Beltin' Along
Developed by Roush Yates for its 358ci (NASCAR, ARCA, Craftsman Truck Series) and 436ci (WSORR and TORC off-road series) engines, its new cog-belt system is a precise link between camshaft and crankshaft, tough enough to endure 24-hour races, like Daytona and Le Mans or a full season of circle track competition. Further, the system enhances any engine based on the Ford Windsor cylinder block. Besides producing less friction and being more durable than gear or chain drives, the Roush Yates system offers race and high-performance street engines a number of advantages, including the facility for external accessibility and adjustability of the timing gear itself, which can be advanced or retarded (up to 25 degrees overall) during dyno testing and tuning, with no need to remove the front cover of the engine or drain the coolant system. Compatible with dry and wet sump oiling systems and with a billet aluminum upper pulley and heat-treated steel lower, the belt drive assembly eliminates harmonics to guard against valvetrain instability. For more information contact Roush Yates at (877) 798-7977 or

Sshhhh ...
Juliano's has become increasingly known for its interior products, yet the foundation for a good car interior is ride quality and comfort, a major contributor to which is sound deadening. Juliano's Sound Deadener is thin and very dense, and is topped with an aluminum layer to insulate against sun and exhaust heat, decreasing the load on your air conditioner. It's easy to apply-simply cut to fit, peel off the backing, and press into place. By reducing vibrations and reducing noise, your ride will be more enjoyable. The Sound Deadener is available in 26x36-inch sheets or in rolls 3-feet wide, in lengths of 11, 22, and 33 feet. For more information contact Juliano's at(860) 872-1932 or

Cool Stool
Dale Adams Enterprises, the manufacturer of the famous Bone line of creepers, has introduced the Tail Bone, a mechanic's stool that is different by design. It features the same big 5-inch-diameter wheels as used on the Bone creepers, for the same reason ... big wheels roll effortlessly over air hoses, drop cords, and rough surfaces. Three wheels mean the base is a tripod, a naturally stable work platform on uneven surfaces. Rather than a swiveling seat, the base turns easily and naturally with the user so its legs always stay out of the way. The bucket seat makes it easy to use your natural body movements and trunk strength to position yourself and the stool to do the job. The 13 1/2-inch seat height is similar to most workshop rolling stools, while the smooth, impact-resistant polymer material is impervious to oil, cleaners, and common solvents, and easy to clean. For more info contact Dale Adams Enterprises at (330) 677-4030 or

Killer Tiller
Southern Rods has added to its steering wheel line with the new SRP500. This affordable leather-wrapped wheel is 14 inches in diameter with polished spokes and the leather available in black, tan, bone, gray, and bright red, so there's a good chance you'll be able to find one to match your interior. It's also available with or without the polished horn button and adapter. For more details contact Southern Rods and Parts at (800)-787-8763 or