Keeping you in Suspense
Okay, so R&C isn't a truck magazine, but we know virtually all of you run a truck as a parts chaser, not to mention that more early trucks are being built as rods or customs as they offer affordable early body styles. However, the hard-riding stiff truck suspension, especially in the rear, can get worn pretty quickly. Total Cost Involved obviously thought so too, hence their new leaf spring kit for '37-54 Chevy trucks.

Though the axle pads require welding to the housing, the remainder of the kit is a bolt-in deal, including 2 inch lower-than-stock leaf springs, shackles, shock absorbers, mounting brackets, axle U-bolts, lower shock plates and upper mounts on a crossmember, hardware and instructions. Sounds like the perfect way to easily add strength and durability to your pickup's rearend! For more information contact TCI at (866) 925-1102 or

Fill 'er Up
If you have a brake master cylinder under the floor, it's not always in a position that's ideal for an access door, such as under the seat, but you'll need to be able to access it when it comes time to top off the fluid. Or maybe you won't, especially if you are using a Mustang or Corvette style master cylinder, as A Plus Rod and Kustom offers these neat remote fluid reservoirs for just such applications. The master may be under the floor, but filling the fluid is easy with the remote reservoir mounted on the firewall, or even inside the car if you're a smooth firewall fan.

Available with standard black rubber hose, or the optional stainless braided hose as shown, the kit includes the aluminum remote reservoir and bracket, hose (in 36- or 48-inch length if you opt for the braided version), fittings, and a ball-milled master cylinder cap and brackets. For more information contact A Plus Rod and Kustom at (812) 925-6710 or

Getting Air
As air suspension gets ever more technical, AccuAir has released a new line called e-Level, electronic leveling systems and air management packages that offer a range of features, such as: Three programmable heights, TruPosition height sensors that provide accurate leveling regardless of load, a Touchpad that accesses the three programmable heights and controls each individual air spring or front and rear as a pair, a Plug-n-play wiring harness for ease of installation, and a key chain remote.

The e-Level also offers a number if industry firsts, such as a Ride Monitor Mode that adjusts as needed while driving or parked, anti cross-loading for balanced spring weights, automatic calibration to any air suspension system on any vehicle with no user programming required, and the capability to monitor vehicle voltage by automatically turning off the compressor at 10 1/2 volts to prevent a dead battery. For more information contact AccuAir at (877) 247-3696 or

Get in Line
If you've mounted brake and clutch master cylinders under the floorboards in your project you'll know what limited clearance is left over for running the exhaust. Heck, even a single brake master cylinder takes up most of the space! Engineered Components Inc. has run into the same problems, prompting the introduction of its new under-floor inline brake and clutch pedal assembly. The unique design uses an offset bellcrank allowing the master cylinder or booster to be mounted behind and inline with the clutch master, providing more clearance for pedal linkages and exhausts.

An added advantage is that the pedals and pivot shaft are installed from the front, requiring virtually no side clearance for their installation. Mounting systems are available for a number of boosted and manual installations and are supplied with pedal pads and hardware. New ECI "Full Round' and "Flat Round" pedals are available as an option. For more information contact Engineered Components Inc at (860) 872-7046 or

Fender Benders
Whether you're replacing tired old originals or building a new car, Brookville's new 18-gauge fenders are faithful replicas of Henry's originals, and you'll be hard pressed to tell them from NOS items. The fenders feature all the original contours and mounting holes, and are edged just like the originals by Brookville's craftsmen on the same type of beading machines used by FoMoCo back in 1932.

Famed of late for their complete roadster and coupe bodies, Brookville has been producing precision body parts for over 36 years, and can also supply '32 rear fenders as well as a full set of Model A fenders and valances. For more information contact Brookville Roadster Inc at (937) 833-4605, or

Boxing Rings
If you own a plasma cutter, making your own boxing plates isn't too much of a chore, but you'll never match the die stamped belled holes that these cool boxing plates from Ionia Hot Rod Shop have in them! The same holes are also available in the company's center crossmember kits for A-V8 and '32 Ford chassis. The boxing plates incorporate the C-notch design of the JW Rod Garage frame rails, while the crossmember is a C-channel X-member with universal floating transmission plates, featuring both round and oval belled holes along with pedal assembly provisions.

Both products are constructed from 10-gauge hot rolled, pickled and oiled steel, providing a clean welding surface that prevents scaling, with the transmission plates made from 7-gauge. For more information contact Ionia Hot Rod Shop at (616) 527-6051.

