All In The Timing
Buick Nailhead engines have always had a hard-core following, and with the increasing desire to use out-of-the-ordinary motors, they're gaining popularity. However parts supply can be a problem, and the aluminum timing cover is particularly prone to corrosion owing to electrolysis, which can eat into the coolant passages, allowing coolant to mix with the oil. Rocking B Enterprises feels your pain and has reproduced timing covers that fit all Nailheads from 1955-1966.

Sand-cast from T356 aluminum, shot-peened and machined, they can be polished at extra cost. An improvement over stock includes a redesigned water pump area so that all water pumps, early or late, iron or aluminum, will fit. Also, the covers can be supplied so the crank seal installs from the front, or as per original. For more information contact Rocking B Enterprises at (928) 713-3023 or

We're Floored
Following the release of the award-winning Real Steel '34 three-window coupe, Steve's Auto Restorations in Portland, Oregon, is now offering a complete floor assembly and subrail package for '33-34 passenger cars. The floor sections are stamped from 16-gauge electroplated steel and are assembled with the subrails in precision fixtures. The floor is stamped as a flat hot rod-style floor, including transmission hump yet retains the stock markings and appearance, thus allowing the floor to be used with a wider variety of chassis applications.

The floor package works in conjunction with SAR's new recessed firewall and toe-board package to give you a complete body foundation to replace the rusted or missing floor in your original '33-34 passenger car. The floor sections and subrails can also be sold as individual pieces to better suit a project's needs. For more information contact Steve's Auto Restorations at (503) 665-2222 or

Dizzy for AMC
PerTronix has an extensive line of plug-and-play billet Flamethrower distributors, and having fitted one to one of our cars we can vouch for their fit-and-forget factor, with easy installation and great performance. Well, now they've added AMC V-8 applications to the range, with vacuum advance and non-vacuum applications available for the 290, 304, 343, 360, 390, and 401 engine family in either a male or female cap configuration.

The 100 percent new distributors are available with either the Ignitor II or Ignitor III electronics. The Ignitor III features a Multi Spark and an integrated digital REV limiter built into the distributor, meaning there's no external box to buy! For more information contact PerTronix at (909) 599-5955 or

High-Tech Manuals
Not only does the Filling Station have a complete line of '16-64 Chevrolet passenger car and '18-87 Chevrolet and GMC truck reproduction parts, but they also offer shop manuals for most models to make repairs less of a chore. Now these manuals (available for '18-64 Chevy cars, '18-81 Chevy trucks and '47-81 GMC trucks) are available on CD, making it easy to search by part number, part description or task description.

The best part is you only need to print out the pages you need and take them into the garage, not having to worry whether you get 'em all greasy. Each CD contains from one to six complete individual manuals, and there's a list of available CDs or regular printed manuals online at the company's website. For more information contact the Filling Station at (800) 841-6622 or

Clearance sale
Are you running roller rockers on a big-block Chevy motor? Still using stock valve covers and leaky double gaskets to get the clearance you need? PML could just have the answer with these tall, cast-aluminum big-block valve covers that feature the Corvette script. With cast-in baffles to prevent oil leaks, these tall covers will accommodate roller rockers, while the 3/8-plus inch flange with machined surface will provide a secure seal.

Available in as-cast, polished, or either black or Chevy orange powdercoated with shaved fins and script, the valve covers are made in the United States and are licensed GM products. PML also makes a stock height Corvette big-block valve cover with a brake booster cutout on the driver's side. For more information contact PML at (310) 671-4345 or