Feel the Force
The new Force wheel from Boze Forged is a simple five-spoke design with two-piece construction. Available in diameters from 17- to 22-inch and 5- to 15-inch widths, the choice of backspacing from flush-fit up to 8 inches means a combination is available to fit almost any project, yet still clear bodywork. Big brakes are also accommodated with ease.

Boze Forged also offers a selection of finishes, from high luster polish of the 6061-T6 aluminum and a textured brushed satin protected by clearcoat, to powdercoating in metallic, gloss, or satin, or just color accents for each spoke. This offers the opportunity to color-match all or part of the wheels to your car's paintwork. For more information contact Boze Forged at www.bozeforged.com.

Step On It
Lokar's new Competitor Series throttle assemblies offer a number of features such as an internal spanner nut to ensure perfect pedal tension, eliminating excess slop, and a sturdy mounting base that is available in centered or offset versions, allowing the pivot of the assembly to be raised or lowered by an inch, which can be useful when installing the pedal in a vehicle which already has the throttle cable installed.

The Competitor Series assemblies, which are available in brushed or black finish, are supplied with large-diameter 3/4-inch x 48-tooth fine spline steel inserts for durability. These allow for extremely adjustable arms which can also be swapped for right and left adjustment of the spring-loaded throttle pad. For more information contact Lokar Performance Products at (877) 469-7440 or www.lokar.com.

The Time is Right
It never ceases to amaze us when we see the number of new parts that are constantly being introduced for old or obsolete engines or car bodies. EngineQuest specializes in manufacturing hard-to-find parts, this Pontiac timing cover for 1969-79 V-8 engines being the latest.

The cast cover comes complete with a water pump divider and two coolant inserts, both of which are available separately. It's designed for all Pontiac 350/400/455ci engines of this vintage, including the Firebird (it won't fit the 301ci motor). For more information contact EngineQuest at www.enginequest.com.

Auburn Heir
One of the classic hot rod upgrades back in the day was to install an Auburn dash, which not only involved sourcing the dash insert but modifying your dashboard to accept it. You're on your own when it comes to finding an Auburn insert, but if you have a Brookville '29 roadster, this handcrafted aluminum dash will bolt right in where the original dash rail attaches. It'll fit original roadsters too, but you'll need to trim the gas tank in order to install it.

A strengthened, wide flange on the lower left allows a steering column drop to be bolted in place, while the lower edge of the dash follows the contour of the instrument panel aperture, with its distinctive peak in the center. Of course, the dash could be adapted to fit other vehicles. For more information contact Kendon Industries at (800) 847-8618 or kt.kendonusa.com.

Style Track
It can't be denied that the small-block Chevy can be found under the hood of the majority of rods and customs, but it's by no means the only motor out there, and possibly the most die-hard enthusiasts are Mopar fans, though for them finding dress-up parts isn't as easy as for GM offerings. March Performance redresses the balance somewhat with its Style Track one-piece alternator and A/C bracket specifically for the Chrysler small-block V-8 318, 340, and 360ci motors, CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. With three idlers guaranteeing maximum belt-to-pulley contact and a unique belt tension adjuster, the Style Track has a clean and symmetrical appearance, with a separate bracket for a power steering option.

The Style Track is supplied complete with an alternator, along with a new pulley, fan, and nose cover, A/C compressor and nose cover, water pump with pulley and nose cover, crank pulley, and the alternator and A/C bracket with belt tensioning tool, as well as all mounting hardware and instructions. Kits with power steering include a Type 2 remote power steering pump and pulley with nose cover. You'll also never need to polish the assembly as it is supplied in clear or black powdercoating. For more information contact March Performance at (888) 729-9070 or www.marchperf.com.

Heel, Toe, and Bump
We've run numerous bodywork articles in Rod & Custom, which always prove popular, so we know plenty of you like to tackle your own body prep. Having the correct tools in hand goes a long way toward achieving good results, but it's not always easy to find a local specialist source. However, this new three-piece body and fender dolly set from Craftsman is available from Sears!

