Well Stacked
As fuel injection makes inroads into our hobby, albeit a lot more slowly than it has replaced carburetors in OEM applications, with some manufacturers going to great pains to make their systems look like carbs, it pleases us to know that Hilborn Fuel Injection is still producing new products that are visually similar to the eight injector stacks we remember from drag cars of the past. It's also nice to know that the company is still making new manifolds for old engines with a choice of mechanical or electronic operation.

This manifold for the Chevy 348 and 409 is Hilborn's newest addition to its line, with individual runners for unmatched throttle response, low-end torque, and enhanced engine acceleration, along with big-peak power gains. By design, these runners are not affected by the disruptive pulses found in other intake systems, making low speed operation of a Hilborn smooth and driveable, even on applications with aggressive camshafts. Featuring a three-piece design, it fits heavily machined blocks and heads, or aftermarket blocks with raised decks. The 348/409 injector is machined to fit standard or raised port cylinder heads, and can easily support over 800 hp. Available as mechanical or electronic kits or individual components, each system is custom designed for individual applications. For more info contact Hilborn Fuel Injection at (215) 643-4607 (EFI) or (949) 360-0909 (mechanical) or www.hilborninjection.com.

Inner Fender Mender
Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in, or buy cars from, dry states, and rust is a major issue for many, meaning a car often has to be restored before it can be modified. Heck, even popular '50s cars are now over 50 years old. Luckily, replacement panels are available for many of the popular models, but usually they're only the outer panels. Inner fenders, wheelwells, and the like almost always have to be repaired or hand-built.

Sherman and Associates announced the introduction of new fender inner lower extensions for all '56 Chevrolet models. They match all the details of the originals that have been non existent for some time and are die formed and made in Detroit. Sherman and Associates makes a full line of exterior and underbody sheetmetal, repair panels, external body parts, and accessories for vintage General Motors vehicles, as well as vehicles by Chrysler, Ford, and many imported cars and light trucks. For more information contact Sherman and Associates at (800) 345-9487 or www.shermanparts.com.

Any Port in a Storm!
It wasn't so long ago that cars came with ashtrays and cigar or cigarette lighters. They still come with the latter, but in these PC times they're called power ports! With so many of us becoming slaves to our cellphones, MP3 players, and laptops, if you haven't already got a power port in your rod or custom, you may have thought about retrofitting one.

Watson's StreetWorks put together a kit for just such an application. The easily installed power port fits into a 7/8-inch-diameter hole, and has an attractive, machined billet plug with O-ring retainer, a spare O-ring, and a 10-32 threaded stud for attaching one of several decorative knobs, which are sold separately, or you can use any 10-32 threaded knob to match your interior. For more information contact Watson's StreetWorks at (860) 859-0513 or www.watsons-streetworks.com.

Hung Up
If you're anything like us, what little wall space is left in your garage most likely is covered in pictures, posters, and hot rod-related art or cool old parts; likewise in our offices, and it's even been known to creep into the house at times. There's just something neat about having that stuff hanging on the walls.

New from Hagan Street Rods are these heavy steel wall signs. Cut from 1/8-inch-thick steel, measuring 32x13 inches, with a clear powdercoat finish, there are many different designs to choose from, including 40 Ford garage, 32 Ford garage, Chevy Garage, and Paint Shop. For more information contact Hagan Street Rods at(419) 629-1969 or www.haganauto.com.

Call to Arms
Speedway Motors just improved its '37-48 forged Ford steering arms. Forged from high-quality steel, and also available in forged stainless steel, these bolt-on steering arms are designed to fit Speedway's reproduction Ford spindles or to replace arms on original '37-48 Ford spindles where additional clearance or drop is needed. Two styles of arms accommodate most early Ford-style rod suspensions. The standard arms have a 1 3/4-inch drop and are popular on Model T-through-'34 Fords with up to 4-inch dropped axles and hairpins or four-bar radius rods. The dropped arms have a 3 3/4-inch drop and work best on '35-48 Ford cars.

Steel versions of both spindles are available with zinc-plated or chrome finishes. To give rod builders the greatest amount of flexibility, all arms feature 7-degree tapered holes both top and bottom so tie rods can be mounted above or below. These holes can also be drilled out for using spherical rod ends. For more information contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or www.speedwaymotors.com.

Screen Test
If you've ever taken more than a quick trip in an early Ford on a summer day, you'll realize just how necessary the humble cowl vent is, providing a breeze through a stuffy, hot interior. However, occasionally road debris and bugs can get through. Ford never offered a cowl vent screen to prevent this, but Vintique has manufactured what is possibly, in their words, "the coolest '32 part Henry never made"

Patterned after a vintage accessory part, the screen clips in place and sets with a 1/4-inch bolt. It fits '32 Ford passenger cars and '32-34 pickup trucks, enhancing the looks when the cowl vent is open and keeping bugs out of the interior. For more information contact Vintique at (714) 634-1932 or www.vintiqueinc.com.