Top Job
Need to fill that gaping hole in the roof of your coupe or sedan but can't afford to or don't want to take it to a professional upholsterer? If you have simple shop tools available, and own a pop riveter, you'll be able to install Juliano's softtop insert kit in your own garage, and the result will be as nice as if it was done by a professional. Available for both coupes and sedans, with special oversize kits also available, the kit is ideally suited for any original car, as well as Brookville's steel three-window '32 coupe, or any solid-roof fiberglass body to simulate a soft insert.

The top kit comes with canvas base cloth, 1/2-inch-thick foam padding, black or white waterproof vinyl top material, aluminum perimeter track, and snap-on finish molding. Detailed step-by-step illustrated instructions are included, or you can even order an instructional DVD. For more information, contact Juliano's at (800) 300-1932 or

Gotta Split!
If you run a Model A to a '40 Ford wishbone on the front of your hot rod and are contemplating splitting it, do yourself a favor and check out the Wishbone Split Kit from SO-CAL Speed Shop. It'll save you sourcing tie-rod ends, plus the time you'd spend fabricating threaded wishbone adaptor "bungs" and chassis brackets. It includes two 1/2-16 forged tie-rod ends and jam nuts and two machined steel weld-in tie-rod/wishbone adaptors. The chassis tabs are sold separately. These feature a larger diameter tapered hole than those required by regular 11/16-18 tie-rod ends, to match the larger, stronger, 3/4-16 tie-rod ends. For more information contact SO-CAL Speed Shop at or(909) 469-6171.

Bone Dome
A skull shift knob is a skull shift knob, right? Not when it's from CON2R it isn't! These 3-inch tall (approximately) anatomically correct skulls have a jaw that is fully articulated and able to be positioned anywhere from "shut up" closed to a full open scream. Investment cast, chrome-plated, and hand polished, they use a material from the same family as a bronze sculpture. Separating this skull from all the others are the two accessory helmets available that have each been designed for a custom look and fit. The first is a track-style helmet, complete with every detail down to the buckle, while the second is a "Mercury" helmet with fully detailed wings and bold deco warrior style.

Both helmets are produced, as is the skull, with hand poured invested castings. They are individually chrome-plated and hand polished to gleaming perfection. The skull comes with a standard 3/8-16 threaded vertebrae mount. For more information contact CON2R at (503) 626-6390 or

Fully Charged
Hot Rod Batteries introduces new technology for hot rodders who store their cars for long periods of time. Hot Rod Batteries do not require a trickle charge and can be stored for the long winter months without a charge. During the times of storage, all you need to do is disconnect the negative battery cable and when it's time to bring it out of storage, just reconnect the cable and start it up! Hot Rod Batteries are extremely small versatile batteries, measuring only 7 inches long, 2 7/8 inches wide, and 6 1/2 inches high, and offer 1012 startup amps. These sealed dry cell batteries weigh 13 pounds and can be mounted in virtually any small space available, such as in the passenger compartment, under the seat, kick panel, or behind a seat compartment for a trouble-free installation. Also, because these batteries do not have any acid or gel cells, they can be mounted in any position. For more information contact Hot Rod Batteries at (386) 586-1164 or

Cool Puller
Derale has added another high-output electric radiator fan to their ever-expanding product line in a bid to ensure they have all applications covered. The latest offering, PN 16919, is a shrouded primary cooling puller fan featuring a 17-inch, 11-blade fan with a powerful 265-watt two-speed motor. The shroud measures 18 inches tall, 19 1/2 inches wide, and, often the most critical measurement, 3 5/8 inches deep. It is supplied with a mounting kit and relay wire harness. For more information contact Derale at (323) 266-3850 or

Top Gear
We have a Gearstar transmission in the Project '49 Chevy and for good reason. All Gearstar trannies are assembled one at a time by a single technician, built specifically for each vehicle's specifications and driving needs. The TH350 Level 2 shown here is a Gearstar Street Performance transmission and torque converter package, and is designed to work behind a small-block engine producing up to 400 hp with 360 lb-ft of torque in a street-driven hot rod or custom. It will provide firm positive shifts that are not abusive, though it is not intended as a racing application. The trans and converter are extensively dyno-tested as a package, then shipped with 7 quarts of 100 percent synthetic ATF inside the transmission and 3 quarts of Dextron 3, tailshaft mount, and 20,000gvw Haden cooler in an integrated pallet.

