Clip Art
Designed for street or strip applications, Strange Engineering has introduced a new C-clip eliminator kit for most 10- and 12-bolt GM car rearends equipped with C-clip style axles. In the past, C-clip eliminators for these applications had been designed for drag racing, which use ball bearings. Ball bearing C-clip kits are fine for drag racing, but are prone to leaking and premature failure when used for prolonged street use. Strange Engineering's specially designed C-clip eliminator kit utilizes Timken unit (tapered) bearings, which survive severe side loads and constant use. The kit also features two seals per axle shaft, ensuring a completely sealed axle end. Complete axle and C-clip eliminator packages are also available. For more information, contact Strange Engineering at (847) 663-1701 or

Well Stacked
If you run a carbureted engine with nitrous injection, you no longer have to screw together unsightly brass Ts and pipe fittings to create a so-called "fuel log". The Aeromotive Stackable Regulator solution creates its own integrated fuel log. The Stackable Carbureted Fuel Pressure Regulators can be stacked together to control multiple pressures with a single fuel pump. Each billet aluminum, CNC-machined regulator is adjustable from 5-12 psi and is equipped with O-ring and ORB-Ports, including ORB-10 (flow-through) ports and ORB-06 outlet ports. Capable of feeding single or dual carburetors and one, two, three, and four or more stages of nitrous, screw the combined Stackable Regulators to the inlet of an Aeromotive Carbureted Fuel Pressure Regulator, either dead-head or bypass style, and control your carburetor system pressure separate from each stage of nitrous. The regulators can be combined with the Aeromotive A2000 fuel pump or the A1000, Eliminator, and Pro-Series pump. For more information, contact Aeromotive at (913) 647-7300 or

Cancellation Notice
Realizing your turn signal has been flashing for several miles can be irritating, but if you have manually operated, non-cancelling turn signals, they can now cancel themselves, thanks to Ron Francis Wiring.

This self-cancelling device works with conventional bulbs or LEDs, and you can even set the length of time you'd like them to flash before they shut off. All you need to activate your turn signals is any momentary switch of your choice, and Ron Francis has those as well. If you activate your signal and then decide against making the turn, there's a quick-cancelling feature just for that purpose. The Self-Cancelling Turn Signal kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and all the wires are clearly imprinted with their routing information. For more information, contact Ron Francis Wiring at (800) 292-1940 or

Classic Looks
Looking for modern instrumentation with a nostalgic feel for your '55-56 Chevy? The BelEraII series from Classic Instruments will bolt directly into your factory chrome bezel and features LED lighting, as well as incorporated discrete turn indicators and a "halo" glow high beam indicator. Available in black, cream, white, or gray, the unit has a glass lens and is wired for installation with an instrument harness complete with a quick disconnect facility. The speedometer push-button calibration can be done on a marked mile or real-time, and the unit is also available with an optional gearshift indicator. For more information, contact Classic Instruments at (800) 575-0461 or

Ahead of the Curve
How many trips have you made to the salvage yard hoping to find a donor panel of the right curvature to fill the hole left in your early coupe or sedan once the chicken wire and padding have been removed? If you have a '28-36 Ford coupe or sedan, or a '32-35 Chevy coupe, your search is over because Walden Speed Shop now offers true, custom-fit roof insert panels! Each roof panel is made from 18-gauge steel, shaped on a Yoder power hammer, and fitted to individually made fixtures to ensure a perfect contour and excellent fit. For more information, contact Walden Speed Shop at (909) 623-3747 or

Welt Done!
Though many may know of Juliano's steering wheel or seatbelt products, they may not know that Juliano's started out in 1971 as a custom trim shop, which explains why today they manufacture this beautiful line of fender welt from high-quality Naugahyde in nine colors. This custom-stitched, multi-colored fender welt features a 1/4-inch bead and a generous 1 1/4-inch flap to hold it in place. Supplied in 30-foot rolls, the welting is very easy to work with because it's extremely flexible and made to go easily around a tight corner radius. For more information, contact Juliano's at (860) 872-1932 or

If you want to run air conditioning and an alternator on any '37-53 Ford or Mercury Flathead motor, check out this new steel bracket system from Alan Grove Components. The street rod bracket design mounts the A/C compressor and alternator off of the original generator-mounting flange and is designed to retain the stock carburetor as well as some multiple carburetion setups. The bracket is furnished with all necessary hardware and illustrated instructions for easy installation. For more information, contact Alan Grove Components at (913) 837-4368 or

Shhh ...
The original Doug's Headers has announced an improved version of their popular all stainless steel construction electric exhaust cutouts in 2 1/2- and 3-inch diameters. The engineers at Doug's have dramatically decreased the size for more versatile installations while lowering the price. The cutouts feature a rugged gear reduction 12-volt DC motor and a rotating gate for a leak-proof seal every time the cutout is opened and closed. Unlike butterfly style versions, the Doug's cutouts don't have the leaky gasket sound, and when fully opened there are no exhaust flow obstructions. A pre-wired harness with an illuminated rocker switch is supplied for easy installation. Un-cork your exhaust with the flip of a switch from your dash. These Doug's cutouts are available in singles or pairs and in complete kits with Y-pipes for easy installation. For more information, contact Doug's Headers at (909) 599-5955.

Fender Defenders
One-piece bumpers for early '50s Chevys are getting harder to find, but are more desirable for their cleaner look compared to the three-piece versions that use overriders to hide the joints. If you have a '53-54 Chevy, your swap meet searches are over. Chevs of the 40's is now offering one-piece front and rear (excluding sedan delivery and wagon) bumpers for '53 and '54 cars, as well as the rear for '53-54 passenger cars.

Triple chrome plated, with bumper boltholes in the correct locations, they're a direct replacement for your old three-piece versions. Chevs of the 40's even has new bumper bolts to complete the installation. For more information, contact Chevs of the 40's at (800) 999-2438 or

OL' Big Nose!
Superior Glass Works has added a one-piece, fiberglass '37 Chevy nose to its extensive line of fiberglass parts for '37-38 Chevy cars, in addition to 14 street rod bodies. Functional and lightweight for a Gasser or full-on race car, or a super-trick feature for a street rod, the one-piece nose saves time and money over assembling separate steel or fiberglass parts.

This nose will mate to any steel '37-38 Chevy passenger car cowl. It maintains all the stock dimensions and it will accept stock or reproduction grilles. Several custom features include filled bumper holes, smooth hood and hood sides, grille shell with side trim molded in, and upper grille trim molded into the hood. It is available in race or street weight. For more information, contact Superior Glass Works at (800) 731-9373 or

Time for Bed
Why is it that pickup cabs are relatively easy to find, but most originals have long since been separated from their beds? Pro's Pick makes building a pickup easier with its range of beds for most Fords and Chevys, as well as '36-38 Dodges. They also just announced a new Model A pickup box manufactured from 16-gauge satin-coated steel (similar to galvanized)

The basic kit includes the two bedsides, front panel, and all crossmembers with a complete bed kit, including the tailgate, hidden latches, and hidden hinges. The floor is available as an assembled unit as well. For more information, contact Pro's Pick at (800) 865-7366 or

Art for Art's Sake
Renowned artist Dennis McPhail has teamed up with sculptor Craig Campbell to create two limited-edition polyurethane resin art forms in the shape of a wheel with wings and a '34 grille with wings. They are all hand painted using automotive paint in several colors, and are perfect for your desk or trophy shelf. A number of new shift knobs are also available, with three shown here, as well as posters. For more information contact Dennis McPhail at

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