Lost and Found
Who doesn't love a hot rod "barn find" story, or a tale of an old survivor car? Lost Hot Rods is an entire book of such encounters, and we can't think of anyone more suited to penning it than Pat Ganahl, whose nationwide network of contacts helped make it possible. Ganahl tells us of old hot rods and customs that have been in storage for decades, suddenly to resurface. While a few famous cars are included, the book mainly showcases little-known cars that have made it to the present day without being parted out or wrecked.

How about Ron Aguirre's "X-Sonic" Corvette, which turned up as a parts car at a Vette restorer's shop? Or the very rare Barris kustom discovered at a garage sale? Or the mint Deuce roadster that was discovered because someone said they knew where there was one "just like yours" in a neighborhood garage? You get the point. It's a great book, and we had trouble putting it down! For more information, contact CarTech Books at www.cartechbooks.com.

Swap shop
Phoenix Transmission Products offers a wide variety of automatic transmissions, torque converters, and installation components, including crossmembers, to make nearly any conversion or installation easy and trouble-free. Each transmission and converter are built entirely in house, set up, and dyno tested for your particular application, right down to the correct speedometer gears.

Phoenix has the experience and know-how to take the hassle out of your next transmission swap, and it's all backed with a warranty. For more information, contact Phoenix Transmission Products at (817) 599-7680 or www.phoenixtrans.com.

Veda Or ...
Vintage speed equipment is big news these days, and these new Veda Spec caps from Sellers Equipped evoke images of those knock-off caps from the early days of hot rodding. Cast from aluminum, hand-prepped, sandblasted, and then oiled to replicate old magnesium with brushed letters, they fit over OEM or reproduction stainless '32 Ford hubcaps, and will fit '32 and up Ford or Kelsey wire wheels. Measuring 6-3/4 inches in diameter and 1-inch deep, they can be supplied on their own or ready mounted on repro caps for a snap 'n' go application.

To fit the Veda Spec caps, remove the outer stainless face from a set of repro '32 caps, weld the two steel halves together as they come with three tack welds and will now be carrying considerably more weight, machine the center out, and bolt them to the pseudo knock-offs. All orders are supplied with a Veda Spec key fob. For more information, contact Sellers Equipped at www.sellersequipped.com.

Hang 'Em High
Figuring out mounts for an exhaust system that combine function with appearance is often a chore, but these new billet aluminum hangers from Deeds Engineering do just that and more! The hanger locates the exhaust tubing firmly while the soft, high-temp bushing dampens exhaust vibration to the chassis. Stainless steel hardware is used to bolt the two halves of the clamp together.

Available for 2 1/4-, 2 1/2 -, and 3-inch exhaust tubing diameters, all sizes are offered with a natural machined finish or a hand-polished shine finish. Check out our project '49 Chevy build that ran in the March '11 issue (page 18) to see these clamps installed. For more information, contact Deeds Engineering at (818) 842-2500 or www.deedsengineering.com.

Mag Wheels
The classic five-spoke wheel design will never go out of style, though Billet Specialties' new Mag version brings it right up to date. With a soft lip rim and a precision-cast center, they are available in polished or powdercoated gray finishes, accepting a bolt-on center cap. Available in 17-, 18-, or 20-inch diameters, each wheel is built to the customer's specs at no extra charge. Available bolt patterns for these made in America wheels include the popular Ford and Chevy applications of 5x4.50, 5x4.75, and 5x5. For more information, contact Billet Specialties at (877) 240-4187 or www.billetspecialties.com.

Better Binders
We're beginning to think Speedy Bill is gearing up to produce complete early Fords due to the extent of Speedway Motors' parts catalog for them! The latest products are '39-48 Ford wheel cylinders. Modern brake fluids have very aggressive chemistry that can attack raw cast iron and cause costly and potentially dangerous brake failures. To avoid these problems, Speedway Motors starts with all-new castings and installs corrosion-resistant stainless steel sleeves to provide extremely long-lasting performance.

Each wheel cylinder has two bore sizes, just as the originals did, features new pistons, cups, seals, and bleeders, and is available for the left- and right-hand side of both front and rear brakes. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at(800) 979-0122 or www.speedwaymotors.com.