Steele Seal
A new addition to Steele Rubber Products' amazingly detailed and comprehensive catalog of rubber parts for a huge range of vehicles are these door weatherstrips for '67-70 Cadillac 75 Series models. These much-needed parts are now available to protect your vehicle against the noise and the weather. They're available separately for front and rear doors, replacing factory PN 7674520-1 and PN 7663004-5.

The front door seals fit '67-68 Cadillac 75 Series models and the rear door seals fit '67-70 Cadillac 75 Series models. With an authentic look, they are made from heat- and ozone-resistant rubber compounds. Close attention to detail ensures the highest quality fit and appearance. For more information, contact Steele Rubber Products at (800) 230-8101 or

Steer You Right
One of the great aspects of the hot rod aftermarket is the ease with which previously complicated jobs can now be accomplished. For instance, if you remember compromising on positioning engines, exhaust systems, or steering columns and boxes, or even all three, when there was no alternative to solid, straight columns attached to their respective boxes, you'll know what we mean! Nowadays we can clear such obstacles with ease, thanks to universal joints and splined or Double-D shafts.

Borgeson manufactures 14 different spline sizes, seven Double-Ds, and seven smooth bores all available in single joints, double joints, and vibration-reducing universal joints, and all of them available in steel, stainless steel, polished stainless steel, and aluminum. In fact Borgeson is proud to say that they can assemble 6,237 variations of their sealed needle bearing steering universal joints to be shipped the same day they are ordered. For more information, contact Borgeson at (860) 482-8283 or

Miller Electric has introduced a customizable workstation designed specifically for welding and metalworking. Known as the ArcStation, this purpose-built workbench is affordable, fully customizable, and perfect for industrial pros and home hobbyists alike. Welders choose an approximately 30x30-inch or 30x60-inch table, a 3/16- or 3/8-inch tabletop, and customize it with optional accessories, including an X-Pattern tabletop, X-Clamps, tool chest, weld curtain, vise, and an assortment of shelving options. The X-Pattern and clamps allow parts to be clamped to the middle of the bench-no more tacking them to the table! ArcStation allows welders to replace older, makeshift welding benches with a safe, sturdy, ergonomically designed workstation. The frame is constructed from 1/8-inch steel, has a rear crossbar, and leveling feet on each leg for maximum strength and stability. For more information, contact Miller Electric at (800) 426-4553 or

Piston Broke
Founded in 1915, Egge Machine Company is a world-class piston manufacturer that specializes in domestic vehicle applications from the early 1900s through 1980. These days, however, the company offers way more than just pistons, as the inventory of Egge Machine and Speed Shop covers performance and suspension parts too. However, Egge has recently added a number of new pistons for nostalgic engines, such as the Chrysler Hemi and six-cylinder motors, Chevy 348, and Ford Y-block engines.

The '58 392 Hemi piston offers 10:1 compression and 345-390 hp, depending on carburetion, while the '42-49 250 and '50-51 251 six-cylinder pistons will also fit the '42-50 DeSoto 236 and '51-54 250 motors. The 9.5:1 Chevy 348 piston fits '58-61 motors, and the Ford 272 Y-block 8:1 piston is for '55-57 models. All Egge pistons supplied in sets of eight are supplied balanced. For more information, contact Egge Machine and Speed Shop at (800) 866-3443 or at