Out of production for over 20 years, you can now get a brand-new twin carburetor induction system for your '49-60 Cadillac V-8, thanks to SO-MO Speed Shop's series of nostalgia fuel systems. The WidowMaker Double Deuce Standard (shown here) comes complete with "original and genuine" Stromberg 97 carburetors. The optional fuel log assembly is machined in-house from solid brass, with a liquid-filled fuel gauge, all-brass fittings, polished copper fuel lines, and an old-school glass bowl fuel filter. The fuel log assembly is also available separately if you already have a dual or Tri-power on your rod. All WidowMakers come with a fuel-resistant, laser-engraved serial number tag, which corresponds to a technical data sheet you receive with your system. SO-MO Speed Shop keeps this information in its database for future reference on your system. Each WidowMaker is custom-built to your specifications and comes fully assembled and base tuned. Many options are available, such as carburetor types, custom carburetor colors, air cleaner styles, and show polished or standard satin finished manifolds. For more information, contact SO-MO Speed Shop at (417) 887-3278 or www.somospeedshop.com.

Cool Deuce
Brice Thomas has been in the radiator business for over 50 years, and offers over 120 stock models, but of more interest to hobbyists is that they welcome special builds. So, whether you are building that one project car or are in the business of building cars, you only need to make one phone call. All Brice Thomas aluminum radiators are manufactured in the United States with the latest brazing technology and computer-aided design.

Shown here is the company's new '32 Ford radiator, which is also available for models using an automatic transmission, just one in their line of all-aluminum radiators for the antique and high-performance auto market. For more information, contact Brice Thomas Radiator at (800) 223-4299 or www.cgj.com.

Wire wheels have been around since the earliest days of automobiles, after switching from wooden wheels! However, in the '50s, manufacturers used them by choice rather than necessity, and always chromed, as was the norm for the era. Until now, wheel companies have relied on ancient manufacturing techniques, but Roadster Wire Wheel plans to change that with its new line of wire wheels for a wide range of applications. The wheels start out with a rolled steel hoop, which is treated to a four-layer nickel chrome-plating process, inside and out, resulting in a flawless finish, and are laced with stainless steel spokes, which ensure the wheels run true for longer with no maintenance, as they're stronger than regular steel.

The Thunderbird wire wheel is the first to debut with the new improvements, but others will follow, such as Cadillac, Buick, Chrysler, and Chevy. The Thunderbird wire is a lip-laced design with 56 spokes, and model-specific hubs for authentic lug patterns, rather than giving it a generic multi-lug hub. The wheels are available in 14x5, 14x5.5, 15x5, and 15x6, and fit '55-68 Thunderbirds. Also, Roadster Wire Wheel products will be distributed through Coker Tire Company, which opens up the possibility for a complete tire and wheel package for your classic car. For more information, contact Roadster Wire Wheel at (800) 251-6336 or www.roadsterwirewheel.com or www.cokertire.com.

Bolt-On Smoothies
For almost 20 years Hubbard's Impala Parts has been adding to its progressive product line. Now available are '64 Impala smoothie bumpers. These bumpers are a seamless, one-piece design that are made to fit original bumper brackets with no visible bolts for a truly smooth look. Laser cut and triple chrome-plated for superior shine and durability, they'll add an instant custom look to a part that few go the extra mile to achieve!

Already in the works are '62 and '63 bumpers, while Hubbard's also stock sheetmetal, exterior parts, weatherstripping, interior, and just about anything else for the Impala. For more information, contact Hubbard's at (800) 826-8050 or www.impalaparts.com.

Gasser Gauges
American Gasser produces '40 and '41 Willys coupe reproduction gasser rolling chassis, as well as turnkey cars, striving for period-correct vehicles with standard frames and stock body components. They have also entered the dash gauge market with this set of '60s vintage-appearing gauges, constructed with Faria instrumentation. The set comes standard with a 3 3/8-inch-diameter mechanical speedometer, a 3 3/8-inch-diameter electronic tachometer, and 2 1/16-inch-diameter oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, and volt gauges. An electronic speedometer is also available. The gauges are packaged with fuel, oil, and water temperature sending units in addition to all brackets, instructions, and hardware necessary for installation. The gauges are only available with chrome trim bezels with black faces, with more designs to follow. For more information, contact American Gasser at (330) 722-7241 or www.americangasser.com.

Tuck It In!
Patriot Exhaust Products recently introduced a Tight Tuck Header designed to fit '68-79 425/472/500 Cadillac engines in most hot rod applications. The header is constructed from 16-gauge tubing and 5/16-inch-thick flanges, and utilizes large 1 7/8-inch primary tubes and 3-inch collectors for improved flow and more horsepower. Patriot claims that their Tight Tuck design solves many of the problems associated with engine swaps in modern street rods or traditional hot rods.

The headers are designed to fit in the tightest of engine compartments, clear all-stock motor mounts, and can be used with any oil filter system or transmission and starter combination. They're available in a raw finish for individual customizing, or with Patriot's very popular metallic ceramic coating for increased resistance to corrosion and thermal fatigue. For more information contact Patriot Exhaust Products at (909) 599-5955 or www.pertronix.com.