All together now...
Anyone who spends any time at all in their garage knows how frustrating it is trying to find the right fastener when in the middle of a job, digging through old coffee cans of used bolts. Of course you always intend to sort them by size and have 'em organized, but it never happens does it? Which is where Copper State's Portable Fastener Kit comes in. It contains more than 100 pre-sorted fasteners in a steel organizer with two carrying handles and five plastic drawers, each with 16 compartments.

The hardware includes an assortment of popular grade 5 to 8 coarse-thread hex head cap screws in 1/4- to 1/2-inch diameter, from 3/4- to 3-inch lengths, grade 8 nuts metal crimped-lock nuts, hardened flat washers, hi-alloy lock washers, fender washers, sheetmetal and machine screws, Keps nuts, hex-head self drilling screws, a bottle of Loctite, three sizes of hose clamps, assorted electrical terminals and rivet nuts. For more information contact the Copper State Bolt and Nut Company at (800) 603-6887 or

Bring your '55 Alive
Whether you're bringing a '55 Chevy back from the dead or prefer cutting up virgin sheetmetal when creating a kustom, Sherman and Associates just made the job a little easier with the introduction of reproduction front fenders for the first year of Chevy's triumvirate. Matching all the details of the originals, the new fenders are die-formed in Detroit.

In addition to the new fenders, Sherman offers a full line of exterior and underbody sheetmetal and repair panels, as well as accessories, for older GM, Chrysler and Ford vehicles, shippable worldwide, with the highest standards of fit and finish. For more information, contact Sherman and Associates at (800) 345-9487 or

A Clean Sweep
Living out here on the West Coast, it probably comes as little surprise that we get to see a number of hot rods without windshield wipers, though the rain earlier this year probably left a number of people wishing they'd fitted them! Of course many other areas don't enjoy such dry weather, and wipers are essential equipment. If you have a '59-64 full-size Chevy you can now ditch those weak wipers and install a Clean Wipe high performance replacement motor kit. These kits feature an all-new, heavy-duty two-speed, self-parking drive motor that is smaller yet more powerful than the originals. They are direct bolt-in and connect to your stock linkage arms. New Port also offers an optional intermittent delay switch, washer pump kit and switch conversion designed to work with your original knob and bezel. For more information contact New Port Engineering at (800) 829-1929 or

Beltin' 'em Out
If you run an A/C compressor and power steering in addition to an alternator, the bracketry involved can become a little overwhelming, especially when it comes to lining all the pulleys up perfectly. There are numerous aftermarket accessory bracket kits, though Rocky Hinge's new Street Drive SD1 V-belt system uses a unique one-piece mid bracket, making it very rigid and easy to install, as well as ensuring perfect pulley alignment.

CNC-machined from aircraft aluminum and polished to a mirror finish, the SD1 is supplied complete with a polished Weiand high-flow water pump, polished Sanden A/C compressor, polished Power Master 105A alternator, polished GM type 2 power steering pump, polished pulleys, Dayco belts and stainless mounting bolts. For more information contact Rocky Hinge at (888) 539-6295 or

Crafty Caps
If you remember Kirk Brown's B-Line Special pickup that we featured last year, or have seen it at any shows in and around his home state of Michigan, you'll have noticed the number of one-off cast-aluminum parts that seems to grow every time he ventures out in it. Kirk took his ideas and ran with them, and now produces a line of sand-cast aluminum parts under the Crafty B banner, including friction shocks, shifter arms, lights, breathers, gas caps and very trick buggy spring mounts, with new items being added almost daily it would seem!

The gas caps are particularly novel, as you can build your own depending on your taste and style preference, and Crafty B will produce it for you. Just check the website for ideas, which can include raw, brushed, polished or glass beaded finish, brass, aluminum or stainless levers, lightening holes, rivets, faux socket head screws, and a number of different diameters ranging from 31/2-inches to 6-inches, with a couple even manufactured with a radiused base to fit curved rear quarters on Model A or B bodies. For more information contact Crafty B at

Shiny 'zorst!
You've probably heard of Borla Performance, makers of exhaust systems and mufflers, especially if you have any interest in street-driven drag race cars. Borla pioneered the use of austenitic stainless steel, which is superior to 409 or aluminized steel, for exhaust systems, and has now created a cleaner/polish specially formulated to restore the shine to stainless steel systems.

Borla Exhaust Cleaner and Polish helps remove colorization and cuts through layers of dulling oxides safely and easily, offering protection from the elements. Sounds perfect for polishing those blued lakes-style headers or for keeping a full system in top condition. For more information contact Borla at

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