a seatback, but it's easily adaptable for use on a glovebox, a column drop, valve covers, or anywhere else your imagination can come up with. Not plastic or cast, the emblems are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and then chrome-plated.

Sold in pairs, they come with mounting hardware, backing plates for upholstery mounting, and a template for hole locations if they are to be mounted in places other than upholstery. For more information, contact
CCM Rod Shop at (866) 999-1932, or www.ccmrodshop.com.

Have Your Cake And Eat It
There are a number of hot rodders who want a docile, tractable engine for cruising but also want the sound of a powerful motor, or maybe even a whining geardrive, without having to resort to a gas-guzzling race motor. Comp Cams has the answer to this precise dilemma with its Thumpr cam and geardrive kits, which feature hydraulic flat tappets and roller cam along with a geardrive. But, should the time come to prove you have the horsepower to back up the sound, the Thumpr cam will deliver.

Thumpr GK-Kits are available for any Thumpr Chevy or Ford application and include the Thumpr cam of your choice, along with the appropriate geardrive and carefully matched lifters. Each geardrive uses precision-machined and heat-treated billet steel gears, ensuring durability and timing accuracy. The kits feature a three-keyway crank sprocket that allows up to four degrees of advance or retard. For more information, contact
Comp Cams at (800) 999-0853, or www.compcams.com.

Lighting The Way
Vintage hot rod parts are great-and we know plenty of rods built to showcase collections of cool speed equipment or rare parts, which beats keeping 'em in glass cabinets-but when it comes to things like lighting our way at night, vintage looks with modern dependability can be preferable to some sketchy old yellowed reflectors behind misty lenses!

That's where Double JJ Enterprises' new Zephyr headlight comes in, using a halogen bulb, heavy 12- and 14-gauge color-coded wiring, as well as the park and turn-signal function on top reminiscent of Guide headlights. The housing is stainless steel, too, as is the supplied hardware. For more information, contact
Double JJ Enterprises at (800) 948-2775, or www.doublejjenterprises.com.

Edelbrock Pro-Flo electronic fuel-injection systems have been on the market for 15 years, offering a complete EFI system without the need for a laptop computer. The new Pro-Flo XT takes the system to the next level, with Edelbrock and partners EFI Technology combining resources to offer the system for the small-block Chevy, including Vortec variants, with big-block Chevy, LS series, and small-block Ford versions coming soon.

The Pro-Flo XT electronic fuel-injection system includes a new, more powerful ECU (computer) featuring fully sequential injection, an improved handheld tuning module for tuning without the use of a laptop, pre-defined calibrations, and wideband O2 sensor compatibility. If laptop tuning is desired, the user can tune via laptop through the Pro-Flo XT software, which is included. Pro-Flo XT also receives a new modern intake manifold design packaged with a 90mm front-mount throttle body. The complete system includes the ECU, wiring harness, handheld tuning module, all electronic sensors, fuel system components, intake manifold, injectors, fuel rails, throttle body, and software. For more information, contact
Edelbrock at (310) 781-2222, or www.edelbrock.com.

Shine Made Simple
Turtle Wax is a name everyone should be familiar with, and while the traditional Super Hard Shell wax has an easy-on, easy-off formula, an even easier way to get that shine and durability can now be had with Super Hard Shell Liquid Paste?. Liquid Paste wax is formulated to go on quickly, wipe clean, and provide a high-gloss protective barrier that lasts up to 62 car washes, yet will leave no white residue in, on, or around plastic trim or in cracks like conventional waxes.

Liquid Paste fills in minor swirl marks or light surface scratches to improve a vehicle's finish, leaves a slick shine, and offers the ease of a liquid wax with the durability of a traditional paste. For more information, visit your local auto parts supplier, or

Hot Rod Oil
Designed specifically for hot rod and street rod applications, Joe Gibbs Driven Hot Rod Oil was born from the company's successful formulation of high-performance racing oils and lubricants-products developed by Joe Gibbs Racing's three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship-winning engine builder Mark Cronquist and used by JGR's Sprint Cup and NASCAR Nationwide Series teams.

Older-style engine configurations feature flat-tappet camshafts and pushrods, just like NASCAR engines, and Joe Gibbs Driven Hot Rod Oil is designed to protect vital engine components in hot rods and street rods with the proper anti-wear additive package today's conventional oils simply can't deliver. Joe Gibbs Driven Hot Rod Oil is even more effective for the niche market for which it was made, as it contains a unique storage additive designed to protect against rust and corrosion if the car sits idle for long periods of time. It's the same protective additive technology used by the U.S. military for storing and shipping mechanized combat equipment. For more information, contact
Joe Gibbs Driven at (866) 611-1820, or www.joegibbsdriven.com.

Stainless Rod Ends
It's all in the details-isn't that what they say? Well, if you agree, and your car runs early Ford tie-rod ends, you can take it one step closer to perfection with these stainless steel tie-rod ends from Speedway Motors. Identical to the company's standard early Ford versions, they feature 7-degree tapered studs and are available with 11/16-inch right- or left-hand fine threads. Supplied with castle nuts and cotter pins, stainless steel jam nuts are also available separately. For more information, contact
Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122, or www.speedwaymotors.com

Old School ModsElsewhere in this issue, we've mentioned converting injected four-cylinder engines to run on carburetors, and here's news in a similar vein for LS2 motors. Pace Performance has designed a turnkey non-electronic LS2 that takes advantage of GM's latest small-block technology but without all the computer controls. The Old School LS2 is shipped completely assembled and ready to install, and will bolt to most TH350, 400, or 700-R4 transmissions without the need for adapter plates. Exhaust headers and motor mounts are also available for many applications.

The 6.0L aluminum Old School LS2 produces 440 hp at 6,200 rpm and employs an 800-cfm carburetor, performance HEI distributor, regular-rotation serpentine-drive system with new alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and A/C compressor, and SFI flywheel. The engine is so complete it even comes with AN fuel line installed, from frame to pump to carb. It really is ready to bolt in and fire up! And what's better is shipping is free to most areas in the continental U.S., and it comes with a two-year, 50,000-mile warranty. For more information, contact
Pace Performance at (888) 522-8133, or www.paceperformance.com.

W.O.T's That?
There's not a lot that's scarier than having your throttle stick wide open-'cept maybe losing your brakes-and if it's happened to you, we'll bet you have double throttle return springs on your linkage now! Quick Fuel technology has taken the idea a step further, and has introduced this throttle return spring kit for QFT professional Series 4500 and Holley 4,500HP carburetors. The geometrically correct return spring will never hang up or fail, and the bracket cannot rotate out of position, as it's bolted to a main carb body stud.

The bracketry and springs do not interfere with fuel bowl or metering block removal, or block easy access to the idle mixture screws. Dual stainless steel springs, coupled with the throttle lever bushing, provide firm and smooth throttle feel. For more information, contact
Quick Fuel Technology at (270) 793-0900, or www.quickfueltechnology.com.