Just Needs Welding...
Whether you're after lakester-style headers, or there simply isn't a specific fit header available to fit your application, Patriot Exhaust Products has introduced a weld-up kit for big- and small-block Chevys. Using 16-gauge mild steel tubing and specially designed tapered collector cones, primary tube applications are available in 1 5/8-inch for the small-block and 1 7/8-inch for the big-block, with a choice of 3- or 4-inch cone diameters.

The kits are designed to utilize under-chassis exhaust systems, and include precision-cut header flanges, pre-bent primary tubes, collector and block-off plates, hook-up flanges, gaskets and hardware. For more information contact Patriot Exhaust Products at (909) 599-5955 or at www.pertronix.com.

On the Bump
There's always a certain amount of creativity, shall we say, that goes on while messing with old cars, especially if you're dealing with a rarity, or simply when there's no replacement part available. Necessity being the mother of invention and all that, adapting parts from other cars can get commonplace, and sometimes can provide immense satisfaction. If that sounds like you, you won't want to hear about Rare Parts Steering and Suspension, as they sell hard-to-find parts for any make and model from 1930 to the present, with over two million parts in stock.

Take these lower control arm bump stops for 1958-60 Lincoln full-size vehicles for instance. Never offered in the aftermarket, or even from Lincoln as spare parts, Rare Parts not only makes them, but improved on the original design to increase the durability by injection molding the rubber around the metal parts, rather than sticking the metal to the surface as per the original. For more information contact Rare Parts at (800) 621-2005 or at www.rareparts.com.

Piston Broke?
Egge Machine Company has long been the savior for many enthusiasts looking for hard-to-find engine parts and components, casting their own pistons here in the USA from high silicon A-332 aluminum alloy, available for applications from the early 1900s to 1980. Owners of 1964-67 Buick Special, Special Deluxe, LeSabre, Skylark, Special Sport Wagon or Skylark Custom models using the 300 or 340ci V-8 will be pleased to learn Egge offers pistons for these motors with a 9:1 compression ratio.

It may also interest owners of these engines that the Egge pistons for the 1964-67 Buick 225ci V-6 can be substituted in the 300 and 340 to raise the compression to 11:1. Egge also offers 9.5:1 pistons for the V-6, which will also fit a 1965-71 Jeep with a 225ci V-6. Hey, we're full of useful tidbits this month huh? For more information contact Egge Machine Company at (866) 534-3443 or at www.egge.com.

Wheely Great
How many times have you guesstimated backspacing and tire height when ordering new wheels and tires for a project, only to find they didn't fit or fouled the fender on full steering lock? If it hasn't happened to you you're lucky, or you spent an hour or so with straight edges and a tape measure working it out! With the trend for ever bigger wheels crammed into increasingly low fenders, it's definitely a problem. Or at least it was, until we found out about the Wheelrite from Percy's High Performance.

The Wheelrite is a measuring tool that allows you to find the correct offset, backspacing, diameter, width and tire profile that will fit your car in a matter of minutes. It'll measure wheels from 6 to more than 11 inches wide, diameters from 15 to 30 inches, and identify 98mm to 130mm or 4-inch to 5-inch stud patterns on four- or five-lug hubs. We removed a front wheel from one of our cars and bolted the Wheelrite on, adjusting it to find the optimum size wheel, then attached the supplied wire to find out what profile tire would fit without fouling the bodywork or chassis or suspension components. The wheel could be turned and the Wheelrite rotated on the hub to check all possible positions. Also supplied are extensions for larger diameters and wider rims. The Wheelrite is available from dealers nationwide, including Summit Racing. For more information contact Percy's High Performance at (888) 737-2970.