Da Bomb
The riveted look is popular right now, evoking images of old race cars or military aircraft, which is the inspiration behind OTB Gear's new Bomber series of dash panels. Starting with a 1/4-inch aluminum base plate, with a polished or unpolished finish, you can add a faceplate in engine-turned stainless or natural finish aluminum. These are then bonded together with stainless steel rivets. Since the aluminum is 6061-T6 grade it can be anodized or chromed, or either part of the panel could be painted. The choice is yours!
Either of the styles shown can be ordered in 5 or 6 gauge versions, 16- and 20-inches long respectively, and are available assembled or in kit form with the stainless steel rivets provided. All the panels accept popular 21/16-, 21/8- and 33/8-inch gauges. For more information contact OTB Gear at (909) 595-4995 or www.otbgear.com.

Shopping for Rings
There's no denying the classic appearance of a set of trim rings on a steel wheel, whether paired with hubcaps, spider caps, or just chromed lug nuts. Stockton Wheel Service carries a large selection of licensed reproduction trim rings that, depending on the model, are available in chrome or highly polished stainless steel, in smooth or ribbed styles and varying widths, which will fit 14- to 17-inch steel wheels.
Whether you fit them to your original wheels or a set of Stockton Wheels' custom steel wheels available in a variety of diameters and widths, they attach just like original rings, using factory style clips to press them into place. Oh, they also carry reproduction vintage hub caps to complete the package should you so wish! For more information contact Stockton Wheel Service at (800) 395-9433 or www.stocktonwheel.com.

Right Turn
While Speedway Motors' polished stainless steel Hot Rod Steering Column has proved popular, not everyone wants stainless, and may want to paint the column. Well now they can, as an identical version is available in plain steel, with a 13/4-inch diameter steel tube and a 3/4-inch steering shaft with a Double-D end. Ball bearings at both ends of the column ensure smooth movement.
Not only does the steel steering wheel hub accept common three-bolt wheels, but it is quick release, should you require such for easy entry or exit, or simply for theft deterrence. Available in 2-inch increments from 24- to 40-inch lengths, you'll be able to fine tune the length of the column to your project. For more information contact Speedway motors at (800) 979-0122 or www.speedwaymotors.com.

Poncho with Punch
While it's a fact that Chevy and Ford engines are the most popular in our hobby, we know there are devoted fans of Mopar, Pontiac, AMC, and other makes out there, but we don't often run news on them because manufacturers usually gear up to produce parts for the popular makes. So it's all the more encouraging when a company like Pace Performance releases something out of the ordinary.
What we have here is a dual quad package for 1965-79 Pontiac 350-455ci engines (except Ram Air IV). Pace put together this package using Edelbrock components for easy installation, good drivability and outstanding performance. The manifold is a reproduction of the original Edelbrock P-65, with bosses at the rear to accommodate brake booster fitting, an accessory bracket and the throttle linkage. Two dual quad calibrated Thunder series AVS 500cfm carbs provide great low end torque and performance thru 5,500 rpm, while a Performer-Plus cam kit is matched to the induction set-up. For more information contact Pace Performance at (888) 522-8133 or www.paceperformance.com.