Bite-Sized Kookie
There can't be many hot rodders who won't instantly recognize Norm Grabowski's famous Kookie Kar T-bucket, made famous in the TV series 77 Sunset Strip. It set the standard for many T-buckets built since, and has even been replicated in 1:1 scale. When Danbury Mint wanted to produce a precision die-cast metal replica of the car, they went directly to Norm himself, who approved the prototype, personally authenticating the replica.

Authentic down to every detail, topside and underneath, the detail is incredible for a model less than six inches long. Even the skull shifter has been reproduced! The limited-edition replica will only be produced this year, then there'll be no more. For more details contact Danbury Mint at (800) 822-6133 or at

Fast and Wide
With today's increasing trend for getting out there and actually driving our types of cars, it may not have crossed the minds of some who want a nostalgic-looking tire with a wide whitewall that the rubber they choose may not be speed-rated for the speed their car is capable of sustaining for extended periods. Diamond Back Classics is known for their ability to convert radial tires to classic-style tires with many sidewall treatments, and their latest offering is a range of extra-wide whitewall radials based on their AS4 series, which carries the company's highest speed rating.

If a standard 2- or 2-inch whitewall isn't wide enough for your taste or style of car, this could be your answer, as the 235/75R15 for instance, has a sidewall that can take a 3-inch whitewall. With a total of ten 15-inch sizes and some 14-inch (some of which have a 3-inch whitewall) most nostalgia applications are covered. For more information contact Diamond Back Classics at (888) 922-1642 or at

Tool Tidy
You can paint the doors of those old kitchen cabinets that now adorn your garage all you like, but they're never going to match the metal cabinets you see in race shops and professional rod shops. CTECH Aluminum Cabinets and Carts can help you though, with their new Ultra Line Garage Cabinets. Available in nine standard colors, not only do these cabinets look good, but make for a very efficient garage storage system.

With tool carts integrated in some packages, the cabinets are versatile, and feature CTECH's Motionlatch drawer and door handles, an integrated toe kick base, and radiused edging on closets and the lower part of the wall cabinets. Anyone who's smacked their head on one of these will appreciate this! For more information contact CTECH at (715) 355-8842 or at

Sport Coupe. Or Sedan. Or Hardtop...
Oh boy, do we wish this had been available when we started our Project '49 Chevy! Art Morrison Enterprises has expanded the availability of its GT-Sport chassis line to include a new design for 1949-54 Chevrolets, encouraged by the success of their GT-Sport frames for Tri-5 Chevys and first generation 'Vettes. Engineered from scratch to provide vastly improved handling, ride and acceleration over a stock chassis, the Morrison GT Sport employs a computer designed IFS with tubular steel control arms and a triangulated 4-bar rear suspension. Adjustable coil-over springs are used, as well as anti-sway bars, front and rear. The exhaust can also be routed through the frame.

As with the previous GT-Sport chassis, it is engineered to be a bolt-on installation and designed to minimize any floor modifications. The OEM body can literally be lifted off the stock frame and attached to the Morrison chassis, which was digitally plotted from an original using a Faro Arm to ensure precise location of all mounting points. The chassis can be configured to accommodate both small- and big-block Chevrolet V-8 engines, as well as LS-series powerplants. A unique transmission mount setup allows use of all popular automatic and stick-shift trannys. For more information contact Art Morrison Enterprises at (800) 929-7188 or at