Ws for Ys
When Ford Motor Company introduced the Y-block engine in trucks in the mid-Fifties, Ford engineers designed W-style exhaust manifolds to help improve breathing, and hence power and torque. With a distinctive appearance that looks cool in nostalgic rods and customs running Y-blocks, they produce horsepower gains over passenger car manifolds.

Speedway Motors has reproduced Ford's original design using new tooling, employing high nickel-content cast iron, eliminating the chore of sourcing original truck manifolds. Sold in pairs, complete with gaskets and flanges to connect to the exhaust system, you can get 'em by asking for Y-block Tru-Ram Performance Exhaust Manifolds. For more information contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or at

Buzz Kill
An established name in the street rod marketplace, Lokar also has a drag race division that you may not know about, but here's a nifty piece of equipment that also offers some safety advantages; a battery cutout switch that enables electrical power to be turned on or off from the driver's seat. The Direct-Mount kit fits B&M Pro Bandit, Quarter Pro, and Precision Performance Products shifters, while the Vari-Mount kit fits B&M Pro Ratchet, TCI Thunder Stick, TCI Outlaw, TCI Lighting and Hurst Quarter Stick shifters or can be mounted to the floor.

With a red anodized aluminum lever, the kit can work in conjunction with a fire system kill switch, comes with an 8-foot push pull cable as standard, though 6- and 7-foot cables are options, as is a 125 or 300amp Master Power Switch. For more information contact Lokar Performance Products at (877) 469-7440 or at

Seen the light?
One of the most popular hot rod headlights has to be the Guide 682-C from the Forties, with the parking lamp mounted on top. While they don't claim it to be a replica, or even mention the Guide light, Juliano's new turn signal lights, which can be added to many early headlights though they are actually designed to fit stock 1935-36 Ford lights, offer a very similar appearance.

The lens is white glass for a vintage look, but when the LED is powered up it illuminates amber, and while the housings are supplied in polished stainless steel, and accent a polished stainless headlight ring, they can also be painted to match your headlights. For more information contact Juliano's at (800) 300-1932 or at

Late Braking
Braking technology has improved greatly in the past half-century and we're seeing many of what we still think of as late-models retrofitted with disc brakes these days. Impala Bob's new Force 10 four piston front disc brake kits for 1959-64 full-size Chevys and 1965-68 models--yes these `late-models' are 40 to 50 years old now--offer vast improvements over the old drum brakes.

The four piston caliper distributes the clamping force more evenly over the rotor, increasing braking power, and the vented and slotted rotors improve brake cooling. The Force 10 brake kits feature aluminum calipers which are about half the weight of comparable cast iron calipers, reducing unsprung weight for a better ride quality. Supplied with a clear anodized finish, the calipers can be powder-coated or polished. Also included in the kit are 13x1.125-inch rotors, a 9-inch booster, high performance pads, hoses and hardware. For more information contact Impala Bob's at (800) 467-2527 or at