These Fuelish Things
Some parts simply say "vintage hot rod" and nothing does it quite like a multiple carb setup, whether it be duals, tri-power or quads. And if you have more than one carb, apart from a tricky linkage, you'll need a means to deliver the fuel to each jug. Hot on the heels of their re-introduced block-letter aluminum Flathead heads and Slingshot intake, Edelbrock has re-released their cast aluminum fuel distribution blocks for dual, triple and quad carburetor applications.
Available as-cast or polished, the fuel blocks feature a single 3/8-inch inlet and two, three or four 1/4-inch outlets, depending on application. Each fuel block has four holes for firewall mounting, which means all you have to do is decide whether you want to run solid, rubber or see-through plastic fuel lines to the carbs, depending on the look and era you're aiming for. For more information contact Edelbrock at

The Wishbone's Connected to the...
Alongside the resurgence of using nostalgic powerplants in hot rods, we're also seeing a constant rising of the bar when it comes to the quality of traditional builds, and the parts used. One shop which has been quietly putting out great hot rods for a while now is Ionia Hot Rod Shop, and a byproduct of their fabrication skills is an ever-expanding line of chassis parts for traditional hot rod builds.
These rear wishbone mounts are the latest addition to the lineup, enabling you to bolt a 1936 Ford wishbone directly to a 9-inch rearend, or indeed any rearend with 3-inch diameter axle housings. The brackets are shaped to fit the '36 'bones perfectly and offer 360 degrees of weld surface. For more information contact Ionia Hot Rod Shop at (616) 527-6051 or

Just Groovy
The popularity of nostalgic engines has never been so great, though king of them all has to be the Ford Flathead, which has always had a hardcore fan-base, and was the traditional engine of choice way before we started seeing Nailheads, early Hemis, Oldsmobiles and the like in traditional rides. However, the trend for powerplants from the past means the new parts availability just gets better, and H&H Flatheads is one company on a mission to make owning a Flathead V-8 easier than slinging a small-block Chevy under the hood!
Whatever year your Flathead was manufactured, H&H can now supply new billet crankshaft pulleys, whether it be for a 1932-37 21 stud, a single or double groove pulley for a 59A, or a wide or narrow belt version for an 8BA. Paint one of these new pulleys and the only way anyone will be able to tell it's not original will be because it runs straight! For more information contact H&H Flatheads at (818) 248-2347 or

Lap It Up
While most will agree that seat belts are an important safety feature in any car, they can so often look out of place in an older vehicle, especially a traditionally styled rod or custom. Even lap belts can look "wrong" if they have plastic latches or other modern parts. Juliano's not only makes three point shoulder harnesses and retractable lap belts, but also offers these adjustable 74-inch lap belts too, in 24 colors to match your interior. They feature a smooth chrome latch with no emblems or branding.
Juliano's also has the correct anchor plates and even carries factory-style, snap-on bolt covers that you can paint to match your carpet. And if you'd like your belts to roll-up neatly out of the way with clip-on seat belt retractors, they have those, too. For more information contact Juliano's at (860) 872-1932 or

Da Bomb
The riveted look is popular right now, evoking images of old race cars or military aircraft, which is the inspiration behind OTB Gear's new Bomber series of dash panels. Starting with a 1/4-inch aluminum base plate, with a polished or unpolished finish, you can add a faceplate in engine-turned stainless or natural finish aluminum. These are then bonded together with stainless steel rivets. Since the aluminum is 6061-T6 grade it can be anodized or chromed, or either part of the panel could be painted. The choice is yours!
Either of the styles shown can be ordered in 5 or 6 gauge versions, 16- and 20-inches long respectively, and are available assembled or in kit form with the stainless steel rivets provided. All the panels accept popular 21/16-, 21/8- and 33/8-inch gauges. For more information contact OTB Gear at (909) 595-4995 or

Shopping for Rings
There's no denying the classic appearance of a set of trim rings on a steel wheel, whether paired with hubcaps, spider caps, or just chromed lug nuts. Stockton Wheel Service carries a large selection of licensed reproduction trim rings that, depending on the model, are available in chrome or highly polished stainless steel, in smooth or ribbed styles and varying widths, which will fit 14- to 17-inch steel wheels.
Whether you fit them to your original wheels or a set of Stockton Wheels' custom steel wheels available in a variety of diameters and widths, they attach just like original rings, using factory style clips to press them into place. Oh, they also carry reproduction vintage hub caps to complete the package should you so wish! For more information contact Stockton Wheel Service at (800) 395-9433 or

