Power To The People
There must be literally thousands of rods and customs out there using either OEM Mustang II front suspensions or an aftermarket version thereof, and while a manual rack and pinion is just fine for many, some could do with a conversion to power steering. Flaming River Industries has just released a new, not remanufactured, power rack based on the front steer '74-78 MII unit, but with several improvements over stock. With 6 inches of travel, it delivers a significantly improved turning circle over previous MII rack and pinions, uses all new components including a rack gear 20 percent larger than stock, and features a billet aluminum valve housing with heat sink for lighter weight and lower operating temperature. The low profile pressure hose design and 90-degree inlet fittings provide maximum installation clearance, and at 17 pounds, the unit offers a significant weight saving too, without sacrificing strength.
For more information contact Flaming River at (800) 648-8022 or www.flamingriver.com.

Fancy A Cold One?
If the words Ram-Air instantly evoke images of Pontiacs or Ford Thunderbolts from the Sixties, this new product from Air Inlet Systems should pique your interest. Sized to accommodate high horsepower V8s, the Ram Air Box is a fiberglass twin snorkel air cleaner housing designed to fit 4-barrel carburetors and throttle body fuel injection systems. Twenty variations are available, with separate base plates from 11/2-inch dropped up to 11/2-inch raised, and supplied with tubes and intake snorkels. Air Inlet Systems' technicians can help you select the correct combination for your application.
Most modern cars use some sort of fresh air inlet system, as cooler air is better for the engine, but the Ram Air Box has the added benefit of taking the high pressure air from the front of the vehicle, which is channeled to the carburetor. The Ram Air Box is available with the inlets positioned either 80-degrees or 110-degrees apart, your application dictating which will work best.
For more information contact Air Inlet Systems at (905) 549-6135 or www.ramairbox.com.

Clean Air Act
The resurgence in recent years of all things traditional has seen a plethora of dress-up items for nostalgia rods and customs, probably none more so than induction set-ups, and air cleaners in particular, or more specifically air scoops, as the filtration element (if you'll excuse the pun) of many leaves much to be desired. OTB Gear, however, has recently introduced a line of air cleaners for 2-barrel carburetors that do exactly that, with washable neutral gray oiled fabric filters featuring stainless steel mesh.
There are four designs available, and in either 2- or 3 1/4-inch heights, all cast from premium aircraft grade hardened 356-A alloy, which polishes to a really bright shine. The machined castings precisely fit 2-barrel carburetors, and are also available in a natural, unpolished cast finish if you're after a more low key appearance.
For more information contact OTB Gear at (909) 595-4995 or www.otbgear.com.

Mount Up!
Over the years we've seen some beautifully crafted engine mounts and some truly terrible ones too, but it's hard to come up with something new when everything seems to have been done already. You can be sure, however, that when the team at Pinkee's Rod Shop releases a new product, it'll be different from what's been seen before, like the spring-over-crossmember that we brought you a few months ago for example.
These universal CNC-machined steel engine mounts were developed a couple of years ago to fit a 392 Hemi in '32 framerails, but there's no reason they can't be used on other cars or other motors. Though they feature a threaded bolt hole, this isn't enough to bolt them to a chassis, and Pinkee's actually welds them to the top of the framerails, which means they'll really only fit rods running no hood sides. They are supplied with the rubber biscuit mount, so all you have to do is fabricate the part of the mount that bolts to your motor of choice.
For more information contact Pinkee's Rod Shop at (970) 203-1932 or www.pinkeesrodshop.com.

Spring Is Sprung
With the comfort levels enjoyed in modern cars, it's only fitting that we now expect a similar ride from our hobby cars, and the factory suspension in 60- or 70-year-old vehicles leaves a lot to be desired these days. Many companies offer bolt-in leaf spring kits to convert to parallel leaf springs, but what if your car isn't one of the popular models that enjoys aftermarket support?
Eaton Detroit Spring can help you whether you own a popular Ford or Chevy or a less-popular make or model, by offering a generic 48-inch parallel leaf spring kit, complete with 3-inch U-bolts and shackles, though you'll have to buy or fabricate separate spring hangars for the front of the spring if you don't have hangars as standard. The five-leaf springs are supplied with rubber bushes, as are the shackles.
For more information contact Eaton Detroit Spring at (313) 963-3839 or www.eatonsprings.com.

Five Spoken Word
The inimitable Cragar S/S wheel is a timeless hot rod staple, just as at home on a hot rod, or gasser as on a racecar or even a lowrider; the only crucial difference is the width you opt for. Can you think of another wheel that fits so many sub-genres of the modified car hobby? Cragar has released a number of new wheels for 2009, but the one we are excited about is the new two piece all-aluminum Cragar S/S.
Part of the Cragar Custom Shop Program, the new S/S is available in 15-, 17-, 18- and 20-inch diameters, and in all popular vintage widths, up to 12-inch in the 15-inch diameter, 11 in the 17-, 91/2 in the 18-, and 101/2 in the 20-inch. The spokes can be polished or gray, while the rims are polished on all variants. Any backspacing can be ordered, with the Custom Shop offering a ten-day turnaround on the bespoke wheels.
For more information contact Cragar at (909) 947-1831 or www.cragarwheel.com.