Get Out on the Floor
RockSolid Floors has released the first do-it-yourself, one-coat polyurea floor coating system on the market. It's impact-resistant to floor jacks, jackstands, and vehicle traffic and impervious to hot tire pickup. It's highly chemical-resistant to oil and even DOT 3 brake fluids. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, it features zero volatile organic compounds, meaning there are no restrictions limiting shipment and use. More flexible and four times stronger than epoxy paints it won't fade or stain and doesn't include harsh solvents.

Although this is a new product, RockSolid Floors is not new to polyurea floor coatings, as the kits contain the same polyurea they manufacture for the most demanding industrial and commercial applications, just with an adjusted cure rate to enable the home user to roll out the product. If you're familiar with spray-on bedliners, you're already familiar with polyurea. For more information contact RockSolid Floors at(866) 765-4474 or

Adapting To The Times
The traditional 3 bolt steering wheel design will forever be a classic, and with its popularity showing no sign of waning, Flaming River Industries has released an aluminum adaptor that enables them to fit Flaming River tilt steering columns. The FR3302 series wheel adaptors are machined from 6061 billet aluminum, polished to a high luster, and mount those traditional wheels with a smooth and seamless appearance thanks to their tapered construction.

There are three adaptors available, with one to fit a Flaming River tilt column, another to fit a Flaming River Mustang splined tilt column, and even one for an original GM column. For more information contact Flaming River Industries at (800) 648-8022 or

Rubber Necker
With TIG welders becoming more commonplace in home shops, and hobbyists becoming accustomed to the compact welding torches and their ability to weld in hard-to-reach spots, HTP America has made life even easier with the release of its Flex Neck TIG torch head. This unique tool lets you quickly change the angle of your TIG torch, providing instant, trouble-free access to practically any tight, cramped or out-of-the-way spot.

The Flex Neck allows you to bend the end of your torch into virtually any position in just seconds. For convenience, HTP has a head available to fit all 9-, 17-, 20-, and 26-series torches. What's more, any HTP TIG welder can be upgraded to this torch when ordered. For more information contact HTP America at (800) 872-9353 or

Kid Rocker
While the original COMP Cams Pro Magnum stud mount rocker arm has been a valvetrain mainstay for almost two decades, design capability and advancements in steel casting processes have allowed a "clean sheet" redesign. The most noticeable advancement with the new Ultra Pro Magnum rocker arms is their nearly unbreakable investment cast 8650 chromoly body, its arched, web-like design delivering an almost 29 percent increase in strength and rigidity. The resulting rocker maximizes lift and valvetrain control at high rpm.

Increased retainer and valvespring clearances over the original enable the use of large diameter valve springs, retainers, and locks without clearance or fitment issues, while hardened roller tips reduce friction and eliminate valve stem side loading. As with their predecessors, they're fully rebuildable, and fit most Chevy and Ford applications using stud mount rocker arms. COMP Cams offers a lifetime guarantee against the breakage of the rocker arm body for any reason. For more info contact COMP Cams at (800) 999-0853

(Banjo) Music to Our Ears
Stromberg Carburetor spent a lot of time and effort ensuring their new 97 carburetors were as close to perfect as possible, so it seems only natural that they'd go a step further and produce neat fuel fittings to eliminate the use of brass elbows with their carbs. That's exactly what they've done with these new machine-polished stainless steel banjo fittings in single and in-series double outlet styles. They fit Stromberg 97, 81, 48, 40, and LZ carburetors, plus Holley 94 and a host of other carburetors with a 1/2-inch x 20-tpi fuel inlet thread and a flat gasket surface.

The large diameter material features a recessed lip on both sides, so the gasket is all but hidden and the bolt head stays close to the banjo, while the gaskets themselves are specially sized fiber versions to avoid the ugly "crush washer" look. The bolt section of the fitting has a short head, with rounded face and rounded hex corners, for a neat appearance, and the fittings are sized to fit both 5/16-inch and 3/8-inch hose, with plenty of fuel flow guaranteed. For more information contact your Genuine Stromberg dealer or

Got a Quad on Your Rod?
Seems like all the cool finned aluminum air cleaners are made for two barrel carburetors, and while many nostalgic engines wouldn't be period correct without a trio of 97s or 2Gs, there are plenty of four barrel-equipped motors out there that could use a neat nostalgic-appearing air cleaner.

Well now they can, with OTB Gear's Finned Teardrop and Finned Oval designs, cast from premium aircraft grade aluminum and hiding a quality, washable, oiled air filter. The carb-hugging body also partially hides the four barrel. Available in polished or natural finishes, the Teardrop design measures 12 x 9 x 3 1/2 inches, and the oval measures 11 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. For more information contact OTB Gear at (909) 595-4995 or