Be Safe. Be Seen.
The more visible your car is while driving in less-than-perfect conditions, the safer it, and you, will be.

These new HotSlot Bright White LED running lights from Watson's StreetWorks will help. Three super-bright white LEDs per light pop into holes inside an aluminum housing that is 1/2-inch thick. The 1/2-inch-thick built-in clear acrylic lens is 1/2-inch wide by 1 3/4-inch long and is intended to be bodyworked to be flush with the adjacent surface and clearcoated over.

Mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions are included. The unit is also available with five bright white LEDs for use as a backup light. For more information contact Watson's StreetWorks at (860) 859-0513 or

Buick Laying
Building on its years of experience manufacturing custom coil springs for shoebox Fords and Mercs, Jamco Suspension has now developed a lowered coil and shock kit for the '63-73 Buick Riviera. As with the Fords and Mercs, each set of coils is custom wound to the specifications of each vehicle. For each application, Jamco takes the body style and engine weight into account and then increases the spring rate by 30 percent over the original. This increase gives improved handling and a more responsive ride while lowering the car at the same time. All springs are available in a 1-, 2-, or 3-inch drop. For more information, contact Jamco Suspension at(951) 549-1441 or

Tie Me Down
While we here at R&C are not fans of trailered cars, there are times, especially during a project build, that most cars will see a trailer at least once. We've all seen poorly secured cars on trailers, but why risk damaging or even losing your vehicle by using old or poorly made tie-down equipment? Mac's Custom Tie-Downs has a great solution: the Ultra Pack, which includes everything needed to safely secure a vehicle during transport.

The Ultra Pack includes four 6- or 8-foot ratchet straps (or a combination of both), four axle straps, four strap wraps, and a free duffle bag to stow the gear when not in use. Straps are available in red, blue, black, or yellow. The hardware on a Mac's axle strap is shaped to allow for tight clearance applications, while each strap has more than twice the number of stitches than most competitors' straps. The Ultra Pack is rated with a 10,000-pound capacity. For more information, contact Mac's Custom Tie-Downs at (866) 386-5992 or

Classy Chassis
Kugel Komponents has manufactured independent front and rear suspensions for street rods since 1969. In addition to individual suspension parts they also offer complete chassis. Standard chassis feature new independent front and rear suspensions. These include mild steel or stainless steel tube A-arms and control arms or Kugel-exclusive investment cast stainless steel A-arms and control arms, vented rotors, aluminum calipers, antisway bars, rack-and-pinion steering, shocks, and springs.

The chassis feature tubular centersections with optional body, engine, and transmission mounts. All components are also available separately. Complete chassis are available for '32-40 Fords and '55-57 Chevys. Other custom applications are also available. For more information, contact Kugel Komponents at(562) 691-7006 or