Nose Art
American Speed Company manufactures the Speed 33 convertible-the roadster with power windows and integrated convertible roof that stows under the hinged rear deck area which we showed you in these pages back in May 2008-so a natural progression from producing the body would be to manufacture a grille shell to match, and that's exactly what the company has done.

Digitally copied from a N.O.S. original '33 grille, this reproduction is available chromed or unplated for those who wish to paint it, with crisp stampings to meet the exacting standards of rodders and restorers alike. For more information contact American Speed Company at (734) 451-1141 or

Twist And Shout
If you've converted your rod or custom to a modern, internal-rail, five- or six-speed manual transmission and are now having issues with the shifter being on top of the trans, for instance with a Tremec T-56, rather than the old Muncie-style side mount position, and it now either wants to share space with the seat base or is just in an uncomfortable position, Twist Machine may have the answer.

Designed to fit all factory and aftermarket stub-style manual shifters with .875- to .900-inch bolt spacing, including all internal-rail Tremec T5, T56, TKO500, and TKO600 and Richmond transmissions, the new ProStyle adjustable reach billet shifter sticks feature a unique trio of interchangeable inserts that allow you to position the shifter stick exactly where you need it to be. Available in 8-inch straight shank or 10-inch 25-degree bent shank as shown, reach is adjustable for up to seven mounting positions, and all hardware is included to complete the installation. For more information contact Twist Machine at (631) 610-4186 or

Cool Control
Many of us run electric cooling fans on our cars, either on their own or to assist the mechanical fan, and while a number of fan manufacturers offer fan controllers, a vast number of fans are bought on their own and are wired either permanently on or through a switch operated by the driver. Dakota Digital has come to the aid of such users with the PAC-2007 Electric Fan Controller. Designed to be a simple add-on, yet offer flexibility of operation, it includes a 70-amp relay and operates from your existing temperature sending unit to work with the existing temperature gauge. A dedicated sender can be installed in applications that have no existing sending unit.

The PAC-2007 features fully programmable "fan on" and "fan off" temperatures to suit any application or personal preferences and has the capability to leave the electric fan operating after the engine has been shut down for a user-adjustable time. It also features a full digital LED readout for displaying temperature readings and maintaining simple installation. For more information contact Dakota Digital at (888) 200-8969 or

Retro Intake
Hot rodders wanting to retain the classic 1959-67 Corvette valve covers, or any others without oil filler capability, yet wanting a modern intake manifold, can now do so thanks to Edelbrock's new Performer EPS intake #2703 with front oil-fill tube. The dual plane tuned runners of the Performer EPS deliver 5hp and 9 lb-ft of torque in the idle-5,500 rpm range over the Performer #2101 intake.

The square-bore carb flange accepts Edelbrock Performer and Thunder series carbs, while an additional improvement over the #2101 is the removal of the heated choke well. The new manifold is supplied with a chrome oil-fill tube and breather, though not installed. For more information contact Edelbrock at

Signs Of The Times
Ruckus Rod & Kustom has recreated the greatest show on dirt in two new metal posters, depicting two distinct eras in the history of open wheel dirt track racing. The full size, 11x17-inch posters feature realistic bullet holes that are actually holes and embossed details that add to their nostalgic feel. "Sprint Cars Saturday Night" portrays two early-era sprint cars making a run for the checkered flag. Two drivers gun for glory and jockey for position down the back straightaway in "Winged Warriors."

The posters are made of embossed metal and are silk-screened, making them durable. For more information contact Ruckus Rod & Kustom at (805) 388-7310 or

Rods For Rods
Though not exactly rare, the price of sought-after tapered oval '32-34 Ford front wishbones has been creeping up, and sourcing a good-quality pair is definitely getting harder. Fatman Fabrications has eliminated the need to scrounge swap meets for these nostalgic items, with the introduction of reproduction split wishbones, formed from 1/8-inch steel similar to the originals. The seam is TIG-welded and has been moved to the bottom for improved appearance, especially when chromed, and a pair of these will save you having to split an original pair.

