Wooden it be Nice
Juliano's released a new three-spoke steering wheel for all classic Fords, featuring a glass-smooth wood grain finish, drilled spokes and a choice of two horn buttons that include the iconic Ford Blue Oval or the classic V-8 emblem. The wheel fits all popular Ford and GM steering columns, as well as columns made by Juliano's, Flaming River, and ididit. It uses a standard Grant three-bolt adapter, so it can be tailored to practically any application, and would perfectly complement a wood grain dashboard. For more information contact Juliano's at (860) 872-1932 or www.julianos.com.

Roamin' Messenger
Not so long ago "cool" shift knob options were pretty well limited to an eight ball, skull, or piston, but not so any longer. Now almost anything you can think of is available as a shift knob, but these new "Mercury Head" knobs from Mercury Charlie in Austin, Texas, are just that, a little bit different from the others, as they're made from crystal clear acrylic. The head of the Roman messenger to the gods features a detailed face and traditional winged Mercury helmet, and is supplied pre-drilled for use on any shift lever. And you don't even have to own a Merc to get one, though we've a feeling that's where most will end up. For more details contact Mercury Charlie at (512) 331-6500 or www.mercurycharlie.com.

Style is Everything
While hair pomade's only connection with hot rods that we can think of is that we once used it to good effect when we needed to grease some replacement parts fitted on the road in the middle of nowhere, we do know plenty of rod and custom owners who rely on it at least in part for their "good looks"! Just ask Editor Fortier! Crafted with hints of legendary pomades of yesteryear and a light almond scent, Grant's Golden Brand pomade is water based so it washes cleanly away, leaving no wax buildup, yet has great holding power for all hair types. For more information contact Grant's Golden Brand at www.grantsgoldenbrand.com.

Not Your Grandpa's Bumpers
Stock bumpers on a hot rod are less than appealing unless that's the look the builder has gone for, but sometimes, whether it's local laws that require them, or that they make sense to protect exposed steering linkages, bumpers are a necessity. McMillan Rod & Custom offers stainless steel tube bumpers and bracketry, built from type 304 stainless and polished, with each piece designed to complement the vehicle it is intended for. In fact the company specializes in stainless steel components, from trim pieces to grilles, gas tanks to nerf bars and bumpers. For more information contact McMillan Rod & Custom at (715) 387-6847 or www.mcmillanrodandcustom.com.

Braking Buckets
With 16 years experience in T-buckets as vice president of Total Performance, Jim Wilkos knows the needs of T-bucket owners, and his new venture, Wintec Fabrication, has released this spindle mount brake kit to fit '37-48 Ford spindles, '49-54 Chevy spindles, and all Total Performance spindles.

Everything required to run disc brakes with Radir, Hallcraft, or Dayton spindle-mount wheels is supplied. Parts include chrome caliper mounting brackets with complete mounting hardware, a pair of polished Wilwood 175 series calipers, brake pads, mounting screws, zinc-plated high-carbon steel rotors with mounting bolts, and correct caliper spacers. For more information, contact Wintec Fabrication at (203) 294-1339 or www.wintecfabrication.com.