It's A breeze
Hot (and cold!) news from Southern Rods and Parts and Southern Air is that they've made a number of improvements to their Maxi Cooler series of heat, air conditioning, and defrost units, claiming the super-efficient air conditioning and heater cores of the Maxi Cooler 2 get hotter and colder than any other unit on the market.

A new water valve allows for the perfect mix of hot water for that "just right" temperature setting, while the "Magic Button" allows for the compressor to be engaged or disengaged in any of the settings. The size of the units makes them a great fit behind the dash of a hot rod or truck. For more information contact Southern Rods and Parts at (800) 787-8763 or

Triple Threat
The new Demon 98 carburetors from Barry Grant are a great way to get modern, reliable performance with a vintage appearance. If you want a tri-power style setup though, until now you've had to piece together all the components individually. Speedway Motors figured it'd make life easier by offering them in a ready-to-install kit package.

Each Speedway Motors Demon 98 Carb Kit includes carburetors, intake manifold (or adapter), linkage, fuel line, fuel block, fittings, and air cleaners. The small-block Chevy kit shown (PN 925-122) features an Edelbrock intake drilled specifically for the Demon 98's three-bolt mounting pattern. There are also seven different Demon 98 Carb Kits available for Flathead Ford V-8s, plus adapters for bolting two or three Demon 98s to standard four-barrel intake manifolds. For more information contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or

The Mustang II-type independent front suspension has become a staple in our hobby, with numerous companies offering suspension kits and crossmembers based on the Ford design, but most use a regular coilover in their design. Total Cost Involved Engineering's new Mustang II Coil-Over Retro Fit Kit features a coilover with a regular spring top mount, while providing adjustability to your vehicle ride height.

The kit features billet adjustable coilovers with a shock rebound adjustability dial, as well as lower arms that are available in plain, black powdercoat, or polished stainless. For more information contact Total Cost Involved Engineering at (866) 925-1102 or

Loom With A View
OK, so plug wire holders are nothing new, but most leave a little to be desired in the appearance stakes. These new billet versions from Autotrend EFI solve that problem and are available in two-, three-, or four-hole configurations to suit your application. They mount off the lower valve cover bolts and can be used with any valve cover that has enough lower bolts.

Autotrend EFI designed these looms to fit big-block Chevy motors, as they have four lower bolts, though they'll also work in some Ford applications. Of course, you could use a pair of two-hole versions in other applications, or whatever works for you. For more information contact Autotrend EFI at (530) 642-0999 or

Drumming Up Business
Does your car run drum brakes all 'round and you're loath to upgrade to discs because you want to retain the original appearance, yet wish for improved braking performance? Having run a number of old cars ourselves with brakes that don't match the demands of modern traffic, we'll bet that's a fair number of you! So what if we said you could replace your drum brake system with one that offers a significant improvement? Muscle Car Brakes offers just that, claiming its STAGE-III advanced drum brake systems run 50 percent cooler and with approximately 38 percent better performance than OEM brakes.

The brakes use thermo-cooled cryogenically treated machined and balanced drums, Matrix ceramic shoes, a trick spring kit, high-volume wheel cylinders, and new master cylinders. A bolt-on direct replacement, the STAGE-III systems are available for mid-'50s through early '70s muscle cars and classic trucks from GM, Ford, and Chrysler. For more information contact Muscle Car Brakes at (877) 606-7867 or

Ice 'n' Easy
Turtle Wax is a name that should be familiar to anyone who's polished a car, and many who haven't, and Turtle Wax Ice has fast become a favorite line of products for looking after a car's exterior. The Ice brand has now been carried through to interior cleaning products with Ice Total Interior Care.

With an all-in-one approach, the product includes a combination of fluids specifically designed to address dirt and other elements that age the interior of a vehicle, the packaging including a microfiber cloth for easy lint-free cleaning, removing dust, tar, ink, and food stains with just light rubbing. Supplied in a squeezable container, the product spreads easily and doesn't leave any greasy residue behind. It is easy to use on all interior surfaces, including dashboards, plastic, carpet, and fabric, eliminating the need for multiple products. For more information check out