Wheel Nice
Undoubtedly this new steering wheel kit from Impala Bob's is aimed at the restoration crowd, but given the '59-60 Impala steering wheel's popularity with hot rodders and customizers alike, we wouldn't be surprised if that market is more lucrative! This is a complete kit, featuring the steering wheel, paint divider ornaments, horn ring, horn button, horn contacts, and Impala emblem. The steering wheel comes in black but can be painted to match your interior.

Impala Bob's carries steering wheel kits and accessories for Impala, Caprice, Bel Air, or Biscayne models through 1970, as well as interior and exterior trim for classic Chevrolet cars and trucks. For more information contact Impala Bob's at (800) 462-2527 x8830 or www.impalas.com.

One of the great aspects of such a broad-reaching aftermarket industry is the ability to call a supplier and have the correct part in your hands a couple of days later. Take this new Lokar Ford 4R70W/AODE Selector Shaft and Arm for instance. No more hunting for the right part, as this product eliminates the guesswork, the adjustable arm simplifying finding the correct ratio between the shifter and the transmission.

Replacing the factory selector shaft and arm, the Lokar unit can be installed in any 360-degree position for versatility. The kickdown seal is installed in the selector shaft, which can be used with many aftermarket shifters. Different versions are available depending on whether your transmission has the 1/4-inch slot and hole or 5/16-inch slot. For more information contact Lokar Performance Products at (877) 469-7440 or www.lokar.com.

Dashing good looks
This five-hole 1933-34 dash panel is part of CCM Rod Shop's new Classic Series product line and is machined from a solid piece of 3/4x6-inch 6061 aluminum, ribbed to suit both nostalgic and contemporary build styles. That'll be billet without looking like billet then! The panel is intended to be used with Classic Instruments gauges and is supplied with mounting hardware and a template. It can be special ordered for most other manufacturers' gauges.

The gauges are recessed into the panel, which is highly polished and has the stock lines of the original Ford instrument panel. For more information contact CCM Rod Shop at (866) 999-1932 or www.ccmrodshop.com.

Stainless Steering
It seems to be all about steering one way or the other this month, and Borgeson Universal's new Economy Stainless Steel Steering Column is our final steering-related product for this issue. Available in three standard lengths of 26, 30, or 34 inches, the outer column is 1 3/4 inches in diameter, accepts a three-bolt steering wheel without the need for an adaptor, and employs a 3/4-36 spline on the output shaft.

Available in polished or brushed finish, the new column can be matched with one of Borgeson's traditional steering wheels, as well as using one of the company's full line of column drops and floor mounts. For more information contact Borgeson at (840) 482-8283 or www.borgeson.com.

Neat Heat
Vintage Air is obviously best known for its air conditioning systems, but the company also offers heaters, which let's face it, can be just as important as keeping cool during the summer months. The Gen II Heater/Defroster is an updated version of the heater Vintage Air already manufactures, using electronic servo technology to provide adjustable temperature and bi-level floor or defrost blending, rather than simply having the heat on or off.

This means the servo door operation allows you to have heat from the bottom of the unit, or through the defrost vents, or a blend of the two. The switch pod shown here is attached to the heater on the demo version, but it can be mounted anywhere you choose. For more information contact Vintage Air at (800) 725-3203 or www.vintageair.com.

Electric assist
ABS Power Brake Inc. has been manufacturing an electric power master cylinder for a few years. Their newest version is not only more compact (shorter by 1 1/2 inches) but has improved valving and is more efficient than previous versions. But what's an electric power master cylinder, you may ask? It does the same job as a master cylinder and vacuum-operated brake booster, but takes up less room in areas with space limitations. The compact remote electric power unit can be hidden under the floor or on the firewall.

With an in-built accumulator, if the engine stalls or power is lost, the pedal can be applied 20 times before power assist is lost, then returning to manual braking, compared with one or maybe two times with a vacuum booster. The master cylinder also incorporates a proportioning valve and hydraulic stop light switch. Designed for use in applications with little or no vacuum, such as a supercharger or turbocharger application, or when a large cam is used, it can also be beneficial in applications with space limitations which don't allow for fitment of a booster, whether on the firewall or under the floor. For more information contact ABS Power Brake Inc. at (714) 771-6549 or www.abspowerbrake.com.