Containing a toe dolly, heel dolly, and general purpose dolly, all forged from alloy steel, the various shapes, weights, contours, faces, and crown are designed to handle most body contours. Now all you'll need are body hammers! For more information contact your local Sears store.

Remote Start
The first time you get locked out of a car with shaved handles because of a dead battery, you'll wish you had added remote battery jumper posts. Of course, there are other advantages to having jumper posts hidden under your vehicle, but if you've ever tried to form the double-D-shaped holes necessary to keep the jumper posts from spinning as you tighten the locking nut, you'll know how time-consuming it is.

Sachse Rod Shop has the solution with this remote battery jumper post frame bracket, which mounts to your chassis with self-threading 1/4-inch hardware and has the required double-D holes. Sachse Rod Shop can also supply the jumper posts, which are not included with the bracket. For more information contact Sachse Rod Shop at (800) 495-3904 or www.sachserodshop.com.

Short Oval
Taillights are a necessity on any car, but why settle for reproductions of originals, especially if you're not building a traditional ride? Pro's Pick's new oval taillights will make a design feature of these necessities, the 28 LEDs in each light supplying perfect illumination.

Measuring 5x2 inches, the oval billet aluminum taillights will suit many vehicles and can be mounted horizontally or vertically, or even as a third brake light. For more information contact Pro's Pick at (800) 865-7366 or www.pros-pick.com.

Cap it off
If you run classic Chevy Rally wheels on your ride, Stockton Wheel Service can help you add the finishing touch with one of its reproduction hubcaps. From smoothie to bow tie and disc brake to rally sport, they can supply the right cap for your application.

Stockton's Rally hubcaps are available in chromed or polished stainless steel, depending on model, and are officially licensed by GM. Each features correct OEM logos and ribs like the original, and fit any original wheel or Stockton Wheel's 14-, 15-, 16-, and 17-inch GM Rally Wheels. For more information contact Stockton Wheel Service at (800) 395-9433 or www.stocktonwheel.com.

Everything Olds is New
The 1951-56 Oldsmobile and Cadillac air cleaner is a classic hot rod component, but finding originals these days isn't easy or cheap, and putting them to use requires converting from oil bath to paper filter element. But now there's an easier way, thanks to Technostalgia's reproduction version. Measuring 181/4 inches wide, it has the same dimensions as the original and is stamped from heavy-gauge steel spot-welded and powdercoated in semigloss finish.

Designed to fit most carburetors and throttle bodies, the housing is notched at the rear to provide clearance for large-diameter GM HEI distributors and accepts off-the-shelf 14-inch-diameter, 4-inch-tall paper filter elements. A unique rocket-shaped wing nut secures the housing. Shipped ready to install, the kit includes the upper and lower housing, filter element, wing nut, carburetor stud, and AC decal. For more information contact Technostalgia at (812) 265-0062 or www.cool-leds.com.

Lighten up
Sometimes little things can make a big difference, such as having a light in the trunk instead of having to dig out a flashlight. Watson's StreetWorks has a number of solution-oriented products to make your life easier, including this neat little courtesy/utility light for interior lighting, trunk, or underhood illumination.

Measuring approximately 1 3/4x2 5/8 inches, it requires a 1 1/2-inch-diameter clearance hole and is supplied with prewired leads. With two hidden mounting screws securing the black plastic housing, four bright white LEDs are behind the clear diffused lens. For more information contact Watson's StreetWorks at (860) 859-0513 or www.watsons-streetworks.com.

Air in a Can
Airbags have made hitherto impossible stances and ride heights attainable in recent years (hydraulics notwithstanding), and Air Ride Technologies' ShockWaves have taken airbags to the next level, but one problem persists with both variants on the theme, though admittedly it's a problem caused by bad planning on the part of the builder or simply a lack of available space. Yep, install an airbag too close to other components and it'll chaff, rub through, and eventually fail. Not what you want from a suspension component!

However, Air Ride Technologies offers the AirCan, an aluminum cover for the airspring on 7000 and 8000 series ShockWaves, which improves the cosmetic appearance and allows the unit to be installed closer to other components. For more information contact Air Ride Technologies at (812) 481-4768 or www.ridetech.com.

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