Hubba Hubba
Classic Performance Products' (CPP) new roller bearing upgrade kit features replacement forged aluminum hubs with new studs and installed bearing races that are stronger and safer than any hub on the market to date. This kit is also 2 pounds lighter for added performance and fuel efficiency. CPP's kit is a perfect fit for modern wheels and tires and any type of brake upgrade on '55-64 Chevrolet cars (as well as some '55-68 full-size cars with slip-over-style disc brake rotors) plus '64-74 AFX body cars. The kit comes complete with new forged aluminum hubs, inner and outer bearings and races, wheel studs, wheel hub seals, hub caps, hub washers, grease caps and cotter pins. For more information, contact Classic Performance Products at (714) 522-2000 or

Summit New At The Top
Summit Racing Equipment now offers complete top end kits for pre-'86 small-block Chevy engines. Available in two versions: 355 hp/400 lb-ft of torque and 375 hp/400 lb-ft of torque. The kits feature a pair of fully assembled Summit Racing Street and Strip aluminum cylinder heads (62cc chambers, 170cc intake, 69cc exhaust) matched up with a Summit Racing Street and Strip aluminum intake manifold and a hydraulic cam and lifter kit.

The kits also come with a timing chain set and cam locking plate, a complete set of Trick Flow gaskets, a Trick Flow pushrod checker, and hardware from Summit Racing and GM Performance. For more information, contact Summit Racing Equipment at (800) 230-3030 or

The Boyds Are Back In Town
Genuine Boyds, the family legacy-driven custom wheel company founded by Boyd Jr. and Chris Coddington, introduced its first cast wheel. The new Vintage-5 is an affordable option to the Genuine Boyds popular 6061 billet Junk Yard Dog. Constructed using a precision A-356 cast center that is 360-degree MIG-welded into a forged 6061-T6 aluminum one-piece seamless soft lip rim, the 6061 alloy polishes to a brilliant luster that will not give your wheels the "two-tone" effect of a duller 5000 series rim shell.

In addition, 6061 alloys are more resistant to surface corrosion than 5000 series alloys. The new Vintage-5 is built to order with custom bolt circles and custom backspacing available in 1/8-inch increments. The Vintage-5 is available in 17-, 18-, and 20-inch diameters and 6- to 15-inch widths. Various finishes are available including polished, powdercoated, old-school finish, and Boyds' new PermaStar PVD bright chrome and PermaStar PVD black chrome-a first for two-piece wheels. For more information, contact Genuine Boyds at (866) 952-2693 or

Maximum Impact
Ingersoll Rand has launched its new 2015MAX (3/8-inch drive) and 2025MAX (1/2-inch drive) Hammerhead low-profile Impactools. The Hammerhead continues the MAX tradition of offering air tools with innovative features to deliver maximum power, control, and access. With a head height less than 2 inches, 180 lb-ft of max torque and 7,100 rpm of speed, as well as a two-position power regulator and feather-touch trigger, the Hammerhead offers the power of an impact, and all the capabilities of a ratchet.

In addition to this combination of access and power, the Hammerhead also features a conveniently located forward/reverse collar, providing unrestricted access to easily change the direction of the tool in tight spaces, where traditional tools frequently get jammed. Knuckle-saver reaction-less torque eliminates kickback, and further protects the user's hands while working in confined spaces. For more information, contact Ingersoll Rand at (800) 866-5457 or