Right Turn
While Speedway Motors' polished stainless steel Hot Rod Steering Column has proved popular, not everyone wants stainless, and may want to paint the column. Well now they can, as an identical version is available in plain steel, with a 13/4-inch diameter steel tube and a 3/4-inch steering shaft with a Double-D end. Ball bearings at both ends of the column ensure smooth movement.
Not only does the steel steering wheel hub accept common three-bolt wheels, but it is quick release, should you require such for easy entry or exit, or simply for theft deterrence. Available in 2-inch increments from 24- to 40-inch lengths, you'll be able to fine tune the length of the column to your project. For more information contact Speedway motors at (800) 979-0122 or

Poncho with Punch
While it's a fact that Chevy and Ford engines are the most popular in our hobby, we know there are devoted fans of Mopar, Pontiac, AMC, and other makes out there, but we don't often run news on them because manufacturers usually gear up to produce parts for the popular makes. So it's all the more encouraging when a company like Pace Performance releases something out of the ordinary.
What we have here is a dual quad package for 1965-79 Pontiac 350-455ci engines (except Ram Air IV). Pace put together this package using Edelbrock components for easy installation, good drivability and outstanding performance. The manifold is a reproduction of the original Edelbrock P-65, with bosses at the rear to accommodate brake booster fitting, an accessory bracket and the throttle linkage. Two dual quad calibrated Thunder series AVS 500cfm carbs provide great low end torque and performance thru 5,500 rpm, while a Performer-Plus cam kit is matched to the induction set-up. For more information contact Pace Performance at (888) 522-8133 or

Chevy Metal
That the 1949-53 Chevy is one of the most popular cars to modify right now should be pretty obvious to anyone who attends shows or reads magazines, but unfortunately we can't all find a rust free south-western state project. Luckily the aftermarket is coming to the rescue with patch panels and sheetmetal to rescue these models.
EMS Automotive has always been a great source of repair panels for numerous Fifties cars, and now they've introduced a lower front quarter panel for the 1953-54 Chevy. Die-stamped in the USA, the 18-gauge panel is stepped into the door jamb and extends through into the wheel opening and about 4 inches above it, with a stepped flange already formed to make fitment easy. For more information contact EMS Automotive at (216) 541-4585.

Bright Lights
Ford's 1942-48 rear lights have long been a favorite with hot rodders wanting a taillight mounted on the rear panel, coming close behind '39 teardrops and Pontiac lights in popularity. Southern Rods and Parts recognized this and now offer LED versions of the Ford light, which easily mount to any flat panel with just two 1/4-inch holes.
Measuring 21/2x5-inches, they fit in tight areas and come pre-terminated with an 1157 socket for easy installation, and are sold in pairs. Now there's no reason to fit dim original lights when you can have the peace of mind of bright LEDs. For more information contact Southern Rods and Parts at (800) 787-8763 or

Addin' Sparks
Yeah, we know. Hard to get excited about a little electrical gizmo huh? But sometimes the neatest things look innocuous. This has to be the easiest way to add a power circuit we've ever seen. Watson's StreetWorks has made available this 40 Amp Relay with a fuse built in. Just wire the relay between power and the load, add a control switch to trigger the relay and one ground wire, and you're done.
It's neat and compact, no extra fuse holder is required and it's perfect if all your fuses are already in use. It's supplied with a 30 amp fuse though you'll need to size the fuse to your load requirements to protect the circuit. For more information contact Watson's StreetWorks at (860) 859-0513 or

Get it Handled
If you're at all concerned with handling as well as straight-line performance, you'll know that a triangulated four-link offers improvements over the long-employed parallel leaf spring arrangement when it comes to rearends. Heidts is a name familiar to hot rodders thanks to their well-known IFS systems, but they've now released a triangulated four-link for Tri-Five Chevys that's designed to handle high horsepower and allow the car to handle well.
Sold as a kit, it comprises chassis and axle brackets, plain adjustable links, full upper coilover crossmember with adjustable Heidts black coilovers, and all hardware. No cutting or floor modifications are needed and adjustable four-link mounts allow for suspension tuning. Being triangulated, a Panhard rod isn't required, and the kit is available with plain steel or polished stainless steel tubes. Optional items are available, including 9-inch housing with third member, axles and rear disc brakes. For more information contact Heidts at (800) 841-8188 or

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