Each Gearstar transmission features all-new bushings, bearings, thrust washers, seals, and modulator, with new steel plates, performance band, and Raybestos frictions. A TransGo shift kit is fitted, along with a high-capacity pump, and heavy-duty third clutch drum with a custom-matching piston and heavy-duty hardened race. The 2,000 stall speed converter is computer welded and balanced, with heavy-duty Torrington bearings and a heavy-duty hub. To calibrate the speedometer exactly, each unit comes with a new speedometer drive gear, and a new driven gear determined at the time of purchase, taking into consideration the differential ratio, tire diameter, and type of speedometer in each application. For more information contact Gearstar at (330) 434-5216 or

Timely Addition
You know how it is when you're finishing up a project. New paint, new chrome, new upholstery, but some of the little pieces are unobtainable and let down an otherwise-perfect job. Classic Industries just made it a little easier for owners of '63 Impalas, with this in-dash clock. It'll also fit full-size Chevy models and is an exact duplicate of the original, for perfect fit, function, and appearance. With the correct number font, colors, and markings, a quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping. Officially licensed by GM and manufactured by OER, the clock has a one year manufacturer's warranty. For more information contact Classic Industries at (800) 854-1280 or

Steerin' Easy
Performance Online now offers a power steering conversion kit for full-size '55-64 Chevy Bel Air, 210, 150, Impala, Biscayne, Caprice, and wagon models. Available in small- and big-block applications, it's supplied ready to paint or chrome (brackets only) and includes all hardware, though some additional items may be needed. Most kits include a 600 Series power steering gearbox, power steering pump, hose, bracket kit, gearbox mounting bracket if necessary, power steering fluid, and a limited lifetime warranty. For more information contact Performance Online at (800) 638-1703 or

Painless Technology
Painless Wiring can offer you luxury features in your rod or custom, with this Painless Convenience Module (PCM). It adds features we take for granted in our daily drivers to our hobby cars, such as headlight delay, dome light dimmer, and radio delay, which powers the radio until the key is removed or the doors are opened. A headlight-on warning alarm and a turn signal 150-second alarm are also included. The compact state-of-the-art electronic module is easy to install with straight forward instructions. For more information contact Painless Performance at (800) 549-4737 or

Cam Again?
GM's LS engine is cropping up with increasing regularity in our types of cars, and the aftermarket has been steadily responding with performance parts. Lunati has a range of 25 new Gen III and IV LS1 Voodoo camshafts providing specific timing for numerous applications, including LS1 with carburetor, nitrous oxide, supercharger, or turbo, LS1 with L92 heads, and many more. Camshaft values range from durations of 212/223 to 255/263 degrees (at 0.050-inch), lifts from 0.550 to 0.651 inch, and lobe separation angles from 112 to 116 degrees. The lobes are designed for faster valve opening and softer landings on the valve seats. A new line of link-bar lifters is also available, for better control and higher lobe lift than is possible with the OE plastic retainers, although some of the milder grinds can still take advantage of the OE retainer.

All OEM LS applications are fitted with single valvesprings that ultimately limit lift. A new Lunati dual valvespring kit enables a maximum lift capability beyond 0.600 inch. The kit is complete with dual valvesprings, spring locators, and steel retainers (both made from 4140 chrome molybdenum steel), locks and valve seals and represents a drop-in installation for many popular LS applications. For more information contact Lunati at (662) 892-1500 or

Steel Turning
Speedway Motors' polished stainless steel Hot Rod steering column is a popular item for the company, and now the same rugged and simple design is available in plain steel, which can be easily painted to match your car's interior! Just like the stainless version, this Plain Steel Hot Rod steering column features a 1 3/4-inch-diameter steel tube and a 3/4-inch steering shaft with a Double-D end. Ball bearings at the top and bottom ensure smooth, reliable operation, while the steel quick-release hub accepts common three-bolt steering wheels and makes it easy to remove the wheel for theft deterrence or easier entry and exit. The column is available in 24-, 26-, 28-, 30-, 32-, 34-, 36-, and 40-inch lengths. For more information contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or

Iron and Steel
Hobart's new IronMan 230 is a 250-amp MIG welder suited for mild-steel material ranging in thickness from 24 gauge to 1/2 inch, meaning it'll tackle bodywork as easily as chassis fabrication. Twelve voltage taps-seven more than previously available-provide more precise arc control, while the option of a DP 3545-20 spool gun for aluminum welding makes the IronMan 230 a versatile performer for both light industrial and hobby applications. Though it's called the 230, it's a 250-amp industrial-grade welder, replacing the 210 and 250 models in Hobart's lineup. It can deliver a 30- to 250-amp output (60 percent duty cycle at 175 amps), providing the above versatility. A robust cast-aluminum two-roll wire drive system replaces the previous plastic drive system, and a patented hub design requires no tools to adjust for a variety of spool sizes (1, 2, 10, and 45 pounds) and ensures perfect alignment of the spool and feed head. Two cable hangers mounted on the unit's side keep the power cord, MIG gun cable, work lead, and welding hood organized and out of the way, while a built-in running gear/cylinder rack is standard equipment. For more information contact Hobart Welders at (877) 462-2781 or

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