Rad Rides new All Inclusive Voltage Kit could be the answer to hard-to-access batteries, making remote charging or jump-starting simple. The kit includes charging lugs with bezel, remote battery shut off, billet battery tray, and an XS Power D975 battery. The remote lug charging station comes in either a flush panel bezel mount or a frame mount. This allows you to service your battery or jump-start without tearing your car apart. The remote key fob-operated battery shut-off allows you to disconnect your battery for storage, transport, or safety without ever picking up a wrench. Simply click the key fob to connect or disconnect the battery-a major theft deterrent. The switch is wired into the system after the charge lugs, so you can tend to your battery without risk to any of your electrical components. It is rated at 1,100 amps. The shut off monitors battery voltage, disconnecting automatically if it drops below 11.8 V while at rest. Also included is an XS Power D975 compact battery, which can deliver 1,000 initial cranking amps for 15 seconds, and a Rad Rides billet battery tray. Rad Rides also offers a dual battery tray for the XS Power D975 for those who want big numbers out of a compact arrangement. All of the billet components are available in clear or black anodized or a polished finish. For more information, contact Rad Rides at (815) 468-2590 or

Light 'Em Up
Vintique Inc. reproduces hundreds of vintage Ford parts, and these '49-50 taillamp assemblies are the latest. Made using new tooling, and featuring chrome-cast bezels and U.S.-made glass lenses, available with or without blue dots, they employ cotton-braided wires just like the originals. Vintique Inc. is the only reproduction Ford parts manufacturer with the trademark reflective paint buckets for a bright, even glow. Of course, despite being an exact replacement for stock lights, these lamps are ideal for any custom installation on a slightly contoured surface. Vintique Inc. can also supply replacement rubber gaskets that mount between the taillight and fender. For more information, contact Vintique Inc. at (714) 634-1932.

Crate Deal
There are many rodders who would love to put a Ford engine in their street rod, classic, or custom. The Speedway Motors 302 Ford Hot Rod Engine is a dyno-proven package that delivers a stout 300-plus horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque. It's based on a seasoned block with a 0.040-inch overbore, premium cast crankshaft, and balanced rotating assembly with 9.6:1 pistons. To that they've added a hydraulic roller camshaft, double-roller timing chain, and modified cast-iron Ford heads with swirl-polished valves (1.94-inch intake and 1.6-inch exhaust) and hardened retainers and springs. The engine comes complete with finned aluminum valve covers, a polished aluminum oil pan, performance distributor, harmonic balancer, and 157-tooth flexplate installed, just add your carburetor, water pump, and accessories and you're ready to go! There's even a 30-month/50,000-mile manufacturer's warranty to back it up. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 9979-0122 or

Need A Hug?
It's hardly news that vintage engines are the hot ticket right now, but they're not easily used if there are no dedicated ancillaries on the market. Patriot Exhaust Products introduced a Tight Tuck Block Hugger-style header designed to fit Chevy 348-409 "W"-block engines in most street rod applications. The header is constructed from 16-gauge tubing and 5/16-inch-thick flanges and utilizes large 1 3/4-inch primary tubes and 2 1/2-inch collectors for improved flow and more horsepower. The headers are designed to fit in the tightest of engine compartments, clear all-stock motor mounts, and can be used with any oil filter system or transmission and starter combination. These Patriot Tight Tuck headers are available in a raw finish for individual customizing (PN H8066) or with Patriot's very popular metallic ceramic coating for increased resistance to corrosion and thermal fatigue (PN H8066-1). Patriot headers come complete with high-temperature gaskets, header bolts, reducers, and complete instructions. For more information, contact Patriot Exhaust Products at (909) 599-5955 or