Rocket 'n' Rollin'
Rocket Racing Wheels announced new wheel styles, including the Rocket Launcher and Igniter. The former mimics the 12-spoke spindle-mount design popular on '60s drag cars, but in a 10-spoke design with five-lug bolt-on application. Available in three different finishes-gray painted centers with machined outers, fully polished, or the satin "as cast" look-the Rocket Launcher is a safer way to achieve the look of an old race car without the associated problems of using old magnesium spindle mount wheels and minimal brakes. The Igniter series, inspired by early Salt Flats racing wheels and featuring five kidney bean style windows with a rib between each one, are made from precision-cast A356 aluminum, topped off with a vintage-style aluminum O-ring center cap. They're available in the same finishes as the Rocket Launcher series. For more information contact Rocket Racing Wheels at (888) 307-7525 or

We're Floored
You may have heard the news that Bob Drake Reproductions is to reproduce '40 Ford coupe bodies in steel, with complete bodies available by the end of this year. Undoubtedly outstanding news, especially as it also means previously unavailable reproduction parts will become available. The first of these are the front floor pan for all '39-40 Ford cars, the middle and trunk floor pans for '39 coupes and '40 five-window coupes (not the business coupe that has opera seats), and a '40 coupe trunk lid. These parts are made in exactly the same way as the Ford factory produced them 70 years ago, with massive single-hit steel-stamping dies, Bob Drake determined that the best and only way to make these parts correctly was with traditional manufacturing processes. All the original details are present on these panels. For more information contact Bob Drake Reproductions at (800) 221-3673 or

Multi-Port EZ EFI
We've shown you the FAST EZ-EFI before, a self-tuning fuel injection system that eliminates the need for a complicated laptop setup. Now it's also available for multi-port fuel injected engines, including the GM TPI, Ford 5.0L, and other performance engines. There is no limit on horsepower because the system is based on each customer's supplied injectors, running up to eight high-impedance injectors to support a wide range of applications. This performance kit includes a self-tuning ECU, wide-band oxygen sensor (with fitting and plug), hand-held user interface, tach adapter, multi-port wiring harness, and everything necessary for a quick-and-easy installation.

The multi-port wiring harness is pre-wired and labeled for common GM sensors. However, FAST offers a full line of compatible sensors, injectors, and adapters if needed. The EZ-EFI system requires a return line to the fuel tank, though FAST offers a compatible adjustable regulator, as well as various fuel system kits that include the regulator. For more information contact FAST at (877) 334-8355 or

She's Real Fine ...
Already providing crankcases, heads, and intakes, World Products now offers a new aluminum replacement engine block for the Chevy 409 motor. Weighing 140 pounds lighter than the original, this new 409's block deck is machined at 64 degrees to the cylinder center line, unlike the 90-degree convention of most engines, and the distinctive appearance of the 409 water pump is retained, as are most of the engine's external surface areas. Internally, however, improvements include the cylinder bores increased from 4.3125 inches to 4.5 inches, the camshaft raised by 1/4 inch to accommodate longer stroke lengths, and the block permits a stroke length of 4.750 inches, offering a potential displacement of 632 ci. The original 409 when endowed with a 4-inch stroke was limited to 482. Also four-bolt main caps replace the two-bolt originals. For more information contact World Products at (631) 981-1918 or