These Fuelish Things
Some parts simply say "vintage hot rod" and nothing does it quite like a multiple carb setup, whether it be duals, tri-power or quads. And if you have more than one carb, apart from a tricky linkage, you'll need a means to deliver the fuel to each jug. Hot on the heels of their re-introduced block-letter aluminum Flathead heads and Slingshot intake, Edelbrock has re-released their cast aluminum fuel distribution blocks for dual, triple and quad carburetor applications.
Available as-cast or polished, the fuel blocks feature a single 3/8-inch inlet and two, three or four 1/4-inch outlets, depending on application. Each fuel block has four holes for firewall mounting, which means all you have to do is decide whether you want to run solid, rubber or see-through plastic fuel lines to the carbs, depending on the look and era you're aiming for. For more information contact Edelbrock at

The Wishbone's Connected to the...
Alongside the resurgence of using nostalgic powerplants in hot rods, we're also seeing a constant rising of the bar when it comes to the quality of traditional builds, and the parts used. One shop which has been quietly putting out great hot rods for a while now is Ionia Hot Rod Shop, and a byproduct of their fabrication skills is an ever-expanding line of chassis parts for traditional hot rod builds.
These rear wishbone mounts are the latest addition to the lineup, enabling you to bolt a 1936 Ford wishbone directly to a 9-inch rearend, or indeed any rearend with 3-inch diameter axle housings. The brackets are shaped to fit the '36 'bones perfectly and offer 360 degrees of weld surface. For more information contact Ionia Hot Rod Shop at (616) 527-6051 or

Just Groovy
The popularity of nostalgic engines has never been so great, though king of them all has to be the Ford Flathead, which has always had a hardcore fan-base, and was the traditional engine of choice way before we started seeing Nailheads, early Hemis, Oldsmobiles and the like in traditional rides. However, the trend for powerplants from the past means the new parts availability just gets better, and H&H Flatheads is one company on a mission to make owning a Flathead V-8 easier than slinging a small-block Chevy under the hood!
Whatever year your Flathead was manufactured, H&H can now supply new billet crankshaft pulleys, whether it be for a 1932-37 21 stud, a single or double groove pulley for a 59A, or a wide or narrow belt version for an 8BA. Paint one of these new pulleys and the only way anyone will be able to tell it's not original will be because it runs straight! For more information contact H&H Flatheads at (818) 248-2347 or

Lap It Up
While most will agree that seat belts are an important safety feature in any car, they can so often look out of place in an older vehicle, especially a traditionally styled rod or custom. Even lap belts can look "wrong" if they have plastic latches or other modern parts. Juliano's not only makes three point shoulder harnesses and retractable lap belts, but also offers these adjustable 74-inch lap belts too, in 24 colors to match your interior. They feature a smooth chrome latch with no emblems or branding.
Juliano's also has the correct anchor plates and even carries factory-style, snap-on bolt covers that you can paint to match your carpet. And if you'd like your belts to roll-up neatly out of the way with clip-on seat belt retractors, they have those, too. For more information contact Juliano's at (860) 872-1932 or