Dialed In
New Vintage USA is dedicated to developing period correct products using the latest technology, and appears to have hit a home run with its Woodward Series vintage-inspired gauges. The 5-inch gauges are available in black or beige and incorporate an inner bright plated accent ring as well as a matching bezel around the perimeter, and domed glass. The speedometer features an hourmeter as well as the facility to be programmed using a remote button. This is programmable for any vehicle, by pushing the button, driving a measured mile and pushing the button again. Easy huh?
There's even a limited lifetime guarantee, and the gauges are supplied with all mounting hardware, senders for water temperature, oil pressure and fuel level, military grade connectors and color-coded wiring harnesses.
For more information contact New Vintage USA at (248) 259-4964 or www.newvintageusa.com.

Getting Around
Ever been in the situation where you need a pre-bent hose and can't find one, yet trying to bend a straight hose will merely cause it to kink? If you had a Unicoil you could have used that straight hose all along. Simply slide it over the hose, bend up to 90 degrees using hand pressure and the hose will hold its shape. Made in Australia from stainless steel for reliability, the Unicoil is available in sizes from 1/4-inch to 1-inch, which unfortunately rules out radiator hoses, but will work with water, oil, emissions and air hoses.
Intended as a means to reduce the number of pre-bent hoses a professional mechanic has to keep in stock, the Unicoil has obvious benefits when building a project car in instances where hoses have to be routed tightly and close to other components without touching them.
For more information contact Unicoil International at www.unicoil.com.au.

Getting An Edge
There's every chance you may have a Drill Doctor in your shop and know how useful it is. The same company, Professional Tool Manufacturing, has introduced the Work Sharp 2000-a tool sharpener and precision grinder that can handle gasket scrapers, air chisel heads, chisels and screwdrivers, as well as make a great low-speed precision shop grinder that runs cooler than the traditional bench grinder, so it won't blue the tools. It offers four ways to grind and sharpen; using the top side of the wheel, a precision chisel port, Edge-Vision port and a belt abrasive attachment that's perfect for sharpening knives.
Any flat blade tool can be sharpened on the top of the wheel, while the chisel port tackles chisels and gasket scrapers up to 15/8-inch wide to a perfect 25-degree angle. The Edge-Vision port allows you to see the edge of what you are sharpening, while the knife sharpening attachment is pretty self explanatory. With the knife guide removed, the standard 1/2 x 18-inch abrasive belt can be used to perform other grinding or polishing tasks.
For more information contact Work Sharp at www.worksharptools.com.

These Boots Weren't Made For Burnin'...
Running headers that interfere with your spark plug wire boots, or even a hot rod that melts boots owing to excessive engine bay heat? Accel's new Extreme 9000 Ceramic Wire kits could solve your woes, with 8mm Ferro-Spiral core double-silicone wire rated to 600 degrees F and 500 ohms per foot, with ceramic boots on the spark plug end of the wire that will withstand up to 2,000 degrees F.
The ceramic boots cannot be burned, even with glowing red headers, while the spiral wound wire is safe for electronic ignitions. The universal kits are available with straight boots, 90-degree boots or even 115-degree Ford-style boots, and provide high levels of RFI/EMI suppression.
For more information contact Accel at (216) 688-8300 or www.accel-ignition.com.

New Navarro
It's pretty common knowledge amongst Flathead fans that H&H Flatheads worked with the legendary Barney Navarro before his death, and continues to keep his name alive with the range of Navarro speed equipment Barney sold throughout his life. However, what you see here is a new intake manifold, the Navarro Regular Dual Intake, which fits both the 59A and the 8BA motors.
Cast from highest quality 356 aluminum at the same foundry that Barney used since 1946, it allows the generator to mount in its stock position, which isn't the case with some dual carburetor Flathead manifolds, and has provisions for the breather and oil fill tube if required.
For more information contact H&H Flatheads at (818) 248-0161 or www.flatheads-forever.com.

Ready To Roar
Hot on the heels of last month's news that Patriot Exhaust Products released a weld-it-yourself lakes-style header for small- and big-block Chevy motors comes the news that you can now purchase complete versions for the small-block, perfect for T-buckets, Model As, '32-34 highboys and other fenderless hot rods.
Constructed from 16-gauge steel with 1 5/8-inch primaries and 31/2-inch tapered cone collectors using 5/16-inch flanges, they're designed to hook up to an under-chassis exhaust system, and can be quickly converted to open headers by removing the provided block-off plates. These headers are angle plug and D-port compatible, and are available in high luster metallic ceramic, chrome, or raw finish.
For more information contact Patriot Exhaust Products at (909) 599-5955 or www.pertronix.com.