Mount Up
Whether you're restoring a car or building a hot rod or custom, there are some components that are essential. Body mounts are one such example, and though not exactly an exciting or glamorous item, you won't get far without them. They also serve a greater purpose than just insulating the body from the frame, such as when it comes time to adjust door and panel gaps.
Steele Rubber Products has body mounting kits for 1955-59 Chevrolets, molded like the originals, from heat and ozone resistant rubber compounds, which will help protect a car's body from vibrations. There are three kits, one for Tri-Fives (1955-57), comprising 28 pieces which fit all models except convertibles, a 24 piece kit for 1958 Chevy hardtops, and a '59 kit made up of 20 pieces which again fits all models except convertibles. Steele Rubber Products offers a money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.
For more information contact Steel Rubber Products at (800) 230-8101 or

Insert Here
Running a '32 grille on your rod but want something other than a regular insert? Or maybe you have a lakes racer but don't want to blank off the grille completely. Check out this Bonneville Grille Insert that borrows styling from salt flat racing's past. Featuring 3/4-inch holes that are precision laser cut for perfect alignment and a uniform appearance, the insert will still provide cooling capability for your radiator.
The perimeter of the insert follows the contours of a stock '32 grille shell, though the edges are rolled to add shape and style, and to provide ease of fitment, which is as simple as drilling a few holes in the shell's return lip and bolting it in.
For more information contact Kendon Industries (800) 847-8618 or

Hug This Bug
Battery failure is the main reason for emergency roadside assistance, and before you think that's just for daily-drivers, consider how long your rod or custom sits between drives, leading to shortened battery life! The Battery Bug monitor will alert you to battery problems before they leave you stranded, providing data including percentage of battery life remaining, lost capacity, and battery and alternator voltage. The display also shows icons indicating low charge, high charge or battery replacement required.
The Battery Bug attaches directly to the battery, and by monitoring the cranking ability at every engine start, it provides audible and visual alerts, eliminating those dreaded "dead battery" moments and reliance on emergency assistance.
For more information contact Argus Analyzers at (401) 398-2959 or

Battered Bulkhead?
There are lots of reasons why you might need a '32 firewall. Maybe you've got a previously-channeled '32 with a hacked-up firewall, or have one that suffers from rust, wear and tear, decades of abuse and hole drilling, or too many engine swaps. Finding a nice original one these days might really slow down your build but luckily Brookville Roadster has introduced a new replica firewall manufactured from the same gauge steel as the Ford originals. It features correct beads, rivets, bracing, and mounting feet. Brookville also offers a ''flat'' hot rod firewall which replicates the original's upper beads and feet, but with a smooth lower section, enabling it to be trimmed to suit your needs. Both fit any stock '32 and return the cowl to its original shape, and include the bead and rubber seal.
For more information contact Brookville Roadster at (937) 833-4605 or

Smoke Rings
We all know it's the little details that set a nice car apart from a truly great one, and here's a neat way to add the finishing touch to an exhaust system, with a clean end to tailpipes. CNC machined from aluminum, TQ Tips from Dynatech slip inside 2 1/2- and 3-inch exhaust pipes and are engineered with stepped outer diameters to fit a variety of exhaust tube wall thicknesses.
The brushed-aluminum tips feature a clear anodized finish that ensures long-lasting good looks and is easily kept clean with a simple wipe down. Available in pairs or individually, they offer a much neater finish than the exhaust pipe alone.
For more information contact Dynatech at (800) 848-5850 or

Six Appeal
Fenton is a name that has been around the speed parts and the cast inlet and exhaust manifold business for seemingly forever and, with the increasing popularity of Chevy and GMC straight-six motors, hop-up parts for them are also on many people's want lists.
Egge Machine and Speed Shop may be known for its ability to supply hard-to-find engine internal parts, but it also offers a range of performance parts, including Fenton cast iron headers for the 1937-62 Chevy 216, 1937-59 GMC 235 and 1940-63 Chevy 261. They're on the shelf awaiting your call!
For more information contact Egge Machine at (800) 866-3443 or

Coil Covers
We're seeing the LS-series of motors popping up with increasing regularity in rods and customs, and for good reason, as it's a cheap powerful motor in stock form, but it ain't the best looking of engines, that's for sure. Those coils are some of the worst offenders, but Edelbrock's new LS-Series Coil Covers are a great way to hide 'em.
Cast in aluminum, and available as-cast, with a polished finish or black powder-coated with contrasting machined logo and fins, they eliminate the stock mounting bracket by mounting the coils to the underside of the cover. The Coil Covers will fit 1999 or later LS1/LS6 centerbolt valve covers with GM coils #12558948 or aftermarket replacement equivalent.
For more information contact Edelbrock at

Reservoir Bods
Does your brake master cylinder and vacuum booster reside on your firewall? Is it a GM unit with the ugly plastic reservoir and you've been looking for something better looking? Or are you after a stylish remote fill reservoir? Either way, Engineered Components Inc. may have your answer, with their new billet aluminum reservoirs with tapered body and cap.
With a polished finish as standard, the remote fill versions are supplied with a mounting bracket and come in two or three reservoir configurations. A modified version serves as a plug-in replacement for the plastic GM master cylinder reservoirs, and simply plugs in to the master cylinder once the plastic version has been removed.
For more information contact ECI at (860) 872-7046 or at