Throttle Back!
In 1941, Jack Peters started what would become the world's very first hot rod-oriented magazine: Throttle. Introduced in January of that year, covering the burgeoning dry lakes and circle track scenes, it only lasted for 12 issues because Peters went to serve in World War II. Those 12 issues recognized many pioneers of the hobby and industry, such as Wally Parks, Bill Burke, Lou Senter, Vic Edelbrock Sr., Eddie Meyer, and Alex Xydias.

The Rodder's Journal published Throttle Magazine-1941: The Complete Collection, a book containing those original issues, including covers and advertisements. While original copies are valuable and rare, this book is a complete reprint of this record of hot rodding's prewar history, written by the people who were there. This heavily researched book is bound to become collectible, given the rarity of the subject matter! For more information contact The Rodder's Journal at (650) 246-8920.

Things Go Better With Coker
With an unparalleled range of collector car tires, it's no surprise Coker Tire Company leads the industry, continually releasing new products and adding to its catalog. The latest is this G78-15 bias-ply tire, a four-ply polyester tire manufactured in America to OE guidelines, perfect for restorations or custom applications.

Featuring an extra-wide 3 1/4-inch whitewall, which will appeal to many looking for a period-perfect tire, it will suit a dropped Merc or a restored '50s Cadillac, not to mention nostalgia hot rods. For more details contact Coker Tire Company at (800) 251-6336 or

Rock On
We know that many readers don't enjoy the luxury of dry, warm year-round weather, and that battling rust is a major issue when it comes to modifying old cars, so it's always good to hear of a company that has invested in manufacturing previously unavailable repair panels. Inner and outer rocker panels are often the worst offenders when it comes to the dreaded tin worm, and EMS already offers many such panels for a range of cars, now offering them for '55-56 Ford four-door body styles, including wagons.

Die-stamped from 18-gauge steel, and including the top plate as well as rolling under to the spot-weld flange, these aren't cover panels but true replacement rocker panels. Shown is the panel under the rear door, though front rockers and inner rocker panels are also available. For more information contact EMS at (216) 541-4584 or

Got You Covered
ACME Speed Shop has a new line of hot rod and custom-inspired T-shirts. They have assembled some of the best automotive artists to design shirts for their "Artist Signature Series" of shirts, including John Bell, Keven Carter, Dan Collins, Ruben Duran, Mr. G., Jack Hamilton, Max Grundy, Makoto, Jeff Norwell, Jason Cruz, Ger Peters, Michael Shoaf, Jeral Tidwell, and Tuck (Jeff Tuckner).

The heavy 6.1-ounce cotton shirts are tagless with the ACME logo screened into the neck, and come in an assortment of colors available for men and women. The ACME Speed Shop website features stories of what's happening at the shop, with coverage of their car projects, art projects, and articles about the artists. You can also find biographies of all of the artists and links to their websites. For more information contact ACME Speed Shop at

Fancy Accent
Are you looking for a cool stainless steel molding to accent your interior or complement that new paintjob? Can't find anything that lights your fire by looking at production cars? Then maybe you should contemplate making your own, using these new half-round, solid stainless steel moldings from McMillan Rod & Custom! Available in 3/8- and 1/2-inch widths and made from solid-type 304 stainless steel, they are sold by the foot. Polished to a mirror finish, with options including bullet-shaped ends and mounting studs, they can be used for hood side moldings, interior accents, running board strips, or any number of other applications.

A business that started as building a few custom pieces for friends has grown since 1997 into a full-time business developing new product lines, such as chin bars, bumper brackets, scoops, spreader bars, and moldings, with 30 years experience working with stainless steel. The company is willing to work to a customer's exact specifications on one-off parts. For more info contact McMillan Rod & Custom at (715) 387-6847 or

Simple Accessories
With the number of accessories driven off the crankshaft pulley on some modern engines, it's almost a wonder that there's any power left to move the car down the road! In addition to a water pump and alternator, most cars also have an A/C compressor and a power steering pump, and they all need mounting, which can get a little complicated at times.

Rocky Hinge's new Street Drive SD1 V-Belt accessory drive system for small- and big-block Chevy motors keeps things simple with a one-piece mid-bracket, making it rigid and easy to install. CNC machined from aircraft aluminum and polished to a mirror finish the SD1 comes complete with a polished Weiand high-flow water pump, polished Sanden A/C compressor, polished PowerMaster 105A alternator, polished GM Type 2 power steering pump, polished pulleys, Dayco belts, and polished stainless mounting bolts. For more information contact Rocky Hinge at (888) 539-6295 or