A heavy steel bracket set for 5-degrees caster angle joins the radius rod to the axle, with an offset built in so the radius rod mounts vertically. At the rear end a rod end threaded insert is TIG-welded in place. Custom lengths and different rod end threads are no charge options, should you be updating an existing car or need a specific length. Also, a series of graduating holes can be added with TIG-welded plugs. For more information contact Fatman Fabrications at (704) 545-0369 or

Gotta Cool Off
Automatic transmissions have had fluid coolers for decades, whether part of the radiator or a stand-alone cooler, but engine oil has rarely been treated with the same consideration, At least, that is, until now. Gotta Show Products now offers this engine oil cooler which lowers the temperature of the oil by 15-25 degrees depending on driving conditions.

The universal kit fits GM, Ford, and Chrysler applications and comes complete with the exception of the filter and can be assembled with basic hand tools. For more information contact Gotta Show Products at (602) 237-4506 or

It's Rad!
You have to hand it to Speedway Motors' seemingly never-ending release of new products, their latest release being this lightweight, durable, and affordable aluminum '32 Ford radiator, designed to fit a stock-height '32 grille shell and built to the same standards as Speedway's racing radiators to provide efficient cooling for small-block Chevys and similar V-8s. It features two rows of 1-inch furnace-brazed cores, stamped upper and lower tanks, 1 1/2-inch upper and 1 3/4-inch lower hose necks, and TIG-welded construction.

Radiator support rod brackets are built in, as are mounting flanges to mount the radiator to the chassis, and the grille shell to the radiator. A welded filler neck exits the rear of the top tank in the center, while a dummy filler neck is in the stock location for those running unfilled grille shells and needing a 'radiator cap.' Proving they think of everything, Speedway has included a transmission cooler with 1/8-inch NPT inlets and outlets. For more information contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or

Bracket In A Packet
If you've built a chassis for a Model A or used an original that had the bracketry removed, chances are you've had to make up some sort of a plate that will mount the hood latches or the front two body mounts. If you're in this situation, save yourself some fabrication time and check out these laser-cut brackets from Welder Series. Obviously the brackets mimic the originals to some degree-how different can a bracket be that contains two holes?-except they're thicker and don't rivet to the frame. Simply bend the middle "leg" down in your vise, and it becomes the gusset, then weld the bracket in place. For more information contact Welder Series at (888) 648-2150 or

The Same, But Different
Just what the hot rod world needs, we can hear you saying, another dropped I-beam axle. But take a closer look, So-Cal Speed Shop has improved on a classic component by designing a new 4-inch dropped axle that allows you to use stock spindles with their built-in steering arms.

Manufactured from forged steel with 47-inch kingpin centers and 34-inch perch centers, using a 29-inch spring, this axle permits 38 degrees of turning angle from center, which is 9 degrees more than other dropped axles. Available plain as-forged, chromed as shown, as well as drilled in both configurations, for more information contact So-Cal Speed Shop at (909) 469-6171 or

Great Crate
You're reading R&C, so you've probably got a slightly traditional bent when it comes to hot rodding, and that likely extends to engines too. However, it can't be denied that today's plethora of crate engines offer outstanding performance in affordable packages that you'd be hard-pressed to recreate yourself. Pace Performance understands the need for nostalgic looks coupled with performance and dependable driveability and has taken GM Performance Parts' ZZ4 crate motor and installed a tri-power carb and intake package, with a choice of Barry Grant Triple D Induction Six Shooter or the CFP80631 Holley Tri-Power package.

Dyno testing has yielded 354hp at 5,300 rpm and 415 lb-ft torque with these packages. Each engine is individually dyno-tuned and tested, with dyno sheets included. The complete package also includes pre-installed GM long water pump, Mallory MBI distributor and coil, GMPP high-torque starter, fuel pump, plug wires, and 8-inch harmonic balancer, as well as polished finned valve covers, breather and PCV, 12 3/4-inch automatic flywheel, fuel line, and dipstick. Pretty complete we'd say! For more information contact Pace Performance at (888) 522-8133 or

These days rods and customs have all, and sometimes more than, the accoutrements of modern production cars, but one that can easily be forgotten about while concentrating on installing MP3 players, GPS systems, central door locking, and the like, is the simple dome light. Yet use your car for the first time at night, and you'll wish you fitted one before the fancy headliner went in!

Watson's Street Works can help you, with this 6 3/8x3 1/4-inch dome light, just one of a range they offer. The plastic housing snaps into place, requiring a cutout for clearance, and the housing can be upholstered or painted. The bulb, terminals, and leads are included, though a switch is not. For more information contact Watson's Street Works at (860) 859-0513 or